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Ive had mono since February and had a week off work in March then started feeling tired on and off but got really bad in April and had 3 weeks off.

My Dr said go back to work and fight through so i did. I survived the first week but improved over the next month before going downhill at the end of May for a few days. I went on holiday for a few days and improved again and it's been like that ever since. in that time ive excercised and rested and i cant see a pattern with feeling better or worse. In June i managed to go out most weekends but went downhill again mid July. I seem to have improved again and are definitely better than when started but I just have this low grade fever following me about. I've cycled a little bit and did a 3 mile walk today so its possible to exercise and i think it helps. I did 1 mile walks while off work in April, physically I was able its mental focus thats the overall problem.

I manage to work but need to work at home a few days a week. I work for a good place in that regard. I struggle with a few tasks but generally it takes my mind off it.

im going on holiday this week, it will be interesting to see if having a relaxing two weeks makes any difference. I doubt it. It seems like riding it out is all you can do.

In short it feels like if i were to drill a hole in my head and let the pressure out I'd feel so much better......I'm not sure if thats recommended though.

Hopefully that helps people realise you can still do things and I take heart that most people recover totally.

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    Yeah this thing is super up and down.... but you seem to be handling it alright. You seem to be doing a lot of stuff which I find impressive because I could barely do anything except lay or sit In bed and watch youtube videos all day. Not the most fun. And yes, being able to mentally focus and get back to yourself in that way is tough.

    Thanks for posting your update. It's good to see someone with a positive attitude and you obviously have a sense of humour which is nice lol. Take care and have a nice holiday!

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    Hi William,

    So sorry to hear that you've been going through this awful time with mono these past few months. It definitely sounds like you have been doing a lot still and shown such courage to keep going with work and other exercise activities, knowing how this virus felt when I had it to be able to keep pushing yourself to do those things despite feeling so awful is truly remarkable.

    This virus really does require true and proper rest William, perhaps you have been doing too much and I always question that kind of advice from a doctor to just 'push through' this thing, because it really is a nasty virus and your body needs rest - so if you need to take a further step back from work or activity, don't hesitate William I know it's easier said than done but it's so important to put your health first.

    The low grade fever was the thing which was so debilitating for me too, I was so discouraged as I thought at one stage is never going to go - but really want to reassure and encourage you William that it does go, it can certainly take a number of months but don't panic at that because it definitely will go and you will get back to full health again with time. After 5-6 months I was still strugging badly with everything but at about 10 months I really saw a major breakthrough and turning point and thanks to God only started to move towards full recovery, which I'm still so grateful for today even though it was many years ago as I know how badly it affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. Not saying it will take that long for you, everyone is different and some seem to recover quicker than others.

    Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you William and let you know that things will get better - hang in there and message any time. Just take it one day at at time, don't put too much pressure or expectations on yourself and definitely rest when you need to - hoping you can have a restful holiday and try not to overdo it if you can.


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      I agree on the rest. Ive mainly rested the past 2 weeks, I was reasonably active for the previous 3 weeks then went backwards a bit. Clearly i wasn't able to do it. The thing is that as you improve you think you can do more but you really have to wait.

      one thing i didn't mention is that I've had 2 sessions of acupuncture. its hard to say exactly how its worked. During my first session needles were inserted into places to restore balance and aid my immune system. I felt really nauseas which was a sign it was working. I would recommend it as your immune system needs all the help it can get. You barely feel the needles and the point of it is to trigger you body to fix itself by stimulating pressure points. i had it after 4 months I probably should have gone earlier.

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      Hi William,

      Definitely this kind of zig-zag road on recovery can be SO common with this virus, when you feel a bit more able to do things maybe one week or at one stage and then it feels like you're going backwards at another. It's so frustrating and it makes it hard to gauge your level of activity, it really is all about listening to your body and trying to be sensible and to rest when you need to, but also try and do some things that don't take too much out of you too when feeling able to whilst giving yourself plenty of rest before and afterwards and not going overboard.

      Eventually your body gets to a stage where it feels strong again and it is able to cope with normal levels of activity again, so hang in there William that day will come even though it's not easy to see when in the midst of it I know.

      Hoping that the acupuncture is helping, different things for sure can help different folks and if you find it helps then that's the most important thing. One thing I've found helpful for various aches and pains over a number of years is Bowen Therapy. It was particularly for sciatica that I found it really a marvellous thing at first and I've been getting it for a number of years since, maybe something else worth looking into seeing if you think might be worth trying (it's very safe, gentle and non evasive) and if any practitioners locally who do it.


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