Mirtazapine Withdrawal Symptoms- My experience

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hello everyone,

first heres some of my info:

female, 27, was on Mirtazapine 7.5 for 4 months

initially put on it to sleep a little better along side trintellix for depression and Propanolol for anxiety as needed

while on it:

i got covid three weeks before i started this medication and had been having some stomach issues prior to starting this medication***

i would sleep so good on this medication it KNOCKED me out ... but i was having weird things happen to me while on this medication. i would all of a sudden get bloating and diarrhea and shaking. so weird which is what i had during covid. i would eat SO MUCH and id be okay for a week or so and then get sick for a few days. anxiety bloating and then diarrhea and shaking/shivers while on this. sometimes my chest would get tight too. i thought i was reacting to being on trintellix so i stopped that a couple months in (got genetic testing eventually and found out it had been on my red no go list anyways) i continued with mirtazapine until June 1st 2022. i barley took the propananol. my NEW psych doctor switched me to trazadone so i stopped taking the mirtazapine. 4 days later i experienced withdrawal but didnt know what it was until about a month later. i ended up stopping ALL medications June 8th.


ive been dealing with this for about 3 months so far and here is what im finding....

the first month is the WORST of it i would get maybe two hours of sleep via melatonin and tylenol PM. i would just pace and shake and be so nauseous and tired. i felt hopeless like my brain was one fire and foggy. then towards the end of the month i would start to feel a little bit better. the best way to describe it- i would have a moment that felt like someone lifted a veil off my head and i felt a little bit lighter.

the weens and waves thing is true. the last two months i would experience tiny windows of feelings completely normal (tiny) and then itd go back to feeling tight. my whole body just felt tight like i couldnt relax my brain couldnt concentrate well. all i could talk about was my symptoms and what i was going through. i couldnt calm myself down to discuss anything else in the second month. people probably wanted to punch me in the face and i dont blame them lol. i would also wake up right around 5am and have diarrhea (a few times) and then lay back in bed on tiktok to distract myself. my heart feels like its POUNDING but ive had blood work drawn and everything comes back normal. im jittery like i cant stop moving around or fidgeting. i cant just relax. i did get a little paranoid feelings like did i just see something out of the corner of my eye? i would try to go for a run that first month and sometimes get weird itchy hives (but this has pretty much gone away). my stomach felt like it was in a knot and i was nauseous the first month, second month not so much nauseous but dont have an appetite. I felt like every time I ate my heart rate would go up a little bit because I was consuming energy so it made me not want to eat. I have been on a probiotic and digestive enzymes after the first month since. my holistic doctor put me on something called mood joy which contains five HTP and St. John’s wart. I honestly wish I would’ve gone on this because I’m scared that it has maybe delayed my progress? But I’ve also heard that some people use it to help them we off and then they we off that so do with that information what you will. towards the end of the second month I had a setback and I ended up going on hydroxyzine 25 mg. I’ve been on this before when I was younger when I had eczema. I’m only taking half now to fall asleep around 930. Medicine has really scared me lately so I’ve been very cautious about it. We’ve always been a medicine family with my mom being a nurse practitioner and my dad being a dentist. Now that I’ve calm down a little bit I’ve seen other people in their story saying that they’ve used medication or natural supplements to help them through the symptoms so I’m trying to be more open to this. this last month I have used magnesium Glycinate (hope i spelled that right but whatever) to call my nervous system. My nervous system just feels very jittery and my heart feels strong. I don’t know if I’d necessarily say it’s beating fast? But it feels very loud and strong. I’m also using the hydroxyzine at half at night I’m waiting myself off of the moo joy supplement and I’m down to 1/3 of one pill each day. I’m also on a vitamin B 12 I’m also on daily supplement vitamin D3 K2 potassium and as I mentioned the probiotic and digestive enzymes. I am seeing a new functional medicine Doctor Who is doing bloodwork to see if I have any deficiencies in my vitamins and I’m waiting to hear back from the doctor on that to see if I had anything going on with my stomach and if anything is off-balance. With my holistic Doctor Who I saw a month after my withdrawal she had me do a colon cleanse a lymph cleanse and now I’m in the middle of a liver detox/support Clintons. I don’t know what’s helping and what’s not but I wanted to share my story. With everything going around Covid it scares me that it might be something underline or maybe Covid spark something in me that mirtazapine was covering up? Or maybe I had some thing going on and being on mirtazapine wasn’t helping it and when I came off cold turkey that definitely didn’t help it.

I can say this… Each month is getting a little bit better that’s not to say that I’m not still dealing with issues waiting to feel a little bit normal. It’s like this, it’s like I take a couple steps forward and then a few steps back and then four steps forward and then a couple steps back and then six steps forward and a couple steps back. I don’t know if it’s the same way for anyone else? I can’t wait for this to be done so I can help others encourage them to keep going and get off this medication. I’ve been very lucky to work from home while going through this withdrawal. I know everybody is different and everyone else may be experiencing different symptoms or none at all. I want to say don’t give up keep going you’re not alone. You’re probably pretty scared of medicine now I am too but I think there’s a good balance that we can do and research we can do. I will say going on the Internet too much has not helped me a ton because it makes me scared and gives me an Zaidi. I’m thinking that a lot of people don’t come back to these forms once they’re feeling better and I don’t blame them because I wouldn’t want to either know some do and thank you for them giving us hope. Did anyone else experience some of these symptoms? Any different symptoms I didn’t describe?

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    good luck and hope you continue to feel better . i am about 5 weeks off and thought would be over by now. i tapered down to 1.875mg from 7,5 over anout a month. things went ok until i went to 0. you can take up to 200mg of hydroxyzine . i take that and valerian root and melatonin and sometimes 5htp to sleep. some nights only melatonin but others no matter what i take i can barely get a few hours if sleep. got really bad anxiety past few days. tinnitis is another wd synptom. i do not know how you went off cold turkey. i tried that back in december and had ti go back in 7.5. good luck

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    I also got the heart palpitations after each meal, it was very strange and none of the doctors and psychiatrists I visited could explain this, they said they have never heard of this symptom and thought that I was too sensitive and cared too much about the somatic sensations.

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