Mitazapine Withdrawal

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Firstly, this drug is absolutely horrible this is how it went for me:

15mg for 4 weeks, after that I cut the pill in 1.2 to 7.5mg then did 2 weeks like this, then did one day on and one day off, then went to two days on and two days off, then I stopped, I was told by my stupid doctor he could only prescribe 15mg, fine so thats what I have to work with.

He originally told me I could stop cold turkey, which I ignored and I am glad I did, it seems doctors are clueless about the crap they give patients.

So all was well, feeling OK then recently my anxitiy is really high, I am sweating lots, I am dizzy all the time and when sleeping and turning over I get vertigo for about 10 seconds, feeling sick in the morning, and I am sure this is all withdrawal from this nasty drug.

Its out my system, but I guess my brain needs time to readjust, is this the case, and how long will all this last, I am hoping no more than a month, issue is I had a head trauma in December 2018 and this drug seems to be mirroring all my old symptoms, did tell my GP this would happen but they do not listen or care.

The withdrawal symptoms last for maybe one month, or two or 4 (the internet is not very helpful on the how long) - I am just wondering what I am im for, as people say I am getting worse again, but I am sure this is the drug - why do they put people on this awful stuff.

I know I am not going back on this drug to "fix" the issues its caused, and I will never be doing anti-depressants again, first Citalopram now this nasty crap - they simple do not work most people (based on the forums here)

I so do not trust anything that comes out any of my GP mouths, you can tell they are lying their lips are moving.

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    I had tried the following to alleviate the symptons but dizziness is a hard one to ignore:



    App Guided Meditation

    Relaxing in Spa (part of my Gym)


    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    Breathing exercises

    Workouts at Gym


    Chilling out with TV

    Walking some more.........

    But many of these I get dizzy and "outside my head" and feel "out of it"

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      Any ideas on the length of living this nightmare, or it is that "each person recovers different" crap that really helps no-one

      Is it safe to say after 4 weeks all should be better

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    Firstly, you seem to have stepped down from Mirtazapine in too big a step. Tablets can be cut to any size. Also, vertigo (for which I have had effective medication before I ever needed Mirtazapine) may not be related to withdrawal symptoms. (But check the Mirtazapine leaflet about withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety & insomnia, perhaps nausea, seem more common than vertigo.) The other option (which I see you don't want) is to go back to Mirtazapine and settle in for 6 months slow tapering, cutting the 15 mg tablets.

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      thanks for confirming, My original question was how long is this likely to last

      Split in pills more than half he’s messy and you don’t actually know how much you getting, So I don’t know how I’m supposed to taper off any more than that but as I said at the start I was only on it for just five weeks

      I haven’t been on it for years

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      Go back on it for six months I was barely on it a month mate I’m definitely not going back on for six months did you actually read any of my post

      That s**t is not going anywhere near my body again

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      I get people trying to help but silly advice like that really doesn’t help me why would I put myself on it for half a year when I have been on it a month

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      ive come off 3 times cold turkey the withdrawal lasted 5 months and wasnt easy!

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      Not sure why you would try this 3 times, surely once is enough

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      because the first 2 times they helped with depression and i was on them years had no withdrawal, the last time they made me worse was only on them under 2 weeks and had horrid withdrawal for 5 months.

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      they couldn’t help you that much with depression if you were on them twice, And if you’re only on in two weeks and had symptoms for five months I highly doubt that was mirtazapine

      I don’t know why people say this drug helps him because most. I’ve gone cold turkey on this five times if an antidepressant works well you shouldn’t need to go back on it, However in my case antidepressants have never worked but I just have to give them more time which means you get more symptoms when you come often because the f*****g useless

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      wow how rude are you!!! good luck getting advice and help, you need it!!!!!!

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    Apologies, for I think I have annoyed you. I did, however, read your post, which is why I said "The other option (which I see you don't want) is to go back to Mirtazapine".

    I was trying to convey that going back and reducing very slowly with a pill cutter has been a decision which has helped some contributors (Including myself).

    I accept that you must have good reason not to do that. So I do understand that you want only comments from someone who has suffered withdrawal symptoms after only 5 weeks on Mirtazapine.

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