Mirtazapine Withdrawal - Completed week nine

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Hello, last night completed week nine off mirtazapine. I am still feeling rotten. I still have the following: Abdominal cramps, nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, feeling of generally feeling sick, anxious, depressed, plus I have seasonal allergies brought on by pollen, which is bad now. I am also taking antibiotics for bronchitis. I had a decent nights sleep last night, first time in quite a while. I woke feeling better, rested, but was feeling bad in short order. Keep in mind, these symptoms aren't as bad as they have been, but is they are still present at all I am listing them. I get short winded doing small things like showering, taking out the trash, and anything else that takes any effort at all. Thanks to everyone for all the support since this started. David

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    sending my prayers from canada david.  it is unbelievable what that drug can cause. i am back down to 15 and the anxiety has finally subsided and i actually slept thru the night.  we will see what psych doc has to say next week. suzie
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    Hi David,

    My heart goes out to you as it is really dreadful that you are suffering so much having completed 9 weeks WD.

    Good to know that you managed to have a better night's sleep last night and I hope this is an indication that you are now beginning to recover.

    I only joined yesterday and I am grateful to kind,caring folk like your self who share with others how painful WD can be.

    May you soon feel much better David.

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    Thanks for update David...

    I trust you won't mind me sharing some humble thoughts...

    Firstly, thanks for the support and kindnesses during my battle with WD from Mirtazapine and what has been historical up/down poor mental health.

    Secondly, sleeping ..or more specifically being ABLE to have it as a sustained 8hr +/- period of 'GOOD QUALITY' rest is VITALLY IMPORTANT I think.

    How one achieves that in the midst of such debilitating complex interrelated nasty longstanding symptoms IS the challenge and billion $ question. Sometimes from no where and for no apparent reason we as you describe David, a 'decents' night's sleep ..one that often sadly comes with no guarantee of further nights being the same.

    STILL, one MUST always TRY to focus on the tiny little positives ...true such things might not be seen as a positive in the wider landscape of PAIN CITY to a bruised n battered mind, body and spirit ..but David ...you had a decent nights sleep and awoke feeling a little better. And I managed to leave my house for the first time in many days. SO as a seed grows ...let's all of us who are rooting for you wish ..hope ..pray that one decent nights rest becomes two becomes three etc ..and with better sleep other benefits can finally come.

    Just an idea: Consider doing 5-10mins deep breathing exercises, maybe over a towel covered steaming bowl.

    Be well ..be encouraged ..be peaceful!


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      Karl, my wife agrees with you, to focus on the positives, which I am trying to do. I woke, and smiled for the first time in a while. But the "up" was short lived. It is sad, but the good, brief as it is, only reminds you of how bad the bad is, and that there is more coming. David
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      I cannot argue with you there David ...

      This may sound strange ...but I consider it cruel to have but a moment of respite. Its like living in hell (metaphorically speaking) being let out to take a quick cool shower before being dragged back down to the Apocalypse!

      STILL ...we can only keep forging on in the hope of escaping the dispair on a more longer term basis. In the meantime we must hope for the strength and inner peace to endure!



      (Relapsing from earlier reported improvements ...DAMN WD!)

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      Today has been bad. Nausea, severe fatigue, abdominal churning and pain. Don't feel like writing any more right now. Depressesd, in pain, disheartened.....David
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      David ...David ...David sad

      My heart ...thoughts ...sincerest wishes are aimed at YOU!

      Conserve your energy (the precious little you have right now) ..and stop posting ..stop replying to mevor anyone else on here. I and others will understand ...

      Rest my friend ..my brother!

      Wishing you the strength and peace of heart to endure ...


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      Sorry to hear you're not so good today David, thoughts prayers & all the positive thoughts I can muster up are with you, such a cruel cruel time x
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    Hi David Nice to hear from you.  I suppose the seasonal allergy you've got on top of everything else is Hay Fever,then Bronchitis to add to the mix.You Americans certainly don't do things small lol.

    But the only way is up David and I think you've done really well,I only wish I could get off this dreaded drug.

       You keep it up and we're all rooting for you here. Keep us in touch.

                      Big Hug to you and your wife       NORMA.

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      Norma, the part of the country where I live, Virginia, is about as bad as it gets for tree, grass, and weed pollen. I live an hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and all our wind and storms blow in from over them, bringing with them pollens that don't even grow in the city where I live. Thank you for the support and hugs. You folks have become a very special group to me & my wife. Regards, David
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    Hi David, so good to hear you a decent nights sleep, hoping you have another good one tonight, can I ask did doctor tell you how long these symptoms are likely to last for you or does it differ from person to person, right now I am suffering severe stomach cramps & running to the loo, feeling like its an absolute effort to do mundane things, my aim is to make sure kids have what they need I'm also lucky that they understand this isn't me & are also a big help, thoughts & prayers with you David x
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      Brandy, everyone from the doctor to the pharmacist answered that question, and the bottom line is that everyone is different. Having those around you understanding is going to make a big difference in how much you are able to cope with whatever comes your way. My heart goes out to you and your family. Take as good a care of yourself as you can. I wish I could answer every question, but, like you are having frequent trips to the bathroom, I didn't, but, I have had horrible abdominal cramps and pain. Go figure. Again, I wish you Godspeed, David

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