Mirtazapine - Any experiences from Autistic/Asperger's Syndrome persons?

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Hey, hope you folks are all doing well.

I've recently been diagnosed with a strong form of reaction depression after having multiple pile ups of stuff at my university (ex-partner caused harm to my current one resulting in a cardiac event) and it eventually led to an A&E visit. I've been allowed to see my records to find the Doc has recommended Citalopram or Mirtazapine - Citalopram basically caused a hugely adverse reaction on Day 3 / Night 4 of taking 1 x 10mg, so the next one that is likely to be on the list will be Mirtazapine - I have a GP appointment on Monday which I'm likely going to try and push for to maintain continunity, and also because I've generally seen that it is more tolerable in comparison to typical ADs.

I know there's plenty in the forums already about it, but if there's anyone that shares a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome or Autistic Spectrum Disorder, I'd love to know how you've all gotten on with it, positive and negative (of course, if you don't have ASD, I'd still want to hear it just so I feel more 'prepared')

Thanks for anything you can provide. smile

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    I have been on Mittazipine for about 2 years now, 30mg.  Apart from putting on weight it doesnt seem to have helped me at all, except maybe for helping me to drop off to sleep.  I hope you get things sorted, Its a horrible place to be in, which unless people have gone through depression they dont understand fully

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      Hey johnny, thanks for the response. I've sort of gotten to the stage where I am prepared to tolerate alot of things just to get back to functioning normally (minus insomnia, anxiety and nausea - those three are a horrible combination to go through - you can guess now why I was discontinued from Citalopram rolleyes

      How did the weight gain affect you if I can ask? I'm not that conscious of my body (and have lost considerable weight to the extent that I've now gone back to being underweight), but I have been wanting to figure out "where" it goes so to speak, and how bad (good?) I should expect it to be.

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      My weight has always gone up and down, but since taking these tablets its gone up and stayed up, from maybe 12 to 13 stone to now just over 14.  I dont eat any more than i used to, infact my appetite is lower.  I remember the days of going for a carvery and having the plate space fully taken.... then eating it all, nowadays i struggle to finish meals.  The weight gain hasnt made me feel any worse mentally.  I still however am pushing the ones away that i love, very short tempered and a low tolerance threshhold so I guess soon another visit to docs.  hope this is not too rambling, just nice to talk
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      Hehe, I don't mind the rambling - it keeps my scumbag brain chatterbox from trying to occupy my thoughts with dark stuff. I do admit I do worry about the social aspects, because I already feel isolated being returned back to my parents home, with no potential prospects (student finance has become complex because of my case) for the future, but I may just be dark thinking at the moment.

      I'm sort of inclined to think the weight gain (if it happens) it will be something I can deal with mentally/physically - I've been a pretty skinny guy, but I've always said that I'd rather look like a drowned rat and be alive than be depressed all the time and looking like a fine person. Might change if I do pack on the pounds, but I suppose it really will be determined on where the weight goes (having an even spread might not be too bad)

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      I guess so, mine is all around the middle!!  Tried to get into my motorcycle leathers which used to be bit baggy on trousers and tight ish on jacket, trousers fit a reat, can do jacket up but there is a chance of not being able to breath for more than 1 minute. how old are you by the way im 50
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      That could be a problem, but again, I have reached that stage of not caring so long as I am alive by the end of it and the chatterbox stays shut. I'm 22 - does kind of put me to shame that I feel I have to be depressed, especially as I don't think many people think men are prone to depression.
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      you would be surprised how many men do suffer from it, I know a guy through motorsport who is always friendly, smiley, but then whilst chatting on facebook he told me he suffered for 4 years. Do not feel ashamed, The only shame i feel is being short tempered and intollerant of people i love.  It does help to have people to chat to though and hopefully its helped in some way
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      I appreciate it. Even today I was pretty short tempered (and most people say I'm one of the kindest people) with a family member because I was hating them trying to tell me to stop being a recluse - it doesn't help that I've been ripped from my "home" (uni home).

      Again, thank you so much for your talks - I'll certainly come back to posting here if I am started on Mirtazapine just to keep you updated - might have more chats then. smile

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    Update 21/12/2014, 18:38 UK time.

    Bit nervous as my GP appointment is tomorrow and seeing the stuff on the forums and the internet, it is still a pretty big game changer for my daily life even if I am rather apathetic to the thoughts of going on AD's when I know it will most likely help in my current circumstances.

    If there's again anything that anyone would suggest to talk about, by all means do say so - I'd rather be as informed as possible smile

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      Just make sure you have questions for the doctor, If its anything like mine, he listened then got out the "how many out of 10" sheet. You could explain the things people have bought up on here about how effective Mirt is.  Hope it goes well
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      Hey again,

      Thankfully my Uni GP printed out a summary of my visits to give to the GP back down where I am, to which they should have a copy available to them explaining the recommendations from A&E and my current treatment up until now. Failing that, I've got my own notes all prepped and ready as well.

      Hopefully will go without any problems, but it is nerve wrecking!

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    Well, I have been given a prescription of 15mg Mirtazapine for the next couple of weeks, so I'm likely going to start it tonight. There was again a small moment of hypervigilance from myself which I'm sort of semi-regretting by refusing to give the meds to someone else when I can leave them in the medication cupboards, but that's going to be the case for a while.

    Hopefully nothing too bad will happen.

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