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I have been taking Mirt for 3 weeks now.  Before this I was on Amitriptyline for a good few years but they stopped working. After that  I took Citalopram which I had bad side effects and gave me a loss of appetite.  I had another go at Amitriptyline for sleep and it stopped working again.  My GP started me on Sertraline 50mg.  I was fine for the first few days but after that I had a permanent stomach ache for nearly 3 weeks. I finished them  and then started Mirt 15mg,  but after 2 weeks I was getting headaches from the tiredness.  I spoke to my GP and she said to try 7.5mg for a few nights or try Venlafaxine if I didn't want to stay on Mirt.   Anyway I decided to stick with Mirt as I read some bad reviews for  the Venlafaxine and don't want to be messing about with different meds. I know everyone is different,  but I couldn't be hassled with the side effects,  feel I can't deal with them too well. The tiredness has worn off a bit and headaches aren't so bad now. But some days I feel like I can't be bothered with anyone or anything.  How long will it take for full effects of Mirt to work  or should they be fully working for me by now. Maybe I'm expecting miracles to happen too soon.  

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    Ok so I had this problem in the beginning taking mirt I definitely had my ups and downs I'm on 30mg mirt for depression anxiety sleep iv been on these 3 weeks only just taking affect on my mood lifted slightly this tablet varies from one person to the next mirt no longer helps my sleep witch is important for me mentally and physically I take mirt every evening same time each time witch makes me relaxed fingers crossed for you keep at it hunny I didn't think id ever be able to pick myself back up keep us updated x
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      Thank you.  I have my review with my GP next week.  It's mostly anxiety with me.  It's like going around in circles,  The sleep part is great as I went from having about 4 hours sleep to sleeping for about 9.  I make a point of putting an alarm on so I get up as I know I'll just sleep and sleep and I'll just  be ratty for the rest of the day.  I'll see what my GP says and maybe they'll up the dose.  I have read some people cannot tolerate the 30mg.  The other problem is eating all the time.  If it's not nailed down it's going in my mouth.   x
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      Yes agree with you my anxiety has gone through the roof but on the other hand iv learnt so many techniques to control it I googled how to control anxiety there are loads of different ways shook me actually to see how much anxiety can affect you I woke up one day and thought you know what I'm incontrol of me having a positive out look yes good on you waking up every day same time helps that's a step closer to a better health yes 30mirt is quite a high dose to begin with but because of exhaustion lack of sleep and major anxiety and depression and many side affects later i can finally say im getting there just remind yourself baby steps don't run before you can walk mirt doesn't work over night but lets be honest what does just because you have a good day doesn't mean your fine now bare with it food you say iv put on nearly 2 stone and iv got to say I LOVE IT just be careful how much rubbish you eat because believe me the weight will go into placed you'd not imagine x
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      I have been on mirt 30mg for 16 days and yes the sleep as disappeared only getting about 6 hours.  Not helping my anxiety so weaning myself off.  Going down to 22.5mg for a couple of weeks and then 15mg.  Fingers crossed for no wir=thdrawal or at least very little.
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      Going up in dose is a stimulate so less sleep.  I do not have an issue with the eating part.  My anxiety has made be lose 43 pounds in about 5 months.  I just do not think its for me.  My mood is sluggish but I also take a benzo for the anxiety which I tought Remeron was suppost to help but hasn't.  Good luck!  Everyone is different so take everything said with a grain of salt as it is "their" opinion and may not nevessarily happen to you. smile
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      Yes Kathy I agree everyone is different. I'm on day 9 of mirtazapine 15mg I also take venlafaxine 257.5mg. Anxiety is definitely better but I'm really on this for depression. Hasn't kicked in yet for that. I do find it makes me feel excessively tired which is not good for me as I have MS and fatigue is one of my problems! I'm hope things improve for you Kathy 😊
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      I did hear the more the dosage the less it does for sleep.  I wish the anxiety made me lose weight.  I lost a stone and a half with Slimming World.  Haven't bothered weighing myself as I know I have put most of that weight back on with Mirt.  So going to make a point of going back on it.  Past couple of days haven't been so bad with the over eating.  So hopefully it's something that passes.
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    I hear ya, I was hoping for an over night miracle. Only day 3 for me. Have no energy or desire to do anything. Gonna be interesting to see if things pick up. I am trying to be patient but am so fed up of feeling like crap. Alas it didn't happen over night chances are it won't get fixed over night. We have made the first step in admitting we need help. Let's not be so hard on ourselves and keep faith. I should try practice what I preach. Keep me posted how you are doing.

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    I have been on lexapro for 11 weeks and am now at 20mg. the anxiety is still with me. I want to add mirtazapine to this to help me sleep. Will this help me?
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      Hi daniel

      most people find mirtazpine does help them sleep!!

      ive been in different doses of mirt and they made me sleep

      im now coming to 11 weeks free of mirtazapine as they didn't help with my depression,as for anixety they caused it as I never had anixety until I was put on mirtazapine....

      If it's for anixety and sleep I wouldn't take them as there is a lot more tablets you can doc try you with

      For me the side effects were horrible and the withdrawls were and still is horrific 

      Ive seen a few people say they work fantastic for them but I've saw more people wanting to get off them

      Just be careful and make sure you know about all the side effects and the withdrawals before you start them

      Hopefully you will be one of the people who find mirtazapine suits you well

      Good luck with what ever you decide to do

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      Hi guys ive started this medication started on 15mg first week I wasjust groggy tired stopped my anxiety and panic attacks and im sleeping great thank god my only problem with these now is im eating like a pig and gaining weight fast where as before I could eat what I wanted and never gain weight im only 3 weeks in and look a good 4 months pregnant help
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      Hi Sandra 

      i was the same when I was on mirtazapine I gained 2stone over 10months don't know how because I didn't eat extra food in fact I eat less as it caused me stomach probs..

      im not sure if it's the tablet itself adds the weight , I know it makes most people eat more than normal so mayb if you switch to more fruit and fat free food and snacks

      im of mirtazapine 11wks coming and weight is going down so for me it was definitely the tablet itself to cause my weight gain 


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      Hey I can relate to eating and sleeping  I take 15 mg Mirt for anxiety but so far not helping with my anxiety I have been on for 2 weeks  going to give it some more time and see if it will help my anxiety I have epilepsy  so anxiety can cause me to have seizures  I have a back up emergency anxiety pill called Ativan been on the for 12 years they work the best if u have one hit u all the sudden it relaxes ur mind and body and ur anxiety stops with in 15 mins with out them I would be screwed   Waiting for new meds to kick in and work sucks.  I am eating like crazy to but only at night after I take my does I eat more during the day where before I would go all day with out eating 
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    Hi there. I've been on mirt a week 15mg for sleep and depression. Pills made me restless at night with constant waking up. Today day 7 is the first day I have felt a bit better. I decided last night to not take pill instead take it in morning. I actually slept 7 hrs straight. Have no appetite so not too worried about gaining. I have been told repeatedly that I need to be patient so I will tell you to try. I hear good things from lots of people so try stick it out.

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