Mollescum Journey at 23

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Hello! Just a lil background info before I go into detail. I'm a 23 year old white female with mollescum on my genital area. It took 4 months for my mollescum to even show up after I contracted it from my last sleeping partner unknowingly. 🙃

I started noticing my mollescum around early February. I'm guessing they started to appear a week or two before but I didn't notice until they matured. (Not an often shaver) I initially thought they were warts because I had been tested positive for hpv last year so I made an appt with the gyno. I was due for my yearly pap smear anyways so I went in to talk about my options. Turns out my bumps were in fact mollescum and not warts so she went ahead with my pap & it came back negative for hpv!! She went ahead and popped the mollescum I had and cauterized them with this match looking thing (?) and off I went. Although it was like the happiest day of my life because she told me I had beat my non-cancerous hpv, she also lead me to believe that mollescum was no big deal and what she did was gonna fix it! ??

WRONG. After the treatment 3 more popped up the next day. 🙄 (Not gonna lie, I took a few of her lil burn sticks cause I knew this was gonna happen) I treated myself exactly how she did and slowly they just went away! I had lil scars all over the place but I was so happy I felt like I beat it! It was dormant for about 3 weeks and I even met a guy in that time. I honestly thought I was good to go, so I slept with him. Things were going great in our budding relationship until about a month later and he started noticing bumps too. I was devastated, first good thing going for me in awhile relationship wise and this happens. Fml. Sure enough mine were back. I was out of sticks, really didn't want to go back to the gyno and get scared up some more so I started online researching like crazy.

My first method was apple cidar soaked cotton with a bandaid over it. This was helping them dry up a little if I popped them first but it was giving me a horrible rash. Within a day or two I had a rash all over my vagina and there were mollescum bumps everywhere. I started freaking out a little and ordered a bunch of all natural products so that they wouldn't irritate my superrr sensitive skin down there. I bought lemon balm, zymaderm, pure tea tree oil, pure tea tree oil SPRAY, conzerol soap, (conzerol creme was sold out) so I got the whole line of Dr. Weatgrass products. It was an expensive, but I'd definitely say it was worth it. I'm not trying to deal with this months on end.

Most of my products came very fast and I was left with a lot of options. Everyones skin is different, this is important because it may take a few tries to find out what method will work for you. Everyone has a different immune system, skin elasticity, melanin, absorbency so it may take longer for results in some people.

My third method has definitely been doing the trick. I've been showering daily with Conzerol soap only all over my body, I cut the bar into two pieces so I wouldn't have to use the same bar on my non-infected areas. I also wear gloves when I wash my infected areas. Do not shave. I towel dry my body (don't reuse) and very carefuly hold a paper towel over my vagina to dry. Do not rub or pat repeatedly just let it absorb for a second. Then use the hairdryer. (Same applies if you have it on other areas of your body) Do not towel dry your infected areas at all, use a hair dryer. It's become my bff except for Walgreens Tea tree oil spray. After I'm 100% dry I spray Dr. WG spray all over my genital area and even surrounding area a little. Dry with the hair dryer and repeat the process with the Tea tree oil SPRAY. It's gonna be a little tingly and uncomfortable but it's not that bad, just cover your genital openings. It also doesn't smell so great but this stuff works miracles so get over it lol. Make sure you sit and let it absorb and dry for awhile before you put your underwear back on or your underwear will absord most of it. I spray the area of my undies (cotton briefs only) that will touch the mollescum with a little TT oil spray and dry them too. Then went on with my day. I've been doing this process thoroughly 3 times a day, washing once a day, for a total of 4 days now and it's almost completely gone! My horrible rash I couldn't get rid of was gone in two days and my mollescum is down to just a few bumps! My small ones just shrunk away and a few fully matured within a couple days. I popped them and held a Tea tree oil soaked cotton ball over it until it stopped bleeding (5-10 mins) Then did my spray process as normal.

I haven't seen any new ones appear and my skin is finally healing. Going to be very adamant and add my Dr. WG creme when it comes in a couple days. It's a time consuming process but I can't believe how fast I've been seeing improvements, especially when it can take weeks for others. I really hope this helps someone and I'll post an update when I finally beat it 100%. Thank you for reading, good luck! 😊

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    How long has this whole thing taken you? I got my first bumps this February and now I have around 9. I am hoping they will go away soon! It's kind of scary. I know they eventually go away, but I want it off soon!

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