Mirtazapine is extremely unsettleing

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Hi all,

I'm new here but read most previous posts with interest. I'm really grateful to hear that some of you have found some relief and some answers with Mt. I just want to add something which I think others should be aware of.

I've been battling 3 years with chronic back and leg pain, which despite 5 operations has not been cured. Consequently I'm on a very mixed bag of drugs (opiates, benzodiazapines etc). I've only sufferer from depression forever (about 8 y.o. now am 35) but decided to take the plunge and try medical solutions. I started on Citaloprim, maxed out on those within six months but no real effect except confusion. Next and currently on Venafaxine, but maxed out on these also with very limited success. Also seeing a psyotherapistfor help, this is slow but worth it. Recently I've been hopelessly depressed, so on the recommendation of a psychiatrist, I asked my GP to add Mt to the mix. (I also take propranolol for panic/anxiety disorder).

The outcome was horrible. One of the worst side effects was severe nightmares (much worse than my usual nightmares), which I couldn't wake up from. But the most stressful part is the dizzyness, particularly after a days work. The dizzyness becomes head-shocks (feels like someone is running riot with electrodes and 50,000 Volts accross my brain), and then becomes halucinations. These are not like flying fish etc but are very distressing. Two typical ones include (a) loss/shadowing of periferal vision and (b) unsteadyness walking. The walking one is the chiller, it seems as if my right foot sinks up to the ankle when I walk on it, throwing my balance off completely. There have been times when I wonder how did I even make it home, it can take an hour or more on what is normally a 20 min walk.

I've abandoned the Mt on day 18 and after a few really bad days now am returning to normal (i.e. depressed as hell). I need to see my GP on Thursday and find an alternative booster drug, so if anyone out there has similar experience or better yet another suggestion I'm desperate to hear!


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    Hi there silent,

    like you i am on a few drugs for pain relief [tramadol] being one, and the problem is they don't always mix well with antidepressants.

    I have tried a few antidepressants and settled on sertraline it has had no side effects for me and i have been on it for over a year.

    Have also been on mirtazapine which helped me enormously with eating as at the time i had no appetite and was loosing weight big time. When my dose was increased to 30mg i got the side effects of tremor so i stopped taking it.

    I do hope that you find something that will suit you and help with the depression there are lots out there it's just trial and error I'm afraid.

    Good luck and keep in touch x

    charlies girl x :wink:

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    Thanks for the reply Charlie's Girl,

    I also found it increased my appetite but my sleep is so out of whack I end up making savory omlettes at 4am (They taste nice though and it was nice to able to eat again!).

    I was on Tramadol for a while but these were like smarties to me. I'm guessing the severity of my reaction to the Mt is in response to all the other pharmas in my body, but am surprised the Psychiatrist couldn't pin it down, that's their job to know side effects and interactions. Agree, the tremors are bad too but when I got real tired and halusinogenic, my hands too freaked me out, very jelly like, not pleasent.

    Good luck and thanks again, hope we all find something to stop the pain.


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    Hi tiny t,

    i too got slightly agitated whilst on mirt, as for my mood improving it was hard to tell as i was also on sertraline, i didn't notice much difference.

    It did help with sleep for a while but soon fizzled out which i was annoyed with as at first i thought that i had found something that worked.

    Diazepam was the best for sleep but as it's so addictive your time on it is short. I still wish now that i could have a few every so often just to sleep all night without waking up every 30 Min's!

    Had an appointment yday with rheumatologist who is pretty sure that i am suffering with fibromyalgia, or M E.

    Some people don't believe that it exists but whatever I've got is crippling me and soul destroying...

    Take care girls.. :wink:

    charlies girl xxxx

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    Hi charlies girl, how are you today?

    Ive calmed down but still feeling pretty awful. My cpn decided not to put me back on tabs. Though I feel really rough today and extremely sad. I dont know whats goign on with me anymore. One minute I am rallying round happy, and the next.....dont go there. Anyway, enough!

    I hope you are okay and thank you for your kind reply.

    Take care, katy

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    Hi Tiny Tears and Charlies Girl,

    I'm real sad to hear you're both in distress, I really wish you the best.

    AS for Mt, I found that my mood lifted, but only because I was petrified I was going to croak it. As I gave up on them I noticed a dip in mood. Spoke to my GP about it yest, she is an angel. Motivated me to contact the psych clinic again and I now have a meds review next Friday, will report anon.

    Tiny t, i'd recommend Amitripthaline for sleep, it is a nerve drug (and also anti-psychotic in large doses). I'm on 10 mg at night and sleep well sometimes. I also take Diazapam (have done for 2.5 yrs) and the opiates all of which are knockout but a killer to wake up in the morning. Although totally inadvisable I drink too, but this is Russian Roulette, the drugs I'm on would fell a horse and drink effect exaggerates this. I'm trying to kick this one to touch at the moment too. Please don't rely solely on drink for sleep, I tried that for about 1.5 years and totaly screwed myself up in 2004, very sererely.

    Charlies G, how can you cope, I'm marvelling at your endurance as ME is such a nightmare disease (and TOTALLY real!). Stick with your guns on the S'drug, I'm interested to hear if you've found any real relief with it, despite the Tramadol. I read somewhere that the chances of a bad interaction increases drastically as the number of drugs taken increases, so that's me done for! I count 11 pills a day (on a good day), each competing to muck me up.

    Good luck with your struggles both, peace out.


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    Hi Silent and charlies girl, my cpn did mention amtriptyline. But dont think she wanted to prescribe me any more drugs if I am still drinking. My mum also takes that drug you mentioned.

    I am now extremely tired and been curled up with my cat. Children have been playing with the neighbours. Partner has gone missing ( probably fell in a pub somewhere). After my little visit to my cpn, I did not want to think about stuff, and went out shopping and now feel really guilty as I spent too much money!!! Whoops!!!! But at least it cheered me up and I will have better feet :lol: :lol: :lol:

    This is the thing, this is what I do....everything to escape the true reality of it. ANYTHING!!!!!!Know i cant talk to people about it, and then like today feel really GUILTY , and then I eat some , and then I feel more guilty, and then I think why did I do that??????????? Then once Ive eaten my stomach swells up, like its going to explode and then I have to lie down, Ive never take rennies before, but this week been thow an entire packet. Oh god, I AM SORRY, i BETTER GO. Shut up me. Take care Silent and charlies girl. I hope it gets better for you both.

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    Tiny Tears,

    Know exactly how you feel. I was in suce a rage yest after visiting my GP as I felt like a complete tool, utterly worthless. Got through it though with bottle of Jim Beam bacause I cannot stand the screaming in my head. It's pointless to explain to anyone who's not beeen there but I'd rather that they thought I was a total screwup than understand as I wouldn't wish depression on my worst enemy.

    Hang on in there, the highs and lows melt into one, I'm glad you have sucha loving attitude to your children, as you and they can draw strenght from one another.



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    Hi I have bad panic/anxiety I take 100 mil sertraline

    10 mil of propranalol 3x a day and 15 mg of mirtazapine at night and before I had these I felt dizzy had floaters/shadowing and couldnt go out the house cos everytime I went out it felt like everything was spinning I couldnt breath and the floor was moving or my foot would go into my leg.and sometimes it felt like I couldnt control my legs.really scary.but now its almost gone after sticking to the meds.but after taking mirtazapine ive had the craziest dreams or nightmares almost real like I was in my own house and I was in my bedroom and seen my partner sleeping but I was asleep well I think I was thats how strange they are.but to be honest id rather the dreams than not been able to go out without feeling like im going to die smile

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    hi one and all,

     I have only been placed on mirtazapine for 6 days now after weening my self off venfelaxine, i also take 2 lots of 30mg of propananolol, the whole reason i am on these is because of the aches and pains itching feeling total crap sometimes with flu like symptoms etc, my concern is now feel as bad if not worse on these new tablets the ache in my back is at times causeing me so much pain its crazy just took 2 co codomol to try and ease the pain, I tell my doctor who is a really nice guy he just says your over weight and you need to push your self through the barrier whi ch i try to do, last saturday evening i had a bout of cramp which had the viens in the back of my right leg standing out so much so i could almost see the other side of the vien and as i type this my knees are acheing a lot too i feel totally exhausted and sick to boot, i am just hopeing this is just the change and the settling in of the new tablets, I feel my blood pressure has increased and i feel angry too, my plan is to wing it for the few days so i can say its been a week doctor and this is how i am, does that sound right to you guys, thank you in advance may you all be better very very soon cheers marko6928


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