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Mood Stabilizers that do not cause weight gain and are effective


Is anyone on a mood stabilizer that does not cause any weight gain or just a little and has had good results in treating depression, anxiety and bipolar?

I appreciate any information.

Thank you!

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  • denise02341

    Mood stabilizers are a very broad category.  They include antipsychotics as well as anticonvulsants among other drugs.  Any drug you take will cause less weight gain than Zyprexa.

    Some mood stabilizers that tend to have little or no weight gain commonly associated with them are drugs like Lamictal, Topamax, Saphris, Geodon, Abilify.  There are also other anticonvulsants like Carbamazepine, OxCarbamazepine, Lithium, Valproic Acid, and antipsychotics like, Seroquel or Risperdal both have still reasonably high weight gain but not nearly as much as Zyprexa.  Those are some options to ask your doctor about, instead of taking Zyprexa. 

  • denise02341

    Hi Denise this is such a broad subject. I was a registered health care professional for very many years ie 45 yrs. LI became I'll myself 6 yrs ago and was diagnosed with bi polar disorder but doubt has been c

    • Sorry got cut off. But the problem is they all have side effects and it doesn't matter which one you take. The range of antidepressants you can take when you are unipolar or depressed tend to cause no problems at all and do not weight gain. The anti convulsants tend to cause weight gain as well as dental problems in the form of gum hypertrophy. Olanzapine is linked strongly with diabetes so you need to have your blood checked annually. You should be having ecg checks annually. Each drug drug has its own issues with complex drug interaction so please read the bumf. For example brufen affects sodium valproate blood levels and so on and so forth use the bnf site or mims site even better but you will have to pay for the privelege.

  • denise02341

    Weight gain as a side effect isn't no big deal like most doctors would have you believe. Weight gain often means obesity or as very often the case of drugs like Zyprexa, morbid obesity. All of the increased risks of diseases, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes type II, cancer and more that you hear by heart and stroke, cancer societies, government health agencies regarding obesity are what the side effect "weight gain" should really be seen as.

    Weight gain in many cases is a serious side effect and doctors have a responsibility to see it as such, as the serious health implications that they have for their patients when it comes to chosing medication, especially when alternatives are readily available in 2016.

    • Almost forgot. Weight gain also has social implications and can cause issues with self esteem which in turn be a trigger for depression itself. Unfortunately such implications rarely cross the mind of doctors and very likely never cross the mind of doctors who put their patients on Zyprexa.

      Important point is that weight gain isn't just weight gain.

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