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I’ve been sick being in an apartment with mold

When they saw it they moved me out to a Marriott for a month 

Now I’m in a completely different complex on the other side of town

I’m sick again 


Throbbing joints 


This apartment has totally been remodeled from top to bottom 

What do I do?

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    Have they cured the damp issue. I was in a flat with the same issue. I was permanently ill, 1 cold after another. Once I moved I was fine. Hope you find a solution 🤞

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      Yes they found black mold after  our machine washer busted. I asked them to check for mold three months before and they said everything was great I continue to have horrible symptoms which included arthritis which doesn’t run in our family 

       I just asked him after they spent $17,000 at the Marriott just give me $5000 so I can move someplace else… I moved clear across the side of town into an apartment that’s all been renovated… Symptoms are coming back! Yes I didn’t get anything like allergic reactions I got mold toxicity reactions… 

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    Sorry to hear of all you have been thru. Moving and mold toxicity is really stressful. Could be arthritis is acting up in winters cold weather and reaction to mold all adds up. There are many types of arthritis do you know which one you have. Have you seen a rhumy for better diagnosis and meds to help take care of joints . Depending on what type of arthritis there is help. Arthritis is painful and once you can find the best treatments it can improve and feeling better is a outcome . The key is to control the swelling and pain . 

    Hope your better soon and get thru this exhisting living situation soon. May help to decrease some of the stress your coping with which can influence pain and illness. 


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      Dear Hope

      Yes its all about inflammation 

      The arthritis I have is DDD

      Doctors say it’s a normal part of aging 


      I’m having a very promising surgery on my neck called Radio Frequently Abligatin in 75%  Of individuals having this surgery found to be pain free for at least 1 year or even a lifetime 

      As far as knees I have a Bakers Cyst behind my right knee 

      I had one before on the left knee and was pain free even with mild to moderate DDD

      My husband and I bought a home in AZ and I know this will help as well you have arthritis as well? If so what has worked for you? I’m on

      1. Boswellia 

      2. NAC

      3. Turmeric times 100

      And give other anti inflammatories

      I hope you’re not suffering from this!


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    I think DDD is degenerative disc disease ??? Worn out discs ....arthritis ....a whole new can of worms right there .Im sorry to hear that as I have that too. 

    Also osterarthritis in my knees, shoulders , hands and hips. Both hips were replaced and that has helped eliminate hip joint pain and realign my hips and back and adding better total body balance since hips were uneven water therapy helps gently stregthen the joints . The best help is des covering spring shoes it has been a tremendous helps learning how to walk properly and springs in the heals of the shoes help put less pressure per pound of pressure on hips, knees and Ankles and good walking shoes with proper arch supports all of these things all together came into place and in the long run I'm in a lot less pain than in my 40's. 

    I Take DEMARDs for psoriatic arthritis and Tylenol extra strength. Light Exercise , running and swimming. I could have never have obtained strength back without hip joint replacement. It Gave me back mobility and back to life as usual. I have very little pain as long as I Stay active. I also belong to a runners group online where all the members have had either one hip or both hips replaced.

    Depression can be another can of worms. I totally get it and it can effect health too. I learned to do one thing each day to get movin...walks running or swimming and get the happy hormones active and eating yogurt and probiotics can beat depression with out medication. Menopause was a bugger...I say it another way ...put men on pause....hehe....Just stay away from stress and negative bossy demanding enviornments in general. A biggie after the big M and now that I'm retired is foods.  Diet made a big big difference and started eating a clean diet 6 years ago. No sugars no simple carbs we'll you know the drill....Lots of fresh raw veggies smoothies....totally eliminated IBS. Also Complex B vitamins and C& D has made a big difference. Blood test showed I was very in a dark gloomy state I Wonder why. 

    I hope your move to Arizona helps gives you a fresh start on better health issues. I'm kind of jealous your movin to a warm climate. I'm stuck in the Northwest lots of rain and snow and mild summers. I can't imagine moving..... its a lot of stress in many ways and lots of things to look forword too at the same time. Hope your new home will help give you a lot of new friends,  mabe family  Joy ans better health ! 

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      Dear hope4cure

      Oh my I wrote to you and it all was lost when I put my phone down for a few minutes!

      WOW! Your life amazes me love... You just keep on trying to do whatever it takes to keep on top of the pain in your life!  Psoriatic arthritic as well as DDD?

      They both flare up under stress... Your W/O routine reminds me of mine years ago... I need to get this Bakers Cyst removed on both knees before I can do anything aerobic,

      I too live in the Pacific Northwest...Ouch Ouch and more Ouches!

      My husband and I bought a home that was fully furnished so thank goodness the move will be easier!

      Since DDD, which I only had 7 months I haven’t been in a warm dry climate 

      I pray you’re right and that it helps!

      Hope you’re a fighter! I love that about you! I tend to be the same way regarding educating myself on the latest information out there! 

      I want to THANK YOU so very much for taking all the time to write me! I feel so blessed to have had you do that for me!!

      It’s still pretty early here and my thumb is throbbing so I need to sign off for now...You are unique and special! I wish I had someone like you in my life!

      Thank you again Love ❤️ 


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      You were saying there’s many kinds of arthritis and that some types can be DDD a type that can be helped? I just really want to slow the progression down. I had human placenta and other things injected into my left knee to slow down mild to moderate O/A...we’ll see!

      Love to you with tremendous respect,


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    Oooh poop the same thing just happened to me. Lost the whole thing while posting. This site can be so annoying as a few words come flying out of my mouth in absolute frustration. Now what the heck did I write? 😬

    Very nice of you to write your post again , so I better get on with it too!

    You sound like a very lovely lady. I am so happy to hear your movin out of the cold damp NW. I have a humidifier that collects 4 gallons of water from three rooms in 2 days. No wonder we feel like we are freezing half the time. Then I Water the plants with the water collected . Free water right out of the air... I need to figure out how to connect a hose to the humidifier to flush the toilets. Hehe.  I may be on to a new invention to take to SHARK TANK !

    you asked what I can do to decrease DDD what works for me may not others.mim just a hyperspaz period. Can't sit still if you paid me so I had no choice but to find techniques to out smart my body ! Just put the brakes on a little bit helps. I just keep movin or I lock up and that's  no fun, best thing that helps me is keeping my core strong and swimming keep the joints flexable and blood and oxygen movin thru the joints muscles .

    The spring shoes have helped my knees so much used them for over 12-15 years even thru hip surgery!  it's only a few days at a time like therapy teaching the body how to properly walk and move with my personal limitations. I need to wear them after knee becomes painful some days just boom knees said had enough so I'm going to hobble you...when I tried the shoes At first I thought what a crock until after a few days I realized improvement and continued to build up strength. It really does help realign and get a lot of pressure of all the joints and back. Helps releive the knee pain in just a few days of wear. If you get a chance Google spring shoes and see the web site if they are something worth the effort for you to try.  They come with a CD. 

    IT was such a lovely day today the sun is shinning wow even out mowing and some light gardening. Gotta get in shape again... Ugh!

    Wearing compression gloves at night for arthritis in my hands has helped a great deal again knowing limitations and using helpful aides for opening things. My thumbs are dust &  wrists trashed isn't it fun I never realiEd how many issues I have til writing this...YIKES😱 I also ware  a splint on one hand for DC it's called a Fixxglove to keep my fingers straight at night or they curl up to a fist and can't open them at all.  Had surgery on the hand and bio drug injections to fix that mess.

    Shoulders are touchy had frozen shoulder and generally only use leverage when moving anything . Never lift ,strain, struggle... That limitation thing again ..... I know I'm not 40 or even 50 any more almost 70 so Every once in awhile I'll treat myself for being mindful of all my movements to maintain a pain free day! That's the key be mindful of movements knowing how and the best way to go thru with body movements to acheive a pain free non consequential day! Well a chocolate icecream always helps me feel better too! 

    Hope your move goes well and weather holds up for the move. Keep in touch! Sounds like a wonderful way to stay in shape lots of swim pools there!  Ahh warmth and sunshine! Loving Arizona!




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      Hey Hooe!?

      Typo or  freudian slip hehe...By the way I ALWAYS say hehe to friends after I say something funny...or at least funny to me! 

      I just signed up for a free trial experimentation for OA sufferers.

      I’ll probably be the one with the placebo!

      It’s conducted in the NW let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send the information along to you in a private message on this site!

      Never say die eh? That’s you and because of the way you live your life that word isn’t in your vocabulary!

      You’re a good buddy to have Hooe!

      You teach me everything about preserving through pain!

      I would love for you to try AZ with me...

      Who knows maybe if we r still conversing you never know what can happen!

      My thumb is mush as well! When I write I wince in pain. Dictation too sporadic!

      All my specialists r the Trailblazers Doctors... They’re up on all the latest innovations..Hopefully that gel to inject into the cushion between the joints will be commonplace one day🙏

      Talk soon Love!

       Prosthesis ...opps

      Prodigious hehe!

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    Hooe is like always a silly typo error. Hehe...Yikes I missed the Pee again! 

    I can't use my fingers to type they don't move were I need them , so use a stylus pen on my IPad . and this site doesn't have a edit button. 😔So all my typo and spell ck bo boos end up with some of my posts making no sence at a all.

    I would be very much interested in the study your in on with OA if its close enough to me. I just am stubborn about leaving home unless it's for icecream ! 

    Send a PM with the info. courious to see where and what... Do you know what drug it's for or what phase it's in? .. Oh I hope your  not the sugar pill group either ...😳in many cases after the study you can opt for the real drug if it is in the final study. And when do you start. Is it for a bio drug. 

    Have you asked your doctor if you a candidate for etanercept injection for DDD. I had injection a few years ago and right away wallah I could reach my toes, it's a biological drug lots of info online if you need more info. 

    Anyway just wondering if the clinical study is on a new biological drug. I had a biological drug for hand Dupuytrens contracture injections it worked like a charm  and now I have my right hand back and full use like new again. We are living in a fantastic age new descoveries all the time. 

    Have a a good evening 😊


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      Hello love 

      I just got off phone with Medical Researchers for OA study 

      There’s no placebo and it’s for the knees only. I guess they have a cutting edge new procedure that can reverse OA in the joint and make it pain free. It’s for no other part of the body 

      Because I only have OA in knees and neck they’re very interested 

      I asked if I could involve others in the study and they said that they contact you and you fill out form and if I pass 

      Which I did you go through a telephone interview. I passed but I have to meet with 7 different doctors.. the medical center where this is preformed (They have 3 in my area) are all within 8 miles 

      I will be paid for all of this

      The only thing keeping me from tennis and golf were my knees

      I don’t know HOW they got my name and phone number which is odd 

      I have to say I was disappointed that it wasn’t for the entire body!

      Oh if I could get my knees back🙏

      How are you feeling today? Your knees are pretty shot as well right? 

      If you’re still interested when I progress through all the steps to qualify I can tell them about you if you’re still interested!

      Love Love Love ya little one!


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    You passed the qualifications. ?? When does the study start? It wonderful it's so close to you.  I have many good vibes👍 to send your way. Many like you have had their lives back from the research and studies. It's the brave few that are eager to pave the way for the rest of us. I read about a study for knees not to long ago and most are at the cutting edge of new techniques. I hope this helps you and you can get back to tennis and golf.🏌🎾 It's tough walking on uneven ground playing golf and tennis is really tough on the knees. I mean after all what else is there left to do to stay in shape in the NW. Hope and that you will be in a better place in a short time to return to the things you love doing.🌞

    Did you see dr phill show yesterday they had on specialist on about indoor molds. Of course this was symptoms that are extreme. I googled and found the mold and symptoms that can cause health symptoms. Google home exposure molds. In the NW there are companies than can come out a measure mold spores in your home take samples and identify the types of mold. Online more info about the many mold in homes and outside. Hope your feeling better and and free from the molds .


    (((Gentle Hugs))) 

    Have a great day! 👍


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      Hey there Hope

      If I find out more information on this study (!theyre all over the NW) Would you like me to let you know?

      You’re such a beautiful lovely human being 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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      Oh plz would like to know more about clinical study for sure..I did a clinical study with a doc here on Xiaplex. It's a bio drug u can google it. It's was only three Injections which only attacks collagen. Collegen is what builds up in my palms on the finger cords and causes the fingers to contract to a fist . The disease called Dupytrens one has ever heard of it including me til I found out that's what I have.  It opened my fingers which were curled up tighter than a drumb in a fist position. I was so happy it worked and also worked on my frozen shoulder . Xiaplex also attacked the collagen build up and removed the scar tissue from a shoulder injury and ROM improved . It's approved for DC. not yet for frozen shoulder. Also it's in another study to remove scar tissue . It removed all the scar tissue from the hand surgery as a side effect from the injections to open the fingers. What a nice side effect. I am all for Xiaflex it's works like magic. 

      Its a cold windy day today kind of hung out like a slug. Gotta color eggs for the grandkids. UGH... Get out the the afternoon sleepy attack!

      Thanks so much for your kind comments and right back at ya!

      Hang in there your a fighter! 

      Never give up a good fight! Life is a gift! 

      ((( Gentle Hugs)))


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      I just Love you my friend 

      Enjoy your Easter with the grandkids!

      I’m going to do whatever it takes to get you in this study...They said they’ll be in touch with me in the next week🌟

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