Mirtazapine after 1 week……..any experiences/thoughts?

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hi to all

i was just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice with mirtazapine?

i was prescribed the 15mg dose recently as for about 8 weeks my anxiety was causing night time panic attacks and constant feelings of being on edge during the day. It all got too much one night for me and i had to call 111 and got an emergency gp appointment the next day which is when i got the prescription.

When i finally got enough courage to take the first pill (i get so anxious taking meds too which is such a downfall) the first night was a weird but decent night as once my panic had gone down, i actually had a decent nights sleep.

The next few nights were good sleepwise too and during the day i had the common groggy symptoms but my anxiety and mood seemed a lot better.

Its now been a week and yesterday and particularly today its been a little tougher. Ive found ive had to really keep busy or concentrate on not letting my mind wander down an anxious route as its like im teetering on the edge of a possible panic attack and have had a few anxious symptoms.

Just wondering if anyone had experienced this or is it a normal part of the meds process? Or does it mean they may not be working for me or is it something i just need to try and power through?

Any advice or experience really appreciated as im trying not to let myself think im going backwards!

Thanks in advance and hope everyone is well!


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    hi mate , mirtazipine takes a week to stabilize in your blood then can take 2 weeks for your body to get used to it. All these type of drugs can cause more anxiety and depression at the start. If your still getting anxiety after 4 weeks then i would speak to your doctor. I didnt have a good reaction with it so only was on it 6 weeks but we are all different.

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      ahhh thanks for that. just seeing something in text that acts as an explanation is really useful.

      hopefully will be able to ride it out.

      thanks again!

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    I am on day four at 7.5 mg. It takes a couple of weeks to adjust to this med. I may need a higher dose but it is too early to know The first two weeks are often the worst

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      some nights i take it and i feel fine but some nights i feel waves of panic come over me and i get hot and sweaty. its hard to tell if its just me working myself up or not.

      im on day 11 so i was hoping side effects would be gone by now - and that i am working myself up as new side effects cant surely just start?!

      hopefully youre doing ok? i did feel initial sleep and appetite benefits. have you seen any benefits yet?

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    I've been on Mirtazapine for about 14 years, 30mg a night. I had no issues starting it at 30mg at all, but it's not a one drug fits all medication. There is a good chance you are either not suitable for it, or you are not taking enough. That said, no antidepressant works in the time frame you have been taking it for. 6 - 8 months would be more realistic, that's not something you are in any way at fault for. You will still be very much struggling with the reason you were prescribed it in the 1st place and you will likely never see a massive, immediate, difference. One day you just look back and realise you are not the same as you were a long time before.....and that's actually quite nice. Talk to your doctor, there are many other medications you might feel better on.

    Currently I'm coming off Mirtazapine. For the last 3 years I've had severe acid reflux and it's the last thing I can remove as a possible cause. I know it's not going to be pleasant, but it's equally not going to be horrific. If it's not the cause of the reflux I'd be happy to take it again as I know where I am with Mirtazapine. Just because I'm fine with it doesn't mean you will be....we are all physically different. What you are experiencing is normal, the groggy feeling doesn't hang around forever and remember you have not been cured by a short stint taking an anti depressant. It can be much better to be a little foggy, my problem was I was way too 'clear' and couldn't shut off.

    Most importantly, hang in there. You don't have to stick with this medication if you have no confidence in it or it makes you feel unwell. I know all too well what panic attacks are like and I also know how many medications I've gone through over my lifetime before I found one I was OK with. Don't fall into the trap that the medication is the problem when you started with a problem that they gave you tablets for. There are anti panic drugs that do in fact offer immediate relief, but they have side effects themselves. Some people take Propranolol (beta blocker), that nearly killed me.....but most people are fine with it. I had Pregabalin, which was sort of OK but I really struggled with feeling physically terrible, especially in the morning. These days I have the occasional 2mg of diazapam and that's not a problem for me at all. All these things have some addictive nature and are difficult to get off. The worst withdrawal I've ever experienced was with Propranolol, Mirtazapine is a walk in the park compared to that. Pregabalin was no problem and neither was Diazapam because 2mg is such a low dose. I read the horror stories, you can read too many horror stories. At 43 I don't really care about a tiny, rare, dose of something that tackles a major panic attack effectively. There is only so much exercise I can do and suffering for the sake of it achieves nothing. When I was younger really long walks helped, these days I don't want to start a 20 mile walk at 1:30 in the morning, I have do work and not be asleep all day. However, for panic attacks, you could try sitting with your feet on the ground and tap heel to to on each foot over and over again, absolutely focusing on that and nothing else until you can refocus. Breathing exercises can help, but keep it in mind that you might have to do that exercise for an hour, not 5 mins

    What works for you is the key, not what works for other people. Pharmacology is imperfect, but by trial and error you will find something that helps.....it might not be medication. I hope you get somewhere soon, keep the faith, keep pestering your Doctor and if you find something that works for you don't immediately come up with an exit plan....why exit something that is working for no reason? It's like getting married and drawing up divorce plans on your wedding night

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