Misdiagnosis for years now MDD and giving up. I may have found all my answers.

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This stuff isn't taught in school, and I'm no doctor. However, my resume is as follows:

Born 1978 by means of Cecerean***

13 years old first sign of a GI issue. (benched what tasted like .... made me vomit orange cottage cheese with the fowelest smell ever till 26 years later my poop is rancid.

5 years ago colonoscopy and upper GI found diverticulosis

3 years ago hemrroids internal and external never bled but was a pain in my ass literally so that I had a hemrroidectomy done. My luck, I'm the low percentage that procedure has opposite results.

1 year ago diagnosed with MDD and Anxiety at 38 from overly stressed at work. Asked HR for medical leave and was given a 10 week severance package after 18 years with them.

Last 4 months have been a rough ride but as of 2 days ago, things are making sense.

2 months ago think I drank contaminated water from municipal water supply here in Florida. Been seeing some weird stuff coming out the other end. Until 2 days ago my mental health and aches have caused me to damn near give up. Tired of doctors not paying attention and wanting to diagnosis everything else EXCEPT the problem. Joint pain, Psoriasis almost appearing as severe sepsis on my hand, Stearrhea (I could swear I have pics of worms in my poo but 4 doctors won't listen. After 1 visit, I even got a call from a psychiatrist being referred.... thanks.

Long story short, my mind and body are weak. What's causing all this... I have no idea, however, my digging into articles of what in my opinion is new research of the human body. Gut Flora is still unknown to mankind. All the research on the human brain just scratched the surface of what I would say appears to be the commander n chief.... the stomach. I watched a video of Dr Gundry and Pr"E"biotics. In 2 weeks after taking these things I'll know more I guess. Based off of newer research and my life problems, all my own research led me to those tiny bacteria living in my tummy. Body pain, memory loss, rashes, hot/ cold flashes, light headedness, constipation, diorrehea, Psoriasis, anxiety, depression, lethargy, the list goes on. I've yet to find a doctor that would care to believe what I've opinionated here but going back to the top ***c-section born humans like me are special. I like to think we protect the "others" by having hyperaggresive senses to everything that attacks human cells. What I do know, I have nothing to lose, but I could possibly get back my entire life if I ever found the right answer. Dr Gundry's research and reference make a lot of sense to me now. BTW in the last 6 weeks I've gone from 215 pounds at 6'-0" to now 175. Sick... and tired... but I still have hope. Keeping fingers crossed till order arrives in a week. My daughter (18) and son (17) both are going through this. My son has had thousands of dollars of tests done lately because abdominal pain. My daughter just got put on antibiotics for diarrhea. They were both born cecerean birth. In my opinion, this all makes sense to me because the widespread OVERUSE of antibiotics.

Sorry for babbling. First time I've ever posted to a forum. I have been fighting to find answers. Had to put my thoughts out there in hopes we find the true cause one day.

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    Hi Dogg

    What is your diet like? And have you had all your vitamins and minerals checked especially Vit B12, Vit D and iron and ferritin levels. Low B12 and iron and ferritin cause extreme lethergy, fatigue and weakness. Low levels of vit D can cause gastro problems...if not get them all checked.......

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    Read a book about nutritional science and you will be stunned of what science knows about the gut, bacteria etc but unfortunately docs don‘t have to take this class.. 
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    Maybe....it's something simple... like the water... los if possibilities there...or foods your family has sensitivities to. Took years for me to finally decide to stop wheat and dairy just to see.....guess what happened? Im good til I consume either. And the symptoms increase in severity and length in direct correlation w the frequency of consumption. Sad cause they were staples....daily intake and I loved both. But I know now what causes all my inflated tenderness and constant pinching....varied discomfort that migrates from urq to lower abdominal area and also makes period pain much worse.....w all the rest of symptoms including what felt like palpitations from urq up into chest area....and odd distressing sleep disruptions....I'd try one by one to stop your reg favorite foods a week each. Btw...I WAS tested for celiac's....it came back negative but after 3 bouts n 2 years of gas so bad I almost passed out from the pain each time....my little experiment w food elimination and reintroduction showed what an official test failed to. This was a sad day for me.... donuts, toast, all pasta.... pizza...reg sandwiches, stews...gravy....wheat is a thickener in lots of nummy things....ice cream and cheese.....if you rotate your foods you may get an answer.BTW...mixing dairy and wheat at the same meal or even just same day....makes all sympt

    oms worse. Good luck to you.

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    So here I am a couple months later. I have not yet begun a steady diet of the prebiotics. Instead, I consume some weekly as a boost to my metabolism. I am now feeling great and I've come to recognize my weight loss as a blessing. At 165 pounds from 215 pounds months ago, my diet consists of fruits, Greek yogurt, Ice Cream (daily - yes I know crazy), meats (rarely), I've tried to refrain from ingesting anything that "man" has poisoned, by which I mean all these hormones and whatever else they force livestock to ingest all as much to fill their pockets more. BIGGER THE BULL, MORE THE MEAT, MORE THE PROFIT. Yes eating healthy and organic can be expensive, however, as to where I used to eat $150 a week unhealthy, I now spend $100 a week because I am full with 25% the amount I used to eat.

    As the "Southern Moralist", I have tried to start my website to reach out to the world about the many truths I have come to learn over my lifetime in which I believe much of the world could benefit from though I have steadily been bombarded by hackers and people trying to keep me from exposing the many lies that we've all been taught as truths since birth. Do your own research and stop listening to what the "professionals" tell you. The truth is, professionals want only but 1 thing.... separate you from your money. Humans are becoming slaves while being trained by lies, fed by poisons, and bound by technology. I'm giving up on my website for now, sadly, but I instead am writing my book in which will be nothing more than the truth through my experiences. Abdominal pain - in my belief is caused by ingesting the poisonous foods that make up the vast majority of any grocery store.

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