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So glad i decided to join... this isnt necessarily a topic among face to face friends. Ive had my fissure since June 2, 2014 and its been hell! i have anxiety which gives me IBS-d which is what lead to this Went undiagnosed 4 months until i was given Recto-bid 2%.. burned like the devil first time used, still does, but it actually healed me after a week, for a month.. im 32, two kids under 6, andDrs just say get LIS. im terrified of incontinence but also sick of my life being ruled by 'butt pain'Glad to be around others who can relate!

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    Hi there I had my op only this Thursday and so far I am over the moon yes it's sore but omg it's so much better than before. I had my cronic fissure for 7 months of pure hell with 3 kids and lots of work it was a nitemare it really did take over my life I was so depressed and I hated my children seeing me like that I had tried everything in my power to help it creams diet laxatives suppositories u name it I tried it back and forth to the doctors the luckily I got referred to a private hospital where I first tired Botox but unfortunately for me this didn't work so luckily my surgeon said he would cut my muscle and like I said so far so good the only thing so far I have found is I can't hold my farts in but if that's all I get I'm happy with that! Keep going back to docs and u know your body the best so you tell him/her what u want to achieve! Good luck any questions please don't hesitate to message me back! X
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      thank you so muchsmile this has been a road of hell dealing with this! When i first met Dr, he said incont. was 20% with the LIS. this has made me deathly afraid of the surgery route. Im also worried that because the fissure was a result of anxiety induced IBS that my bathroom trips will be too frequent for any proper healing to occur. Ive not met a Dr yet that was familiar with fissures and willing to discuss routes, options etc so i just feel like im left to fend for myself with only bad options at every corner.. When you had the fissures, did you bleed alot with BMs? Thank you for replyingsmile
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      Hi Melanie,

      I'm so sorry that you have had to go thorugh the painful experience of an anal fissure. When I had my anal fissure which was about a year ago, I had bleeding every time after I had a BM and extreme unimaginable pain in bed, which I am guessing is what you are going through. I would recommend taking metamucil, a fiber supplement, but if you have IBS syndrome and you are having dyarrea already then this might irritate you further. As far as the surgery, I had the same sphicteronomy surgery that Kristan had and mine went about the same. I waited about a month with my fissure, which turned out to be chronic, and decided that I wouldd get the surgery. Incontinence is a factor, and like Kristan the only  thing that happened to me from the surgery is its a bit harder to hold in farts, but that is about it. However, even dealing with incontinence, in my opinion, is worth it if that is the worst part of the surgery because dealing with fissure pain for the rest of your life is not worth it. You will get through this, just like most of the rest of us had, and just have to keep up hope. 

      Some tips that I might add that you do besides getting the surgery are: 

      Diltazem Cream (which I do not think  helped that much)

      Fiber (but do  not take too much as a poop that is too watery can actually cause more pain as a watery poop is  very acidic)

      ******Pooping in a different position- I want to emphasize this point greatly. Instead of pooping sitting down on the toilet, I tried squatting by putting my feet on the rim of the toilet and by squatting so my stomach was touching the front of the top of  my legs. This position helped  me tremendously and ever since my fissure I have always pooped in this position.

      Calmoseptine Cream- This cream contains menthol that numbs the area. This cream also prevents sweat form accumulating in a particular area. 

      I really hope that this advice helps and please do  not give  up on  your battle to survive your fissure. YOU will survive it whether by waiting it our or by getting the  surgery.

      Also, if it is very painful going to the bathroom. I would recommend listening to music and then watching a movie right after a BM to distract your mind. I also was biting a washcloth at times to deal with the pain so this could help too. 

      For other advice, I would actually check out Kristan's post on here that was not too long ago at https://patient.info/forums/discuss/i-ve-had-a-cronic-fissure-for-6-months-480083?page=0#1764881. Lots of people have commented on her post and gave some great advice.

      Good luck and I hope you get better soon!


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      Bless you I do feel for you it's the most horrible thing I have ever had its been the most painful thing. I've been told the surgery is 92% affective so that's good enough for me I'm not sure really how my fissure started as my last child is nearly 6 so it's not the labour and I've been on a massive weight loss thing since Jan so I eat really good healthy food so it's strange. I've been to the loo so many times since my op and honestly I'm only sore from the stitches I can't feel the fissure at all at the mo. It's terrible that you feel you have got no where to turn do research on the internet I'm sure you will find help. No weirdly I've never bled but the pain was horrendous. I really hope you get sorted no one should be lady in pain!!!
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    Hi Melanie,

    ​Im so thinking of you and all others who are suffering in constant pain,my thoughts are with you all,as i hav been there and totally understand whats its like.

    ​I had a very bad attack about 2 years ago not knowing what this was or why it happened i have since found out that it was Constipation, so  i must have strained myself I eat well and no junk food i walk twice a week around my local park which takes about 50 mins per seesion.With creams it went away of course i was very aware of what i was eating,but for some reason it came back.

    Went to my Doctor as i was in agony cyring with the pain as im sure all of us have been through that awful time.

    ​Was told by him that it was an Anal Fissure bought on by constiaption,i used all the ointments which helped a litte but did not cure my pain.

    ​He suggested Botox and explained what happens because of the blood flow they cannot stitch the tear,so they fill it in with Botox imagine this as a Filler.And was told by my Surgeon that it lasts for 3  Months.

    ​I  went into hospital for day surgery under General Anaesthetic there was pain for a while after surgery, this went away after being give Morphine to releif the pain which lasted for a short time.Ive been pain free for all that time just a little discomfort after having a BM.

    ​My 3 months are now up and yes there is a little discomfort but no unbearable pain anymore.

    ​Since having the surgery im so so careful in what im eating now and have cut down on my portions of food.I really hope that this may be of some help.

    ​Take Care.



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      Thank you so much for your story. Im on the other end.. i know the exact day it happened and it was due to anxiety waiting for acceptance into a medial program. i have ibs with diarrhea and somedays visit the bathroom 10-12x. I also unfortunately have county insurance and i very highly doubt botox would be covered. I am curently waiting approval for a second drs opinion as when they applied for a consult it was back to the same Dr who said surgery only . Drs dont seem to grasp how miserablypainful this isIve been on 15mg percocets,they do not constipate me and help tremendously with pain, but the dosage is beginning to fade in effectiveness. i use 2% nitroglycerin ointment which buuuurns like hell but after 15-20m relieves some pain. Ill definately try for botox as im willing to do anything before i resort to surgery!
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      O bless you how terrible I know exactly how you feel it's so miserable its constant all the time and unless you have been through it no one will understand at all it is the most painful thing I've had in my life ever! I had the Botox and unfortunately it didn't work for me I was so disappointed it really upset me so had to go back to the surgeon and I broke down and he said he would sort the surgery out for me and I can honestly say he has saved me I'm now 4 days after op and I couldn't be happier yes it's a little sore from the stitches but omg the pain is 0 to what it was before I can't be happier. I'm in the uk so things work differently so I know how very lucky I am to of had this done keep going it will end but just keep on insisting on having something done as no human should be left in pain! I do really feel for you! X

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