mirtazapine not sure it's working?

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Hey folks, been posting on here latley as i feel stuck in a rutt and the docs don't seem to have much understanding.. Anyway

32 female usually full of energy and happy bubbly lass. Always suffered anxity since young age. Always just put up with it until ocd negative thoughts last year or so. Anyway docs put me on waiting list for cbt and got me to try mirtazapine. Stayed on 15 from starting as anything more I can't seem to function..

So I was feeling groggy every morning like I had flu and waking up feeling hung over. I don't drink or smoke am into sports. Well usually am. Now I struggle to grt out of bed most daYs aS I dread the day a head latley. Anyway I take my mirtazapine at ngt usually calm anyway as it seems I mainly suffer morning anxity and I feel fine in the evening most night and perfect at ngt. I've tried to ween off mirt in Dec took 3 months to get half way and ir floored me. Anxity attacks constant all day every day. Docs advised go back to 15 till my cbt.

So I did 3 weeks ago nearly.. So it has settled a little. But now I cAnT seem to sleep, I'm angry and frustrated late at night. Little teary too. Also often brain zaps Tring to sleep, adrenaline rushes all the time, feel like headed and get the shakes regular, my tummy is all over latly. I wake up awful but need 10 hours sleep it seems. Concentrstion is poor, feel foggy headed and zero motivation. I feel my moods now low and dont want to be around people as am always worrying about anxity. Seem to of developed heath anxity from all the side effects and hassle from these tablets wd. I do feel stronger latly but today I have again constant adrenaline rushes and feel awful. Had anxity attack but tried diaphragmic breathing it helped calm me but still Feel some anxity and racey thought just can't relax

Yesterday I had random muscle spasms and twiches that Scared Me but tried to ignore it. All these issues didn't happen prrior to these tablets apart from usual anxity and ocd thoughts thst cbt was helping with.

I feel these tabelts are not doing much just taking away abit morning anxity and butterflies. I don't like leaving my room or house move days. This just isn't me at all my head goes into over drive it's hard to see it as onky anxity a little emotion.

Im scared to try reduce or stop these mirtazapine with the hassle of the last time. I feel stuck and out of answers. I'm awaiting cbt but also learning stuff my self. I am usually so positive but I feel my life's done for like I really do.

Not wanting to take tabelts but I have no option at the moment.

Anyone any similar experience with mirtazapine?

Thanks all and keep pushing

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    Shez, your Mitrazepine will increase your Serotonin levels. Sometimes it may take 4 to 8 weeks or shorter. Of course it may cause initial vivid dreams but they do abate. The med will aid sleep and I think that the other signs and symptoms you express concern over are due to a probable GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

    As you wait for the CBT referal, you may find keeping a Journal of your feelings and any triggers or times of the day you feel more on edge, like the flight or flight syndrome.

    CBT does help but in the meantime you may want to try, along with your meds, Self-Talk. It is a method I have used over 20 years to my own clients. To talk within ourselves or even audible that we are okay, that I am a worthy person, that you are stronger than you feel. You can look up CBT SELF TALK online and get ideas. I am not allowed to give you links or recommend books as its against forum rules

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      Thanks oberone for replying. Been nice or u and thanks for your input and advice :-)

      It's the first time my sleeping has went lkke this from the tabelts they usually tire me out to sleep but past 3 weeks since upping back to my full tabelt my sleeping is all over. Like my minds full of energy but my body ain't haha. I sleept a little better and also woke up brighter but feel a little off still and I've noticed things peak when am needing food, I'm having to eat very regular to keep my food levels up to prevent me feeling groggy. I've also been hungry but these tablets have changed my appitite alot.so in I'm trying to eat carefully and learn more about foods and do a food diary. I know if I change my lifestyle like more exercise and eating even better plus the positive reading I will hopefully improve over time. Yes I agree cbt has been great in the past so I'm hoping that helps. Some days I'm stronger then others ire like I have to tell my self I am ok and try belive it, but sometimes it's so hard to see I will be ok. I shall try the mantra of telling me self I'm ok lkke u say and then over time surely My thought process will change and get out this negative vibes mess. I do feel it's mind over matter and u are what u belive and think u are and I feel only i have the power and tools to change this. Obv along with the help of cbt experts etc but I'm fhe one that needs to sort this problem. I'm trying to work on better breathing as I'm so short and shallow from my shoulders I've been practicing it all week. Apparently the stress of life changes how the diapramic muscle works so u have to try breath from your diapram not my shoulders. Cbt and docs keep pointing this out to me but hard to change something so regular over 32 years of doing it ha. I shall keep taking my 15 for another month or so and see how i am. Thanks so much for replying tho :-)

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    Shez, I'm confused: you say you're on a waiting list for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but elsewhere you say it was helping?

    I'm on this forum because my gp prescribed 15 mg mirt, but I haven't even had the script made up yet, partly because I'm wary of anti-depressants anyway & he told me it's easy to come off, which totally contradicts people's stories here.

    I do realise that apart from one poster on this forum who found it positive, people who didn't have problems with it are highly unlikely to be writing about it, but I'm still very wary indeed.


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      Oh I've had cbt last year. It worked well.

      But I'm waiting to start it again. It's a long waiting list apparently.

      No idea if these tabelts do anything but I know they make me tired and groggy all day but I plod on. I'm sure they work better for some. Everyone is different I guess. I want to stop them but I'm waiting till I feel ready.

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      If CBT has already worked well for you, why can't you still put it into practice in your daily life?   It's not something you stop and start, it's a whole new way of thinking and takes practice.

      I'd suggest you try your local library for books on it and practice it daily by yourself - harder I know, but surely better than having to wait for ages for someone to direct you?

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      I only managed 3 sessions then I stopped going out the house due to constant fear and anxitey. My tutor was very understanding and I did learn some important information that I try to keep applying. But i need more then just 3 Sessions. I'm Able to push my self to get out local at the moment juet not going to far until I'm more in control of things. As I tend to want to run home to my comfort away from people when I get anxious.

      I will get there at my own pace. I wasn't like this prior to these tablets, now it seems I just developed lots of fears. I just feel weak like am letting things beat me. I used to be a strong person until last year. These tabelts make things hard to motivate constant groggyness it's such a battle getting out of bed. Feel light headed all morning n groggy mind. It eases up after lunch it's just hard when your feeling low and anxouis with that to handle too. I'm slowly getting there and I want off these tabelts this year. I shall tell cbt all the side effects and see what they think as no one else seems to understand. Thanks for your reply :-)

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