Months of stress!!!

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This is long so I appreciate your reading!

Back at the end of June I went to the toilet after a night of drinking and passed a lot of blood. It happened for 5 more bowel movements and then stopped other than spotting.

A few weeks later and the beginning of July, I went to the toilet and realised I had worms. It was unmistakeable as there were moving worms on the toilet paper and in the bowl! All night I could feel them crawling inside me and in my vagina which was so distressing. I changed my bed, washed everything as you should and took Ovex. The next few weeks were so hard, I was sure they were moving around my body which I now realise wasn't the case but was me being stressed and worrying. That night was the first and last time I saw moving worms.

I went to my GP regarding the blood and was sent for a sigmoidoscopy. Nothing was found except 2 internal hemmeroids.

I still have strange sensations around the opening of my anus. It isn't like the crawling I had before though. It's almost like a tickle at all times of the day. I wouldn't say it itches, but I am aware of a feeling there. I have taken enough ovex to keep the company in business but the feelings remain. Every time I feel anything, I go to the toilet and crouch over a mirror to check for worms and I can't ever see anything. Occasionally, I will have a small amount of faecal matter left over in the anus which I have read is normal if you have hemmeroids and also some mucous.

Now, can I stop my 6 months of stressing and trust the worms have gone and that what I am feeling is from the hemmeroids and possibly my mind being too in tune with every little feeling down there because I am so worried?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like I'm losing my mind worrying!

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    Hi stresscity

    Sorry about your awful experience. Rather than standing over a mirror to check for the worms..check the toilet paper after a bowel movement, also wear black underwear to bed and

    in the daytime and check in the morning and evening if there are any worms in your underwear. You should be able to see them against the dark background....I would do this over a few weeks if there is no sign if worms then I think you can safely say they have wishes....

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      Hi Lilian. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

      When I find found out I had them, I brought some close fitting black underwear and that's pretty much all I wear now. I haven't seen any worms in my underwear or on the toilet paper. I remember how obvious they were back in June so know I'd see them!

      Once I've showered, if I wipe my bottom to dry it, there are sometimes some white 'things' but they look nothing the worms I saw before. You know when you have dry lips and wipe them, you get dead bits of skin? It's like that. But not all the time and they certainly don't move!

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      I think you can safely say they gave been eradicated because if they were still there you would se them as well as see them move. Stop worrying about it now and just check from time to time. Get on with your life. If they do come back you will know.

      Make sure meat is thoroughly cooked all veggies and fruit are thoroughly washed. All door handles and worktops cleaned with an antibacterial....just incase some of the worms are still around because this is how you pick them this and you can relax about wishes..

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      Think the white things you see on your underwear are hatchlings of threadworms and they can be damn irritating.  There is a possibility, along with your internal haemorhoidsthe are causing severe itching.  Be very careful with Ovex, after taking loads my doctor wanted me to stop taking in case I damaged my liver etc. 

      I am now on anti-depressants (because the irritation does make me depressed) and I can just about live with them.

      Good luck

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      Hey. I don't have anything in my underwear - just sometimes white dead skin looking bits when I dry myself after showering. I don't have an intense itching either. When I had them in July, at night if i rolled over I could feel them move. I don't have that either anymore and I am sleeping just fine.

      I did have a parasite and ova stool sample done by the hospital which was also returned as negative.

      I live with my parents who took ovex back in July and have never shown symptoms or seen anything. I also have a boyfriend who I am close with/share a bed etc and again, he has never had symptoms either.

      Surely after 6 months, if I did still have them, I would have seen at least one like I did back in July?

      I think I might just revisit my GP and see what she says

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      Sorry didn't mean to imply that you still had them but I also have white dead skin bits which on researching on internet said this is what they look like.

      I have only ever seen 2 worms disappearing down the loo in 4and a half years. 

      I did do swabs at the request of my doctor which came back negative, but I know in my heart that they are still there.

      Lots of folks are asymptomatic (lucky people).

      Good idea to visit your doc and get it confirmed.

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      It's a terrible thing to suffer with.

      I was convinced when I first got them that they had moved to my face, arms and legs (which was not the case). I was so scared about it all that my mind was almost playing tricks on me.

      I became hypersensitive to every little feeling in my body.

      I wear black underwear daily and have not noticed any white in them for months. I check every stool I pass with a light and check the toilet roll but again, no evidence of worms.

      The only thing that still bugs me is the sensations I get around my anus which happens at all times of the day. Like I said, I don't know if this is me waiting to feel something or something else. Rationally I think I would see something, have itching, disturbed sleep if they were still there? It's enough to drive you mad!!!

      I really do sympathise with you. It's terrible. I'm not sure if my problems are real or if my mind is just so worried, I almost induce the 'feelings'. I do suffer with my stomach and often have mucous and have noticed every time I have an itch/feeling, if I crouch over a mirror and check, the area that feels irritated usually has some mucous or a small amount of left behind stool - which I know is related to the hemmeroids.

      Chin up, we'll be OK smile

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    please tell me where do i get ovex? i had a stool sample at the gastro dr he said there was nothing the itching and crawling is out of both areas as well as armpits under breast crawling up my legs crawling in my hair and my doctor said i have morgellons it feels like strings tying around my toes and like i am walking on glass i know i'm not much help but yes i am in panic attack mode 24/7 i had to quit my job after working at the same company for 7 yrs now i need conection with people but i do not want anyone to get this disease isolation is horrible i am a outgoing person and this has really set me back alot i wish they would get a cure soon i feel your concern it is real i'm sorry for you god bless
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      Are you sure you have threadworms as Ovex is treatment for that? If so, I'm in the UK and it's readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies over the counter. Sorry to hear you're suffering
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    I think you can stop worrying. Like you described, I had tickly feelings during the day for months after my initial infestation of threadworms, and I kept taking the mebendazole and doing all the hyperactive cleaning and wondering why it wasn't working.

    Are you still washing your bottom pretty thoroughly to try and keep free of the worms and worm eggs? That's what I was doing, and it turned out was actually causing the problem. Once I found this out I relaxed and now only wash myself, erm, a normal amount - and I've been fine ever since.

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      Thank you for replying!

      I was using the shower head directly on my bum (and it's quite powerful!) which I have stopped doing so often as I'd read over cleaning can cause it!

      I do believe they've gone because I haven't seen any since the initial infection. Just so paranoid and the tickles don't help!

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