Misdiagnosed Kidney Infection?

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29 yo male, 5'11" 145 lbs. I am suffering greatly and doctors can't figure it out. Flank pains, anorexia with every symptom of uremia. Started in late December. BUN/Cr is always in normal limits. What is wrong with me?!?!?!?

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    Symptoms: nocturia, smelly urine, cloudy urine, flank pains, muscle twitching, big stools, muscle atrophy, tremors, restlessfeet, nausea, dry skin, pitting nails, mental changes, headache, fatigue, malaise, etc. Doctors just think anxiety because I've been to every specialist but I'm convinced it's kidney related.
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    I'm healing from "Floating Kidney" Surgery *NEPHROPTOSIS* and Surgery was a Nephropexy

    so this sounds familiar to my 6.5 YEARS Pre-Diagnosis

    Any Right Flank Pain? (From Ribs to Hip and in towards belly button) Burning in your spine? Feeling of something on Fire in the Ribs?

    Skin: Do you have Psoriasis?

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      Oh... Have you had an Increase in your Blood Pressure???
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    My blood pressure is normotensive and heart rate is about 97.8-98.1. It's bilateral pain. To be honest, it doesn't hurt all the time, just occassionally. It's not the pain that's bothersome it's the myriad of symptoms on top of it. I just don't know what to do. Every thing I read says uremia, but a normal BUN / CCR is rare for uremia.
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      Sorry, heart rate is about 92 and body temp is usually a degree low.
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      Metabolic panel: Normal sometimes slightly high blood sugar

      CBC: Normal, low MCV

      Vitamin D: Low

      Rheumatology: Normal

      Renal Ultrasound: normal size/blood flow

      Thyroid: Normal

      Abdominal CT: Normal with some pelvic calcium deposits

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      Again still sounds like my symptoms ...

      All blood work was "Normal" ... Once they did X rays with Position Change (lying flat and Standing Up) it was Obvious ... kidney would drop onto my hip and Stretch - Kink the Ureter ... Kidney was not Functioning when I was not laying PERFECTLY Flat... so even while I slept (I'm a left side sleeper) it was in Distress and I never had relief ... Brain Fog - Absolutely No Alcohol or I would be Immediately Miserable (whole Body Ache as if I had the Flu) - Strange Chills in the abdomen - night sweats - heart fluttering - ANXIOUS (Adrenal Gland sits on top of Each Kidney so I was on a 7 Year Adrenaline Rush 😕) ... soo many things I Never would have pieced together ...

      Search: "A Day Like No Other" and "FINALLY A Diagnosis" it's an Epilepsy Blog but these 2 are about Nephroptosis... *Be Sure to Read all of the Comments ... There is Great Info!

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      I mean it's possible, but none of those comments symptoms sound as severe as mine. When I say fatigue, I mean I barely get around at all anymore. I pretty much sit in a chair all day and occasionally get up. Did you have bad muscle atrophy and neurological/neuropathic symptoms like restless feet/tremors/twitching/cramps?
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      My Very 1st "Symptom" was Exhaustion. I couldn't keep my eyes open and just felt Heavy..?

      I was a Corporate Account Sales Rep ... being Peppy & Always "ON" Was My Job! 😉

      I had Severe pain in my Whole Body, my skin Hurt like i was bruised All Over ... Just running my hand down my arm would make me Cringe with pain. I also started pain and A.D.D. Meds from the beginning so some of my aches were masked but at night i had a lot of Twitches and Restless Leg if i didn't take the RX before bed...

      After soo many years my body was simply fighting to survive. I was in Bad Bad Shape... Physically, Mentally, Emotional, my "Being" was giving up... Because everyone in the medical community said I was making it up

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      Sorry forgot to add... Most who you read about have recently started having issues so they haven't connected how many "Other Ailments" are associated with Kidney Function ...

      EVEN MY SPINE was Curved from this! My Ribs were Curving inward towards my back (attempting to Cup The Kidney for Support)

      My hair and Nails stopped growing ... I had Severe Psoriasis ... I couldn't eat ... I had allergic reactions to things I've never had a problem with ... I couldn't remember Anything without a Post-It Note - Brain Fog ...

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      Vitamin D was low with me as well ... and that is a Key Indicator with Nephroptosis...

      If they do not have you Change Positions during the Ultrasound / Kidney Function Tests it will always be normal

      you've got to Stand Up - Empty Your Bladder and then have them look again ... 😀 That's The "Money Shot"

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      Hi amanda,

      Please can you expand your symptoms?

      I have your symptoms and more, i have abdominal, chest, back pain, dizziness when stay sitting, brain fog, short breath, migrating pain, buzzing, twitching, sweating in groin back area etc

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      Yes all of them as well... it's from the kidney dropping and then we sit and it Kinks the Ureter (drain tubes) and Veins ... This causes the Sweating and random pains. The back pain is from the Pulling - Stretching from the weight of the kidney. Left undiagnosed can cause Kidney Damage from nerves and not properly draining.

      I had a very obvious Urinary problem, when I emptied my bladder I would get a strange pain after I was done. And that immediately went away after surgery! 😂

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      Thank you amanda,

      can ultrasound diagnose it while change from erect and supine?

      What other strange symptoms did you have?

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      Sonogram should if they know what to look for 😉 ... I had Severe Psoriasis (horrible), Heart Palpation, Hot Flashes, Severe Brain Fog (couldn't remember if I brushed my teeth!), Everything was a Struggle! Shaving my legs or painting my toes was a nightmare because of the bending forward... my spine was curved, my shoulders were uneven, my lower back was out, I caught Every Cold - Flu bug because I had no immune system. I was on a Constant Adrenaline Rush for almost 7 Years because the Adrenal Gland sits on top of the Kidney. (This plays into the immune system and Hormone Imbalance). The Urinary problems were extreme. I would be fine and then walk across the parking lot at work and half way, my bladder would just start leaking (for no obvious reason), I could use the restroom and by the time I washed my hands I would feel like I needed to empty my bladder again?? Which my Dr suggested it was just signs of Aging ... I was 37!? 😑 My hair and Nails did not grow, i was allergic to Everything *and before i had 1 allergy - Codine. I couldn't Eat more than a few bites before i was Full. But once i laid down for bed i would be Starving! Now we know once I laid down the kidney would reposition and my body realized what it was missing. Same with needing to rush to the bathroom ... everything found its proper place and would work correctly ... so sleeping was near Impossible!

      Basically, My whole body was shutting down ... I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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      Did you had abdominal bloating, gas etc

      have you recovered now? What surgery did you had larascopy?

      Thank you so much

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      I did. OH Huge Sign: I Lost the Curve of my Waist on the Right side! It was Straight from ribs to hip! I didn't notice this until After My Surgery!!

      I would go months with a perfectly Flat stomach (other than the heavy right side bulge) and then wake up one morning and I was Swollen and Full in my abdomen? It was all very strange. I couldn't wear Anything Around my Waist ... thin Belts or Dresses that Tied at the waist were OFF LIMITS! After my Left Oophrectomy (removed ovary) the swelling never went away and pain increased because the surgeon freed my small intestine from the Right Side of the Abdominal Wall causing the kidney to Drop Further than before! And my Nephropexy was done March 12 2015 and I am 99% Recovered. The "Flank Pain" was resolved almost immediately but my system had to Reboot so that takes time. Others have said it's taken them up to 18 months to be fully recovered. I've decided to just relax and let it run its course because I spent a Lifetime with Damage so it wasn't going to be better overnight 😂

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      Oh and yes all were Laproscopic surgeries ...
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      Your twitching, body ache, bladler problems, bloating, all resolved? because the kidney problem could have demaged the nerves that maybe needs time.

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      Hi Amanda,

      All your twitching, body ache, bladler problems, bloating, all resolved after surgery?

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      Yes ... Everything resolved within a few months.

      I spent the previous 6.5 years on Cipro (very Strong Antibiotic) for bladder - kidney infections and Post-Op I've taken it Once 😉

      Some symptoms took longer than others because of the "Reboot Process" but I couldn't ask for a better outcome.

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      How long you took cipro? Dont take it anymore. It demages to connective tissues.



      levaquin never take them. I took two of themand still suffer from their side effects.

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      Exactly what causes Nephroptosis - Damaged Connective Tissue ... I'm in the U.S. So Soon we'll have a late night TV Commercial for "Bad Drug" for these Meds and the Damage they've caused! 😉 lol
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      I have used them two weeks. How long you took them?
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      I was constantly on it over 6 Straight Years... ugh.
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      You are strong and immune because 6 years cipro on off is extreamly too much.

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      Lol! So sad but true about those commercials. Only to be followed by a lawyers commercial promising monies for anyone taking the drug.
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      Heyy!!! Thank you for raising awareness and sharing your story!!! I have EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM you've listed, even vitamin d Deficiency!!!! my spine is curved, and my right side rib cage is bigger and different from my left.

      How do I bring this up and ask for appropriate tests? I'm calling tomorrow to tell them I need an ivp or ultrasound supine and standing and because I can feel my kidneys BOTH under my ribs moving and it HURTS!! I can't stand or walk at all without severe pain pulling me down. I have 2 kids, 3 and 7 years old and they need me! I know what's wrong now(THANK YOU!!!) how to I tell my Urologist? Xoxo

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