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I am having significant fatigue, going into my 8th week since the last pill. I also have seasonal allergies and the pollen is bad right now. I am just wondering if fatigue (weak legs) has been a problem with others in this process. I haven't done much walking since this has been going on, as it has literally kicked my butt! Allergies make me feel bad in general, but this year is far worse than it ever has been, and I am wondering if the withdrawals are contributing.

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    Hi David

    I am in my 6 week with out mirt, and my nose has been blocked really bad this weekend from pollen, never this bad before.

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      Is it making you fatigued? I get winded just going out to get the mail, and last year it wasn't this bad. I was just wondering if the withdrawal is making it worse.
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    Hi David ...hope when you receive this it finds you feeling atleast a little better...

    Just a thought ( needless to say when a answer/solution isn't immediately forthcoming its sometimes wise to consider all possibilities).

    Given the somewhat unarguable fact that our mind ...or rather our subconscious mind can and often does drive our thought processes ...and they in turn can manifest themselves physically (i.e. .."what we think/believe is, will be"...) - Is it possible that any continuing 'fatigue' you are experiencing is becoming more pronounced due to the issue of fatigue being on your mind?

    Reason I say this is I struggled with lethargy and debilitating fatigue ...nothing seemed to help. But then when I was introduced to meditation as a therapy ...with a strong focus on visualising myself more active/able bodied ...it seemed my subconscious had been sort of reprogrammed into believing my lethargy/fatigue wasn't such of an issue as I had previously believed.

    Saying...think a mole hill is a mountain ...and it'll be a mountain!

    The well documented and proven Placebo Effect runs along similar lines...

    Don't get me wrong ...you're clearly suffering and your fatigue is a genuine issue. But maybe ..just MAYBE some real positive thinking might help improve things a little.

    Just my humble thoughts...and maybe not a real viable solution for you but I hope its been food for thought.

    Wishing you respite from your fight ...Peace!

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      Hi David, I think that makes a great deal of sense what Karl- UK posted.

      Well worth giving it some thought. I'm thinking of you David and I'm getting worn out,Praying for you my husband and everyone on this Forum.

      So please all get well soon lol xx

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    Hi David,

    I can't comment on WD symptoms but just wanted to wish you well David; I've been following your story as I'm 'researching' ready for when I do it (after summer).  

    Is there not an antidote you might consider - 8 weeks seems a long time to be struggling (I understand you more or less went cold turky right?).

    Chronic fatigue is a side effect of Mirt' as is breathlessness ~ I have to walk a lot (dog walking) and it really gets me breathless and my legs go weak .... sounds familiar.  

    In fact the actual withdrawal symptons are the same as the side effects !  I have found an interesting web site which might reassure you that others are/have been in the same boat as you

    Remeron Withdrawal Duration: How long does it last?  I'll message you ...

    Very best wishes David, keep up the good work - don't think I'd have gone back on by now so well done for your stickability.


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      Thank you, calmer. At one point I felt that I had a couple of good days. I have researched the web and found people who went 3 months or more, and still had symptoms. I have irritable bowel syndrome which doesn't help things. I'll look for your message. Thanks
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      Hi David,yes fatigue is one of the last things to go in my experience,I was also quite breathless which alarmed me as I have asthma,even now my energy level isn t what it was and from time to time my body aches.try not to worry to much,you re starting to have good days and that's a positive,the withdrawls don't just disappear,for me it was gradual,one good day would turn into two good days and so on,you re getting there,just think back to when you  wished for one good hour,stay strong,try to get a little fresh air when you can and try to eat well,you will feel better but it may take a few weeks yet,but I hope it is different for you,take care 
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      Thank you for the reply. I guess one of the hardest things about this is thinking that you have reached a benchmark, only to have the symptom return. I thank God for you and everyone else on this forum. It is like having friends that want nothing but to help you. Members of the medical community who don't have experience in treating drug withdrawal aren't much help. My first attempt at this, last year, was by my doctor who said drop from 45 to 30 for 2 weeks, then from 30 to 15 for 2 weeks, and then stop. It worked for about 3 or 4 days and then I thought that I was dieing. My GI doctor put me back on 7.5 and it gradually got better. I called my GI doc because the first time my main issue was abdominal pain. That is the reason that I stopped cold turkey. I figured the first doctor told me to stop at 15, so 7.5 should be a breeze. Bad math for certain! Thanks again, David
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      I am nearly at the end of mirtaz titration. Are you still on this site. It would be helpful to ask you about the symptoms at this stage.
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    I was on Mirtazapine for 5 weeks and felt absolutely nothing from taking them and have just stopped taking them and experience no withdrawal symptoms, maybe they take longer to take hold in the bodies system and actually produce some effects. ???
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      Hear you ...I'm perplexed ...I think only a specially qualified psychiatric practitioner OR the actual manufacturers of the drug can answer that one. Seems only seems that like some people have a high pain threshold ...you have a acutely high tolerance to Mirtazapine making you sort of invincible to it!

      Best wishes and much peace!

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      Sounds like you got off easy! You're the first that I have known to have that experience. You should consider yourself the Happy Prince in this case, not making light of the obvious cause for you taking them in the first place. Good luck with whatever you tried afterward.
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      I THINK Kathy was aiming that at Prince...

      Hopefully she'll clarify when next logged in..

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      No, David, it was asked of UnhappyPrince.

      Still thinking of you, though. The sun will shine on you again. Soon, I hope.

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