Misdiagnosed Arrythmia???

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im 20 years old

never drank or smoked

No family history of heart disease

Since I was about 14 I have been getting feelings of my heart fluttering for about 1-2 seconds. However, they have recently gotten worse. Sometimes it feels like my heart is beating chaotically for up to 7 seconds straight and i get so dizzy with chest pains at times. Ive been to 3 cardiologists, a psychiatrist, and been to the ER 4 times. they are all saying that it is just anxiety. Could they have missed something? Im so scared of going into cardiac arrest. 

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    Have you had a heart monitor or an echo test?  I started to have pvc's six months ago and a few times had a run of 5-10 in a row.  That surely scared me but at no point did I ever get dizzy.  A Holt monitor will surely show any arrhythmia (comes with a diary / button you press) hit that puppy whenever you feel anything.  Since you have pain, I would have my doctor order a echo test.  Good luck!!

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      Did you have the same fluttering and other symptoms?  That was pretty recent, I doubt much has changed in this short period of time.  I don't have anxiety but recently a friend thought he was having a heart attack, so it seems it can really cause issues.  The only thing I am not sure is if anxiety can cause a person to get dizzy, personally that would scare me.  I would say to touch back with your doctor but you have seen plenty.  Honestly doctors nowadays will try to find the cause if your in real bad shape otherwise they don't care (sad truth).

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    If you had an echo it would show up any issues, or abnormalities of the structure of your heart and the way blood flows through your heart, are your valves opeingin and closing properly, your regular Dr should have a copy of that report and should be able to explain any issues or none that came from that echo, and yes they are very accurate.

    ?Event monitor, did you have any issues while you were wearing the monitor, what is the diagnoses of those events, palpitations etc, some issues even though they are there are nothing to worry about, and some would be worth sending you to cardiologist to have the issues checked out and as you say you have seen cardio's, what do they say.

    ?Anxiety, as I understand it, it is a survival instinct, from 1000's of years ago, fight or flight, I want to imagine you are a cave man living in your hole in the side of a mountain, partner and children around a small fire, and around the corner walks a sabre tooth tiger with you lined up as dinner, and your family as afters, what do you do, you don't sit down and wait for it to eat you, you grab your spear and fight for your families life, and or run like the devil is after you, it is.

    ?Today we still have this fight or flight, a fright, a mental issue, can trigger that response, your heartbeat goes up because of the extra andrelin in your blood stream.

    ?You know you are not going to be eaten by sabre tooth tiger, I don't think one is going to walk up the hallway of your house, so slow down, take a look at what might be the cause, and try to deal with it, counselling may be the answer to help you deal with some of your issues I hope.

    ?Why do I know this I have a husband with serious heart issues, dialated cardiomyopathy, really really nasty heart on the echo, it doesn't even look like the pictures of what is a normal heart, even I could see that as they were doing the echo, and I have no medical training.

    ?His heart issues came on suddenly,  they think after a virus, and of course we both had real problems coming with the sudden drop in income, from 2K a week to $500 a fortnight on government benefits, on top of that the diagnoses, unable to drive car, go to work, I had to be home to help care for him, after working from age 10-59, suddenly it all came to a stop. 

    ?We found ourselves in the care of psychiatrist, she was brilliant, talked to us about fight or flight, and how our brain will always go to the worst case scenario first, coming from amygdala, months of counselling, and understanding why, we have come to understand and cope better when these feelings overcome us. 

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      While I’m the event monitor, I had the short heart flutter ring (not the long ones that I have had before). I also had the dizziness while on the monitor. They said they did not see any abnormalities except a few PVCs and PACs. I’ve seen 3 cardiologists and all 3 of them said they do not see any serious issues. I have also gotten 4 X-rays of my heart and blood work which showed no issues. I also saw a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder. I’m just scared the doctors missed something. 

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      let me tell you about our visit to the private cardio specialist, we walked in, she is reading the letter from our GP, she asked what was the issue, and I said something wrong with his heart I believe, I don't know what, she said, Dr's letter tells me his blood pressure is normal and heartbeat within normal range. 

      I had a copy of an ECG and handed her that, she took one look at it, and said can you wait just a moment, walked out, and came back in and said I have arranged immediate ECG at clinic next door, and also echocardiogram, so cardiologists do not miss issues if they are there, we ended up spending about 3 hours in the cardiologists and associated clinic for a booked 10 minute appt.

      I assure you if they did they would not be in business very long they would have a list of legal conpliants and the costs would put them out of business pretty quickly.

      I still do not understand how our GP missed that my husband had an issue, cardio was kind enough to explain to me, that he must have fixated on the left branch bundle issue which is nothing to worry about, unless you also have an extended QRS, and his is very extended, instead of 4 micro squares on and ECG, it covers 14 micro squares, pointing to his dialated cardiomyopathy.

      ?His blood pressure during all of his issues and even when he was really unwell, a few days after this visit to our cardiologist when he was put in the heart hospital, his blood pressure stayed normal, and a couple of years later, was still normal when his heartbeat fell to 23 BPM, that was really scary, because he was at home when it happened, took him to the public hospital, and I got very angry with the staff when they seemed so unconcerned.

      To say I raised hell until I got some senior cardiologists to explain what was going on, a pacemaker was installed I was told by senior cardio i was correct to be concerned, he ordered his junior staff member to his office in front of us, at that point as his heart was showing both left branch bundle block and right branch bundle block, has since been confirmed.

      ?They have switched off his pacemaker for a few moments to see what happens, they said, he passes out, almost immediately as his heart just not beat by itself, and then when they switch back on, he cursed and swore at the Dr's and said what a rush, as the blood came back to his brain.

      Dr's were very careful with this little exercise, and explained it would only be a few seconds, and it takes minutes before any brain damage occurs, still very scary to sit there and be calm while he went through this procedure, but be do trust his senior cardiologist, he writes papers on electrical issues with the heart and also teaches at the university, and in all our dealings with him he is sooooo good and decent bloke.

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