Mirtazapine withdraw symptoms

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Hi all, I was on Velafaxine anti-depressants......we lost our dog to illness and the docs put me on 30mg Martazipine' hope its spelt right'.

So was having terrible side affects so the docs reduced the dose to 15 mg ....started having racing

pulse, sweats etc panic attacks so I went back to the 30 mg.. Went to doctor and he said I could stop the Martazipine and go back on 75mg velafaxine .........also have diazapam and tamazepam spelling

bad I know.

I am having terrible withdraw feelings arms, stomach, legs burning inside, fainting attacks, daft

thoughts of illness and waives of stomach panic. Will this all stop once I just have velafaxine in my


Rang docs they said its just transition process. thanks

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    Hey man,

    Well it sounds like venlafaxine withdrawal more than mirtazipine withdrawal, it's a tricky one,

    I've been on a combination of both which worked really well for me,I'm off mirt now for 2 months and felt zero withdrawal symptoms luckily, I'm now reducing the venlafaxine and my doc put me on pristiq with is a newer version of venlafaxine,

    I also have the benzo's which have seriously done their job in easing my anxiety, yes they maybe not something to depend on, but when going through a transitional change with meds I think they are essential,

    Either way mate, these horrible side effects will pass in time,

    What I do is firstly take the dosage the doc says of my meds and I always keep a benzo in my wallet just incase the stress and anxiety is in overdrive and I take a half then maybe a second half throughout my day,

    And as I said before, by doing this I have no withdrawals from the mirt or reduction from 225mg to 75mg venlafaxine,

    Good luck

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    Hi Barry

    Those are horrible side effects. Does the diazapam lessen them? I was put on a low dose of Mirtazapine,7.5mg, to help with sleep whilst coming off sleeping pills. I have had side effects, drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth but nothing like you have experienced. I was also told to start at a low dose and gradually build up because at higher doses mirtazapine can be stimulating rather than a sedative. Your symptoms sound like they could be related to adrenalin release. Do you have anxiety problems, trouble sleeping?

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    Its a huge help to know I'm not alone. I have diazepan and tamazapan (spellings crap) to help through the transition but its really bad withdrawal feelings. Feel burnt out and exhausted terrible hot pains through my arms

    and legs doc says withdrawal can effect people in different ways. in one way it's lucky I lost my job.

    I have an LGV Licence that I have never used so I'm heading in that direction, before I was in sales and you get pressurised beyond belief.

    How did you come about to be on tabs if you don't mind me asking and do you think there's a lot of people in the same boat ??

    Really appreciate the response.


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    Hi to Sunflower thanks for the message. I've only been on 75mg Venlafaxine for 2-3yrs and it was great should'nt of changed but you don't know do you til you try , what are benzo's ?

    I was put on 30mg of Mirts and then 15mg for three days which caused my anxiety and panic attacks so now Im back on Venlafaxine and taking diazepan when terrible feelings start.

    Timazapam for sleeping at night.

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    By the way this all started when I was hit by a car when I was a kid.....but stopped in my twenty's when I got away from where I lived .

    Have a lovely life now with my wife just want to feel normal again.

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    Hi just had diazapam stopped terrible feelings brilliant. Wonderful to get a rest bite isn't it. I function perfectly on venlafaxine lets hope not to long before it starts working again ......

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    Hi Barry

    Just been reading about Venlafaxine. This stuff has a short half life so leaves the body quickly when you either reduce dose or stop taking it. This will cause withdrawal symptoms. There are thousands of people struggling with meds. as you will find if you trawl the forums on the net. Just type in Mirtazapine for starters and you'll be amazed! I've been off work 3 months with insomnia/ anxiety, in danger of losing job and have BIG mortgage to pay. My life is on hold at the moment so you are not alone in this nightmare.

    Cheers Mike (Sunlover).

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    Hi Mike, been back on Venlafaxine for 4 days now and just felt like the nightmare is lifting even feel like a smile is coming back.

    I'm with you and understand about the big mortgage luck will have it we can just scrape by with my wifes salary . I have associated my anxiety and terrible feelings to my early teens and have realised its over . I don't know about your background bit I had a very negative hone atmosphere and bullying in and out of school not so much physical but humiliation. Its like your personality has been caged even though we've grown older the cage is or partially still with us and we didn't know it.......its time to start living again my friend.

    With messing around with meds the last week has been like reliving all the feelings I had during that time . I use to be ashamed of saying who I was it got that bad......its taken 20 yrs to finally realise why I get the anxiety.

    I wish you all the best and stay in touch.

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    Has anyone had a short temper as a withdrawl side effect? I am down to 1/2 of 37.5 but I am finding that my temper is very short and my anger is out of character. Yesterday I got very mad at my team leader and slammed her office door. This is really inappropriate. I just do not seem to handling life so well. I tapered from 37.5 to 1/2 just a week ago.
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    Ive been on mirtazapine 15 mg for about 3 months now and I just stopped taking 4 days ago and im all of a sudden having cold sweats, crazy vivid dreams, sleeping a ton more then normal and I have a little bit of headaches but not a lot plus the dry mouth .. I also have experinced "loss of control" or complete anxiety ! I was waking up soaking wet and had no idea why I was sweating like I was so I started to google it and first thing I see is HIV symptom so that of course made me flip out worse until I kind of put it together that I havent taken my pills in a few days and then I came across you all and I feel a ton better knowing im just going through withdrawls ..

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