Mirtazapine withdrawal- 4 months in

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Hi everyone,

I've read quite a few stories on here about the withdrawal process of Mirtazapine, but this is the first time I've posted on here. Hoping that someone has had a similar experience to mine. 

First took the drug about 5 years ago after a period of stress. Reluctantly may I add, but i was told it was the way they treat stress along with talk therapy...

After a year and going up to 45mg, I was feeling a lot better so wanted to come off ASAP. Was told by GP to come down to 30mg for a few nights then down to 15mg then stop. Initially I felt fine, then the uncontrollable feeling of anxiety, dread and depression all kicked in after a few weeks. I didn't know anything about WD symptoms at this stage. After about 4mths, thinking it was me that was struggling again, went to GP to asked to be put back on them. 

Started on 15mg and the thing floored me. Couldn't get out of bed to even go to the toilet. Called the doctor in who said I was fine and probably caused by tablet but side effect should disappear when I go up a dose. So that's what I did and was on 30mg for the next couple of years. Never felt as if was any better in all honesty but kept thinking it was me...

Thinking it was me I went up another dose in September last year to 45mg.

Then all hell started kicking in without realising it was the meds....

Started with an increased sensitivity to light. Then my eyes got so incredibly dry. Then the stiff neck and shoulders kicked in and then the dercreased engergy levels, not to mention being like a zombie and having constant brain Fog and confusion . 

Deciding it was the meds, I went to the GP and said I wanted to come off them. Then the fun really started... Again no tapering was advised and I went down from 45mg to 30mg for 3 weeks and then down to 15 for about a week then stop.

From then it's been downhill. Initially I felt really spaced out and completely disconnected. Then followed the brain zaps, sweating, irritability, severe muscle tension, particularly in my torso and back neck and shoulders. The depression got worse where suicidal thoughts were coming in my head for the first time in my life. Had no intention of following them through, but this is how bad the depression got. I've also had the burning sensation through my skin, the migraines, sensitivity to light and sound, feeling that I'm going to vomit, drowsiness,  anxiety,  through the roof, panic attacks. Been trying to get an appointment with a psychiatrist but it's a 3month waiting list.

Thankfully I'm still eating and drinking and able to make conversation with people at times. But even watching tv is becoming too much at times. 

I realise now from reading other threads I've come off them far too quick thanks to the GP, but 4months in im feeing like my energy levels are so low I can't get out of bed. A month or so ago I was able to go out a walk. 

It feels like I'm in a for longer withdrawal, but just wondering if there's anyone out there that came off 45mg so quick that's survived to the tell the story? And would anyone go back up a dosage to see if it helped some of the symptoms? I've spoken to a drug withdrawal support group and their advice was to keep going. My concern is that I've given my system to much of a shock.... twice as it turns out!😳 Any help/support would be much appreciated, it's such a lonely thing to go through.

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    Thanks, they tried me on sertraline but not citalopram.  Would love to hear if you find it helps. Good luck
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      Thanks Ann. You too. Try the charity i mentioned, they are supportive. 
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      They tried me with citalopram and they all most sent me crazy. I'm almost certain they come from the same kinda family as sertraline, if they don't they work the same way as he symtems of them both were the very same for me but maybe they will be fine for you 



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      I have sent them an e mail with my hiatory, will see what happens. Thanks. You are lucky to have a support group locally.
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    My w/d really kicked in again around the week 11 mark, which shocked me ~ why did I feel worse than ever! when I was nearly 4 months in ? 

    Stick with it because it all started to get easier 5 months in and it should for you too. 

    You've done most of the hard work already so Well Done!

    This isn't for the faint hearted and you will come out of this feeling awesome!

    There comes a time in life, where you feel your losing everything. 

    When you lose your mind as well your left with only your soul,

    and that's when you know how Amazing you really are!

    Good luck and stick at it. 

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      Thankyou Vikki. This is the most disturbing challenge I have had to deal with. My thoughts are with you.
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      You'll get thru this and when you do you'll feel amazing. If you can get they this you can get they anything! 

      I'm following how your all doing, best of luck to you and 

      Happy New Year!!!

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      Thanks Vikki, your words of encouragement are very much appreciated 🙂

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    You can do it! You are not alone. Remember its the withdrawl talking to you.
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    them things are far from helpful what i did was cut a 45ml in half for about 2 weeks and then after that i just cut a 45ml into 5/6 parts and just took 1 part at night and ill tell you since i stooped taking them things I've been more energetic alert and feeling like life has stared again my dad was on 45ml an he too was just literally stuck in his chair was not bothered about bathing changing his clothes he couldn't even be arsed talking i told him try taking half since then about 2/3 weeks ago he's stopped smoking stopped feeling down depressed the best thing is cutting down if them its only been 4/5 weeks for me an i would say I'm down to 5ml a night but sweating a little but its worth the little bit discomfort ill never take them again awful unhelpful in my opinion get of them it will be the best thing you've done

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      hi john im 5 months off last week and i still feel awful every other day i have good day bad day have you come out the ither side now? i just wish i knew how long my head feels like it fizzing and my ears hiss so loudly

      im back on dosulepin but i had to quitt cold turkey due to it making my heart condition worse , now im at my witts end i cant cope with this much longer ive lost all the weight i gained on them plus 2.5 stone extra 3.5 stone is a lot in 5 months dr has just upoed my dosulepin from 75mg to 100mg but its done nothing yet and ive been back on it for 5 months this is a living hell

      concidering i was only on mirtazapine for 7.5 months wow when will this end ??? someone please advice me im taking omega 3 twice a day vitamin B complex vitamin c vitamin D i dont know what else to do HELP

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    hello, i am going theough this right now with mirt. im 4 months just like you. i feel so low i cant even put it into words as im sure you know. i was wondering what hapoened to you and how long until you felt better? thank yoh for your reply

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