Mirtazapine withdrawal almost done!

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So i was on 30 mg for almost 2 years and decided to withdrawal since im also on prozac 20 mg. I when to 22.5 then to 1y and ive been on 7.5 a couple weeks tomorrow i dont take one. Not sure what to expect. I havent really had any withdrawal symtpoms so far.. advice?

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    smit, let me give you some hard earned advice. I would cut tose 7.5s in half, they are easy to break, as they should be scored, and take the 3.75s for at least a couple of weeks. It sounds like you are doing well so far. I jumped cold turkey from 7.5 after being on 45 for over 8 years. About a week later it hit, and that was 2/14/15, and I am still in a bad way. Particularly abdominal / digest issues, fatigue, nausea and weight loss. That was over a year and a half ago, and I have lost over 50 pounds, and still losing. I have spent thousands on doctors, tests, ER trips, pain and grief. So my advice is to give yourself every break until you are off and have a couple of months behind you. Good Luck
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      Hello David, sorry to add my mad response, I've seen a couple of your messages and your reports of being unwell and ins type symptoms and nothing showing in any tests, I was the same for about 15 years had the runs almost every other day and feeling sick in the stomach was a normal day, I had to have my 40+ check up started recently in the uk and was found to be anaemic so panic set in and I was referred to the hospital doctor thinking my blood loss was something serious like C, luckily for me i had decided to do what most men don't do and had a very good health professional (British NHS) who listened to me, I told her I was going to sound like a winge bag and said everything, I listed all the things that had been wrong with me for the last 15 years, her response was you sound like you have coeliac disease, I said ok and she said she'd do tests for this, I didn't know what it was but when I googled it I realised she was probably right, gluten is in everything you don't even know it's there half the time so when you thinking what have I eaten that's made me sick you may discount gluten most times, salt and vinegar on chips caught me out big time, didn't know at the time malt was from barley, my point is I tested negative for all the tests but now I have fully cut gluten from my diet I don't have the headaches the acid reflux 24x7 the runs or the stomach discomfort anymore I'm a new man (apart from struggling with this damn mirtazapine). If you haven't tried it before David please try a couple of weeks without gluten, wheat, rye and barley (watch those malts) and see how you feel, then after a gluten frencouple of weeks eat and mars bar, and watch to see if your stomach swells and the sickness returns. And thanks for your advice on the Mir, I've felt so awful that after 5 days without them I've had to take one tonight.

      If I'd known about the flute thing I'd never have started the Mir, it was not eating and sleeping and the constant feeling sick that broke me and drove me to mir.

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    I was on mirt 30mg for nearly a year, and i tapered off them slowly, i cut down to 15mg for a few weeks and then cut down to 7.5mg for about a month and i have been am off them now for a week now. I have no withdrawal symptoms at all. I feel fine. I am dieting now to lose the weight i put on while on Mirtz.

    Good luck


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      Good Morning, I lost my husband four years ago next month and suffered the depression I refused all the help!! Last December I went through my darkest ever depression so about three months ago I admitted defeat and asked my doctor for help he gave me Mirt 15mg.  When Colin died I put over a stone in weight on so I decided this had to go and gave myself a new goal weight (I had been at my goal weight since 2005) at 64 I went to the gym for the forst time ever and I loved it I was going six days a week and I reached my new goal weight of 9st 4lb that's when I went to see the doctor and got Mirt well I am only just now researching Mirt after putting weight on faster than I can eat! so I am coming off it I have worked too hard to loose all that weight.  As well as going to the gym I have joined a Tai Chi class which is also helping me...

      The antidepressants are being kicked into touch and I will sort myself out in other ways...

      Good Luck with your weight less and please let me know how you get on...

      Good Luck to you too Smit 

      Kathryn xx

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    Hi Smit

    You don't say if you have suffered any discontinuation symtoms whilst tapering so far?  

    David is right, no point in upseting your nervous system "to get it over and done with" because the readjustment to the brains neuro transmitters that have been held with with this AD for so long just don't work that quickly, it takes time and best to go slowly.

    I would definately advise taking between 2-4 weeks at the next drop, if you havn't suffered any discontinuation symptoms yet, I think going to 3.75mg should be ok for you.  Also I wouldn't jump off at 3.75 either, there are ways of going with smaller doses, follow the link.  


    Two years is a long time, best to take the kindest slow wd method for your system.  Hope all goes well, let us know.

    I read good things about staying on Prozac whilst tapering Mirt' ~ some call it the Prozac bridge, this should help you Smit.

    Wishing you well.

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    Mirtazapine is also called remeron i dnt recomed this medication at all. I was given it to help my hunger n anxiety 2 eat. The first time i took it i was sent 2 the ER i was having every 5 secs or so mini sezuires/tremor attacks. It took alot of different kinds of IV drugs just to relax n stop that weird feeling. I was kicking the car cursing & hitting myself i pretty much did anything to stop that feeling. My regular ER doc i wouldnt even let touch me he was so upset n knows no matter how bad my pain is i cooperate, not that time. Just becareful my now fired psychiatrist said i was the only one that got that side effect, i looked it up & it was in the top 10 side effects. Ive never really had any weird side effects before, but one time i was goven latuda n it totally screwed my brain up another pill 2 watch out for. If ur not like me & my dad we cant look up side effects we get them after, but if u have questions about medications or really anything go to Google. Good luck hope my experience helped...

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