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Hi I'm looking for some advice on this subject too please. I have been on 15mg of mirtazapine for about 6 weeks. I have recently been to the doctors regarding stool issues and an ache in my back passage. But since Christmas I have had such bad lower back pain. It's Worse in the morning, or if I sit in one position too long. I did a stupid thing and Googled my symptoms, and of course it came back bowel cancer. So now I am worrying out of my mind. I read on the list of side effects for mirtazapine that back pain is common, however I can't find many reports of this.

Also for probably the last week i have been feeling constantly tired, like really drained. It feels like I have lead weights on my arms and legs, everything is I an effort. Which really is unlike me, I'm normally very outgoing and bubbly but I have completely withdrawn into myself. Up until Christmas I was going to the gym 4 times a week but just can't face it at the moment with the back pain and feeling like this.

I guess what I'm asking is, can mirtazapine cause this sort of pain in my lower back, or am I right in worrying about the possibility of colon cancer? I know you cant give me a definitive answer because I suffer with severe health anxiety hence being put on mirtazapine in the first place, which I guess is sadly ironic...

I'm at my wits end and worry myself silly sad

Thanks in advance, Darren

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    Dear Darren.

    First off, I apologize for my English if it is not perfect, I am not native speaker.

    I have been on Mirt 1 year already and honestly I am looking forward to taper off. I have had sooo many side effects indeed. Back pain included of course. I remember when I was like 1 month on it I have a week of total blackout. I was constatntly tired, sleepy ... I am 28!!! It is really the pill causing it. Today I know. I feel much better but anyway. Want to come off completely soon. How old are you?

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      Hi Neo, thanks for your reply. I am 42. I have been in it for around six weeks now. I have has back pain since Christmas but originally put it down to the way I'd slept or something. But the pain has not subsided, and I literally ache all over but predominantly in my lower back. I was prescribed it originally because I have a health anxiety, and all its done is make me worry more.. What other symptoms do you get?

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      Hi Darren.

      Well, these are those I have been getting on & off: back pain (from top to the bottom), weakness in my arms and legs, joints aches, especially knees, strange taste in my mouth, painful eyes, sweating, constant ill feeling, like you are coming down with a flu, ... etc. Very bad, I know, nevertheless, despite of that, it helped me a lot with sleeping and mood improvements. I also take escitalopram 10mg in the morning. Nowadays tryingto come off these (I am down to 7,5mg)

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    You my have constipation and you get some pain in your body I have in my neck all the time they say it will get better
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    Hi,I have been on mirt for 2 years.WAs on 15mg,now after 7 months of tapering

    I am on 56ml or 8.4mg.I get constant back ache,nausea,headache and lethargy.

    Today I feel rotten again, I've just had 2 days of respite so I always try and do things when I'm

    well.I do occasionally think of going back on 15 as I felt very welll but I've

    come this far with the taper I have to look at getting off the meds in the

    future.I thought that as the dosage got less the side effects would get less but this is not the case.

    In fact the opposite is true.I think I read somwhere that below 7.5mg this may be the case but time

    will tell . It's prob another 8 months of a slow taper to go as I am very sensit6

    to mirt.Good luck.Keep a diary aswell of your symptoms.

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      Thanks plainden... I'm trying my hardest to convince myself that what I'm feeling is down to the mirtazapine, but having a health anxiety it's easier said than done. I really can't believe how rubbish I feel, I just want to go back to bed. I literally have no energy, everything aches and just walking is an effort sad

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      I was like that for day I just wanted to stop taking them but you go backwards you like the tables are not helping you but they are
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      But I have been on them for 6 weeks. I don't understand why I'm getting all this now. Which is contributing to worrying that its something else.

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      Because I exactly know how you feel these days (because I was feeling like that 14 months ago), I can advise you following - give time to Mirt. If you feel bad even after 10 weeks, then it could be reason to change the med. If you are in a doubt about your health -> talk to the specialist and ask for investigation in order to exclude serious diseases. And please STOP GOOGLING SYMPTOMS. This is the worst youn can do for your health! Trust me ... because whatever you type in google will result in cancer, heartattack or another serious disease. Many people did go through the same hell, including me ... Today I am much better but you have to do something also on your own ... not only rely on tablets you know nothing about which were prescribed by somebody who doesn't know you at all ...

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    HI DARREN75,,,just a few words that might help you,,i was on mirt for 4-5 months for anx/dep/imsomnia/ect,,,i also had bad constipation back pain ,,tirednessĀ  and felt awful ,,i went to drs he said to reduce mirt to 7.5mg from 15mg this helped with all the the above symtoms,,i stayed on 7.5mg for 10 weeks.then slowly reduced to 3.75mg then OFF,,THAT WAS 5 WEEKS AGO,,i am now fine,,i did have side efects but that comes with mirt,,stop thinking you have cancer its the mirt causing the constipation/tiredness/ect,,it may help if you try the same as i did it can-not harm you ,most probebly make you feel a lot betterĀ  good luck,,BLUESY
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    You're right about lower back pain, i had it too but i was also taking other prescribed drugs at the same time which may have excentuated the problem. I know from experience that anxiety problems are only exacerbated when there seems to be an endless string of problems occuring - the catch 22 senario, but in reality you're creating problems that simply don't exist. It could be this - what if it's that! If your concerns keep you awake at night, tell your doctor. He or she will put your mind at rest - after all they're the professionals. A simple blood test is all you'll need.

       Ihope you'll feel better soon.

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