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I Noticed a couple of months ago that my heart didn't feel right, palpitations and a fluttering feeling. Put it down to stress as I've recently become a single mum to 3 children and started a new job. I'm am extremely stressed person anyway and suffer health anxiety as long as I can remember.

I went to gp who carried out ECG and have been told my heart is skipping beats. Told I need 24 hour monitoring and heart scan. Since being told this my heart feels like it's flipping in my chest everytime I sit quietly and think about it all.

What does this all mean? Am I going to have a heart attack? Can this be sorted out?

Any advice would be great. I'm told stress wouldn't of caused it but things I've read say otherwise. I do take 10mg amitryptiline daily to help with stomach problems I have. Wondering if it could be that?

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    You are on the right track to finding out what is going on if anything, your local GP will arrange for tests, 24 monitor, and heart scan, ask his nurse when you can expect to hear about those arrangements, does your GP know you are on amtryptiline, you must tell him, as haveing an answer even if it is scary you can deal with knowing what is going on, its the not knowing that is terrifying.

    I know for me I can deal with things not easily but I can deal with things if i know trying to hide things from me only makes me panic.

    Stop dwelling on how your heart feels, at any one time, you will cause yourself unneccasry stress, we all have missed heart beats its just that we are not aware of them, BUT if it carries on and on and on call an ambulance.

    I looked up amitryptiline, its an anti-depressant, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST YOU STOP TAKING now you are on it, you have to WEAN OFF very carefully, and if you have an underlying heart condition I don't believe you should have been put on it in the first place, but now you are on it please be very careful, is it the same Dr who gave you the medicine, if not you need to let him/ her know what is going on with your heart, your Dr's may have to work together to get you sorted out.  I am not a Dr or even a nurse, please look after yourself, you have 3 beautiful children to look after, and they can also help you if you will let them, play with them, take them out to a nearby park, go for a walk on the waterfront, all helps take your mind off heart problems. 

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      Thank you for reply. I was only on 10mg of amitryptiline, it did help with my anxiety and ibs/stomach problems linked with that but reading on it that it can cause irregular heartbeats has made me not want to take it anymore! I asked my GP if it could be that and she said no! But it says it clearly on the leaflet. I don't know which GP gave me them I see a different one most times I go but should be on my records it's the same practice.

      I have appoint with her again today so I presume she will refer me for further tests. I just can't cope with the waiting in hardly sleeping and having huge panic attacks which I now don't know if it's my heart or me getting in a state! Just really not dealing with this well at all. In the night my heart was doing 13 beats then missing one. When I tried some light excersise to see what happened the missed beats came back but just quite faint. What's that all about?

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      I would take your leaflet from amtriptiline to the Dr and point out the sentence about irregular heartbeats, but until she says stop taking it I would continue to do so, maybe even she needs to get advice about how to step you down off it, but shes not going to admit that to your face.

      Tell her about your panic attacks, and too me sounds as though the exercises is helping.

      My husband has major heart failure problem and even he is helped by exercises and staying fit, eating healthy, stay away from junk food, eat like your grandma would have, lots of fresh fruit and veges. cheese, not too much, milk fat reduced, (but not for the children) they need full cream with growing bones. chicken fish and beef, small servings, size palm of hand, no more. I do lots of chinese type meals, small amounts of meat and lots of veges, also make frittatas or vege omelets. yummmm.

      All very well me saying don't panic, its not going to help if anything it will make you worse, but try to stop those feelings before they really get hold of you, rubber band around wrist and ping it, ouchhh, will short circuit the panic attack with pain and won't doo any real harm.

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      Thank you. I've never had the most healthy diet and never excersise. Because I'm naturally thin I have never worried about it but somethings obviously going on. Could stress cause this? 6 months ago I found my daughters dad had been on gay dating sites and at that point I remember my heart flipping in my chest. Since then I've been getting regular palpitations but never checked my pulse so it wasn't till I finally went to GP last week that I realised its skipping beats.

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      Thats horrible, the stress levels for you have been terrible, and to find out your partner has been playing around, of course your heart would turn over.

      I feel you have done the right thing by leaving, of course never easy uprooting your life like you have had too.

      You are still in recovery time and getting over the shock of having your partner do what he has done to you, 6 months, my god girl its early days yet, I being older have lost my Dad and Mum now, and it took over a year before I stopped grieving for both of them.

      I think you are grieving for what might have been, don't be afraid to have a good cry, do you have supportive friends or family that you can share with.

      Can I make a suggestion, I want you to buy some nice sweet navel oranges and eat a couple a day. huge boost of natural vitamin C, along with all the other bits and pieces including colour, you get with the real fruit there are articles on the internet about Vit C and heart issues, amazing just how much good it has done some people, even Dr when I have talked to him about it said it cannot do any harm.

      I really believe that my husband is only alive because of his craving for oranges after his heart failure I didn't understand why he was wanting so many oranges, ate about 3 kilos in about 4 days after we got home, Seems he had and infection probably a virus attack his heart. We even have a letter to our GP from the heart hospital saying not expected to live more than 30 days, do not sign his death certificate, I can tell you I ws shocked to be shown that, well now he is nearly six years on, has had a couple of life threatening episodes since then, but I call an ambulance and get him to the heart hospital where they have been able to fix him up once more, and he still eats buckets of oranges.

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      Oh my goodness that must of been terrible for you both. I'm so happy he's still going. Very sorry to hear about your parents I don't know what I would do without my mum.

      I've just got back from my GP and apparently the ECG didn't show skipped beats it showed an extra beat (eptopic beat) she said it can be very common but wants to do 24 hour monitor on me so I'm waiting for that now. I feel she put my mind at rest a little and feel a bit calmer than I have all weekend.

      I've often turned to alcohol to help me deal with my anxiety, I hardly drink anywhere near what I used to as I cut right down about 3 years ago but she said it can make symptoms worse so I have the struggle of trying to refrain completely for a while to see if it helps!

      I do think your right as I've hardly cried since he left. He's had the odd night staying over since so I don't think I've properly let go yet. Just finding it hard as its my second failed relationship with children involved. My 2 sons dad cheated and I ended up leaving him because of it after a 10 year relationship and now I'm having similar with my daughters dad. All I ever wanted was to just have a happy normal family life and feel I keep failing!

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      No Natalie, you are not failing at all, you are a brave strong young lady who is going though a bad time, so many women stay in terrible relationships when they shouldn't for their own mental health, thats why I say you are strong.

      I would suggest that you need some counselling for you and your partner, he maybe needs to face up to the fact he may be gay, and you need to also accept that he was born that way, no way I believe anything you do or don't do, its like being blond or black haired, blue eyed or brown eyed, its built in, and you are born like that. 

      Maybe with time and help you can both come too a nice friendship, especially where their are children involved.

      At this stage you need to stop thinking back what have I done or not done, but learn from your experience, and don't be in any hurry to start a new relationship, the councelling I think will open up all sorts of new possibilites.

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      I did suggest counselling to him but he doesn't want to talk about it. Insists he's not gay.

      I've had counselling many times in my life due to health anxieties etc and it did help me.

      Just frustrating as I was feeling like my life was getting back on track, had started a new job, new college course and felt I was dealing well on my own with the children and the house was calmer with no arguments and now this happens with my heart and it's all I can think about! I can feel that big black cloud starting to loom over me again!

      Hopefully I will feel better once I've had the 24 hour monitor and spoken to specialist.

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