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Hello All,

                Well i have been on mirtazapine for 4 years. Initially it did lift me out of the dark hole i was in. I slowly started to get my life back. I am now trying to come off them and having horrendous problems. I am currently taking 22.5 and 30 alternately. I seem to be going around in circles. I do not feel depressed anymore but wake up with anxiety and a general feeling of unwell. If i up or lower my dose it has an immediate effect the next day which makes me think the tablets are no longer working, and what i am actually experiencing is side effects or withdrawal.Talking with my doctor, he believes that if when i increase my dose to 30 i feel really heavy headed the next day shows the tablets arent working correctly. When i reduce to 22.5 i feel better in my head but soon start to expereince what i believe is withdrawal. The reason i believe its withdrawal is because if i take my dose a litltle earlier that evening, the symptons subside.

   The Dr has suggested that i start to lower the dose gradually and he has given me propranolol to take 3 times a day a dose of 10mg to counteract the withdrawal symptom. Can anyone shed their experiences or could give me advice as I feel like i'm stuck with which way to turn.

  Thanks in advance

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    Craig, I took 45 mg for over 8 years. The first try: 30 mg x 2 wks, 15 mg x 2 wks, stop. It didn't work. I thought I was dying. I contacted my GI doc, as most of the withdrawal was GI issues, anxiety, and insomnia. She put me back on 7.5 mgs, and after 6 months, I stopped 19 days ago. I am going through a rough time, but not as bad as before. I am determined to stay off this time. For a number of years I would feel better at night, take the 45 at bedtime, sleep like a rock, and wake feeling like I had a real bad hangover. As the day wore on, the side effects wore off, I would begin to feel better, then bedtime started things all over again. It took years for me to figure it out. I wish you well.
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      Thankyou for the kind reply, I have tried on 2 occasions to come off with both the same outcome. I managed to get down to 15mg, felt great for a week like i was cured and back to my old self, then all of a sudden, horrendous anxiety, severve stomach problems, so frightening that id reach for the 30mg just to get relief, and each time it did. I have just recently got some new direction in my life, new job and that, and i have started to spiral out of control with this med. I play with the dose so often its crazy making decisions on how i feel in the evenings, but always wake feeling dredful. I'm still believe the best way with the dose is down, but how is another matter
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      Craig, here is the deal: find the dose that you are comfortable with. Take it for enough time to know that you will have no problem with it. Then move one dose down, a minimal amount that you decide, and see how that goes for a while. Time is not the issue, the result is what you are looking for. Keep up this process, however long it takes, and then be prepared for the withdrawal, because no matter how much you taper down, after that last dose, you may still have symptoms. The longer and lower you go before stopping, the less you should have symptoms. Also, that changes from person to person, so if your progress isn't the same as someone else, it is OK to be discouraged, just endeavor to persevere! Again, I wish you well!
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      Hey David, i hope you are doing ok, i have started my next reduction in dose, 7.5 then 15 roatating for two weeks. The first day on 7.5 i woke with a headache and had it all day. In the evening when i took the 15 the headache went half hour later, proving only further that it is withdrawal. I am even more determined to come off now. Today after the 15 last night i have had the best day ive had in months. I know I have a long road ahead but feel the path is a little clearer now, wishing you all the best
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      Craig, I wish you the best, and hope the process is a little kinder to you. It probably will be since you are tapering, as you should, and I went cold turkey. That was 8 weeks ago, and I am still having symptoms, but they are much better. Hank in there friend, first get the chemical out of your body, and then fight the urge to go back on them when your body is craving it. Reading posts on this site has been a big part of getting me through this. Take Care, Regards, David
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    I  wish you well. Discontinuing a lot of psychtrophic meds are hard on people, I am on Mirtazapine (15-30 mg) for sleep (and anti-depressant). I went off once with no problems, which you don't need to hear (the are other drugs that were totally hellus to come off).  We are all very different in withdrawal and side effects - and you know yourbody better than anyone else. 

    I have been on antidepessants since 198 and they do seem to stop working sometimes and have to be changed up.  I hope this won't drag on for you. Good luck

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    Hi craig

    i was on 45 mg Mirtazapine and put on two and am Alf stones in 4 months.  I also have walking problems and a crushed disc at the base of my spine and after two and a half weeks in hospital in October, had depression before I went in, but came out with agitated clinical depression.  Immediately, I wKen in the morning, it's as if a lightbulb has been switched on and the palpitations and anxiety start.  They don't build up, they're there till about 6 pm when I start to join the human race again and feel almost normal, till I go to bed, waken up and the cycle starts again.  I'm on 2 x 40 mg Propanolol and 3 x 2 mg Diazepam.  It takes the edge off the anxiety, but it's still there.  The psychiatrist has weaned me off the 45 mg with 3 nights on 30 mg, 3 nights on 15 mg + 70 mg Lofepramine,then starting tonight, no Mirtazapine but 2 tablets of the new antidepressant, one got and morning.  To say I haven't slept well for a week is putting it mildly, but I don't have any option but t gif this a go and hope it works.

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    I think that mirtazapine works extremely quickly on mood. When I firsst went on them my depression lifted within a day. I couldn't believe it. So I would actually say that the tablets are working. They kick in far quicker than most ADs.
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    you're lucky they worked on your mood.  I found the only good thing was that I got a night's sleep.  I've also,got,clinical agitated depression so whenever I waken up in the morning, the anxiety and palpitations are there.  Taking 80 mg of Propanolol and 12 mg of Diazepam omly take the edge off it.  The Mirazapine in my case hasn't lifted my ,ook.  They combined it with a low dose of Sertraline which was worse as t l,ase me more agitated.  Now they're trying to get me off 45 mg Mirtazapine and try something else.  I just get so desperate.

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    Hi Craig,  The best advise I can give you is exactly what David said.  I suffer chronic IBS and I'm withdrawing off Mirt aswell.  The pain in my Stomack at times is unbearable, but like David said I just stick to that dose untill it settles.  Do just take it slowly,and don't go back up when you've come down, you just make it worse.                 Persevere.  Good Luck.

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