Mirtazapine Withdrawal Success Story

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I took Mirtazapine 15mg for 2 years for insomnia. After reading a s**t ton of horror stories about Mirtazapine withdrawals, I was prepared for the worst, but it was actually extremely easy! I don't know what the fuss people are talking about or I'm just lucky? My psychiatrist told me that Mirtazapine withdrawals don't really exist (at least in their literature) and wanted me off at 7.5mg, but I didn't want to take the risk.

My cuts were:

15mg to 7.5mg for 1 month (minor agitation and brain fog for the first 3-4 days.)

7.5mg to 3.75mg for 3 weeks (brain fog first day, sleep got even better)

3.75mg to 1.875mg for 1 week (waking up earlier, no obvious side effect)

1.875mg to 0.9mg for 2 weeks (sleep is getting a bit harder, more energy, minor agitation)

0.9 to 0 for 2 weeks now (sleep is definitely harder but way more energy during the day, minor agitation, less appetite, clearer mind, overall I feel much better)

I think I'm past the worst now, which were almost unnoticeable for me. I think I could have done the whole process way faster but I wasn't in a hurry.

Things to note: I feel like I am in a much better mental state than 2 years ago. I sorted out my problems, found a stable job and have my own apartment.

Things that helped me is staying positive, exercise, drink lots of water, taking supplements (magnesium, omega 3, vitramin D3 and B12) and small dose melatonin on needed.

So there you go, not everyone have intense withdrawals, so take these stories with a grain of salt. Remember that people with positive experiences tend to not post about it and just move on.

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    my wife was on mirtazipine 7.5 mg for 6 years and didnt look into how to come off so she tapered in two weeks just a half for two weeks and stopped.

    she was ill for two weeks most of the symptoms itching, headachs , dizzy feeling sick ect but all was gone after two weeks so not bad at all. There is one problem which is a major one she hasnt been able to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time which its been over 2 months. Must be because she come off far to quick.

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      After 2 months, there shouldn't be any physical withdrawal symptoms. Most likely she has rebound insomnia because she got used to the effects of mirtazapine to help her sleep and now it's gone. I would strongly suggest exercising every day (or at least taking a walk outside), that's really helped me sleep and feel better in general.

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      All physical symptoms was gone in two weeks from only tapering two weeks after 6 years so not a horror story. It has ruined her sleep though and is healthy goes to the gym ect

      tried every supplement but no good just hoping her brain adjusts

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      Hi stewart, is your wife doing better?

      I found that my sleep is also a bit disturbed, in that I am waking up like 1-2 hours before my usual waking time without being able to go back to sleep. I think that's because my body doesn't need the 8 hours I was sleeping with the Mirt (so I'm sleeping about 6-6.5 hours now).

      I read a bit about sleep restriction, which is supposed to help you sleep better in the long term, so instead of being in bed from 11pm to 7.5am, I force myself out of bed at 6am. It's only been a week, but I feel the quality of sleep is getting better and it's very promising.

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    Thank you so much for writing this. I am currently on my 5th day of taking 0mg of mirtazapine after being on it for about 8 months due to postpartum depression/anxiety. I don't think it ever really helped me much with anxiety, and really only assisted in the sleep department. I noticed that while on it, I was more prone to low moods, dizziness, foggy head, and other weird issues that I never had before it. I was ready to be done and felt great tapering down, but now have been hit with the "bad sleep" bug (even though it's only really been 1 night of bad sleep). I'm trying to remain encouraged, but you're very right about the horror stories online. I keep convincing myself I will never sleep again & will be stuck in this anxious state. It's nice to read a relatively mild story from someone as a reminder that most people who come off this & have mild issues don't come to the internet to talk about it. Thanks.

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      Hi Kelli, thank you for your reply, I hope you are feeling better today. If I can ask you, how did you taper the drug and at what dosage did you stop completely?

      I think that your symptom is normal since your body is still working to reach homeostasis. I think it's very comforting knowing it's only temporary. The most important thing is to not focus on the negative thoughts. It is very important! Accept that you might feel some uncomfortable (but tolerable) symptoms for a few days/weeks, and focus all your energy on the positive instead! It will pass! These stories that you/we read about are an extreme minority, and I think to some extent they are self-fulfilling.

      Also remember that there's a reason why psychiatrists and pharmacists tell people to drop off at 7.5mg. It's because it's safe and most people don't experience hell. They have access to all the studies, epidemiology, pharmacology, etc. That has more value than anecdotes in my opinion.

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    my wife is no better in 3 months, the most sleep is two hours and tried most things.

    she introduced mirtazipine at the same dose and that doesnt even work so desperate times

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