Mirtazipine withdrawal

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Hi just looking for anyones experience in coming off mirtazipine and getting through the withdrawal process.  I am nearly 2 weeks off and felt I was doing well but I have had a bad night last night, I can feel my anxiety levels are rising and I have stomach issues.  Has anyone had the contant itching?

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    Hi Claire. For most people the withdrawal kicks in around 2 weeks so expect it to get worse for a while. Get plenty of exercise as much as you can, dont eat anything sugary and try to sleep the best you can. I have the itching, bad stomach etc. My withdrawal has lasted months so far but mine is a rare case lol. If your itching is really bad ask your Dr for some anti histamines.
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    Hello Clair I'm on nearly 4weeks without mirtazipine I've had extreme insomnia stomach problems anxiety panic attacks and severe itching on my hands and scalp all these things are starting to diminish now thank God I found the 2 week mark and after to be the worst I've been taking multivitamins and minerals eating more healthy and trying to keep busy a nice lavender bath and candles at night before bed helped too .Now I am starting to feel better again I wish you all the best hun 🌷
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      Hi Louise, where are you located? Did you take anything for the insomnia? If not how did you manage? This is by far the worst symptom for me, did you find your sleep just got better eventually?
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      Hi Claire I am in the Midlands 😁

      I didn't take anything for the insomnia I was literally having an hour or so every few days made me feel extremely ill it's only now at nearly 4 weeks I'm finally getting to sleep I was basically up all night long watching tv and reading...I didn't want to use diazepam or sleeping tablet as I have been addicted to them in the past and the withdrawal was horrific . I know how hard it but you will get your sleep pattern back unfortunately for us it just takes time 🌷

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      Hi Louise, just wondering how you are getting on now? I'm day 19 and still suffering stomach issues, anxiety bouts and insomnia. 
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      Hi Claire sorry to hear your still suffering 😔 it is now a month and two days totally without mirtazipine and I am still having withdrawal bad stomach problems anxiety panic attacks although they are getting less touch wood ! Itching hands still but sleep wise although it takes me a while to get sleep and keep waking very early I am actually getting some sleep though I would say it's not peaceful and cramp in the legs isdriving me mad at this point I'm just grateful for some sleep now .

      I do take multivitamins that have magnesium in its good for sleep I think they are helping . I really hope you start to feel better 🌷

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    I had the stomach and anxiety but eases about four weeks in. However I was put on sertraline same time so can't be sure if that kicking in helped. Had to take diazepam some days for the anxiety too. Good luck. Are you tapering or cold turkey?
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    Hi Claire

    Sorry for your suffering.  Did you wean off slowly, if not the wd symptoms may be acute.  Anxiety & Insomnia, nausea & IBS - terrible stomach cramps, itching to name a few.  

    The full WD kicks in after about 2 weeks.  You may want to replicate the huge histamine block that Mirt' contains - you can buy these, Clarityn will do, maybe non drowsy for the day.  Also for insomnia try Benadryl tablet - 2 before bed.  

    Don't hesitate to contact your doctor for Diazapam also, for the anxiety ... Doctors advice to me for wd was 2 weeks to wd from Mirt' - no way .... not doable - I'm going to put a link on this page after this post - if I put it up here the Moderator will take it off.

    Hope you have a better day and I wish you well.


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    Hi I tapered off slowly going 10% each week for 10 weeks. This was after 2 failed attempts to come off it before where I went much faster.

    My withdrawal kicked in the day after I stopped and has continued for the last 2 weeks, until yesterday things were getting better but after a bad nights sleep last night I feel like I have gone backwards.

    Benadryl doesn't seem to help at all, seeing GP tmrw but not optimistic that she will be able to offer anything

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      Well done for tapering successfully this time. I came off after two weeks following doc advice. Not good. On sertraline and small dose quetiapine at night and works for me. Good luck at docs.
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      Hi Claire, though slower than what most docs advise, your slow taper was still a bit too fast at 40% per month.  As others have noted, WD from each cut can come on 10 to 14 days later so you made the next cut before your body had adjusted to the previous one.  Just for everyone's info, it is better to make a cut and allow for stabilizatin over the course of at least three to four weeks to allow your brain and body to adjust to the reduction.  It isn't a matter of getting used to the med being absent so much as it is a matter of your neurons remodeling, up-regulating or down-regulating neurotransmitter receptors as the med's actions on them is reduced. Bigger cuts or more frequent cuts cause bigger symptoms.

      Also, it is normal for there to be what is known as windows and waves in WD.  Windows are periods where you feel better, feel like you're getting through it, and waves are when you seem to regress and have symptoms again.  You can oscillate between the two over time until finally the windows are longer and the waves are shorter and/or milder.  Recovering from going off ADs in not necessarily linear.


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      Hi Betsy, where did you find out about the waves in WD? I would be interested in reading something, might help me through the bad times. How are you getting on? X
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      Hi Claire, I first learned of the windows and waves phenomenon at surviving antidepressents  - if you do a web search for those two words you will find their website. There is a ton of information and they are a very knowledgeable, supportive group.  If you create and account and post an introduction, the moderators and senior members will jump in and give you guidance.  Yes, it does help to know that there will be waves after feeling good so that you have awareness about your experience and don't get majorly distressed!

      I did a 10% cut from 19 mg to 17 a week ago Sunday night, and was doing fine, but then I had a major stressor hit me on Friday and got thrown into a wave :-(  Anxiety, intestinal issues, and insomnia.  You should know that your nervous system is highly sensitized right now and to take it easy on yourself, be nurturing to yourself, and try to avoid stressors if at all possible as it is easy for stress to throw you into a wave even if the time-line "says" it shouldn't be hitting...

      Hope to see you there!  My username is SquirrellyGirl LOL!

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