More gallbladder issues - sorry!!

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So, I previously posted a discussion about anxiety about my gallbladder. I had my ultrasound today and the lady told me that I was hard to scan (I am a bit overweight - could this be why??) and also that my gallbladder looked....clear. My worst nightmare!!

I was hoping it would be my gallbladder so it could get whipped out asap and this pain would end. But now I am feeling more down and anxious as ever.

I also got a phone call from my doctors yesterday to say that my Liver Function on my blood test came back abnormal - a sign of gallstones.

I have now been told by a friend that she had the same issues and the doctors kept fobbing her off until pain was so bad she went up A&E and low and behold - the stones were in her bile duct.

I am now in a catch 22 as to what to do - do I ask the doctor for more tests or do I wait for my next 'episode' and go up A&E. I am dubious about going to A&E as I have been four times in the past six weeks and been sent home with some painkillers.

Has anyone been through anything similar?

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    I had typical gallbladder pain got a scan 6 weeks later was told fatty liver and no stones the liver consultant sent me for another abdominal scan and it showed lots of tiny gall stones so you may have them scans do not always show them i thought i was going mad i was really relieved when second scan showed them.Ask for more tests.

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      i have been told by numerous people now that i should get a second opinion! i feel like i am going mad too, at one point i thought it was all in my head! i will certainly get a second opinion!! thank you 😃

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    I'd do both. Apparently there's some sort of HIDA scan that shows how effective your gallbladder is. I would request more tests and also go back to the hospital if you have further attacks. My plan of attack was to present at the hospital each time I had a bad attack, in the hope that eventually I would be made a priority, but it only took one visit before I was bumped up the list to have mine out. From my experiences, and several ultrasounds, I don't believe that ultrasounds are very effective in finding or measuring gall stones.

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      I have been told by various people the same thing! I am def going to get a second opinion and ask for more tests, my POA was also to go straight to A&E when the pain starts, however nears hospital is almost 45mins away so sometimes when i get there, pain has passed! Everytime I have been I have been turned away 😦

      Hopefully will get some answers soon!

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    Hi Again Charlotte67804 , not sure if your the right one as this is a new post but YES, see your Dr and create hell if you have to but welcome to my world and a lot of others who have to suffer before they do anything. Lol I am a bit over weight and they did my scan OK so the person who done yours sounds a bit iffy for a start.

    You have never stated what your pains and symptoms are but you say you know its Gall Bladder. All I can say is if your able to control your diet go onto a Low fat diets eating Banana's or Fruit, Veggies, Mash Potatoes, Rice, Chicken, Eggs, Soups etc. Depending on what state your GB is in you can help yourself with Diet prevention but it is no breeze in anyway finding what foods you can tolerate, I can hardly eat and Dairy, Milk is definitely out along with Cheese and Bacon.

    I can eat Ham and Beef slices as long as no Fat it in them.

    I was extremely ill Last Dec / Jan with no real help from anyone as to getting this sorted so I suffer still to this day but with no vomiting or stool issues, I have never got rid of the ache in my right hand side nor the chest pains and when I walk I feel sick but never am its just a horrid feeling.

    I can also assure you when you have an attack you can have mental anxiety which effects your thinking and you can feel very, panic attack like symptoms, I thought I was going nuts until I spoke with a friend in the States who told me what this sounded like and to prove the point I drank a glass of Milk and was sick for days.

    So at your young age you need this sorted and soon or at least identified because it may well be something else?!!!!

    Anyway do not get stressed and keep calm and just keep on at Dr or who ever you see.

    Good luck

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      Probably would have been very helpful if I did say my symptoms!! So it all started around July and all of a sudden, I got the most extreme pain, like a really tight elastic band around my insides on the right hand side, spreading across my chest and into my shoulder blade. This was accompanied with high fever and nausea.

      Happened again, this time even worse, and it was alright the same place, same symptoms and sometimes, even the same times - normally between 5pm - 7pm or 11pm - 1am is when it starts and can go on for hours. Longest the pains have been is three hours. They seem to be getting worse with me vomiting and near unconsious from the pain! When the pain subsides, its just super tender and sore, and I just generally feel run down! It does make me on edge constantly because I am so scare of an 'attack' happening. Just to add - the pains only happen after certain foods, which I am cutting out as and when i know they are bad.

      I am going back to the doctors and ask them for more testing, they still think its kidney stones but I have no other symptoms of this and all scans, even a CT scan doesnt show anything!!

      Sorry for the essay but at this point I am just feeling hopeless and that I am going to be like this forever as my doctors are not helpful at all, their view is just painkillers and signing me off work, which I dont want!! I will be super persistant with my GP after hearing everything on this!!

      Thank you 😃

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      Hi Charlotte67804, Yep that sounds much like GB and similar to my issues.

      I cant believe your working and suffering as well! I am lucky that I do not work but there is no way I could cope with this, if I was working.

      Not being able to eat properly you will soon get run down I would imagine as fatigue will catch up with you, so I really feel sorry for you.

      All I can say is, especially as your working, is keep going to the Dr's, you pretty much have no other choice.

      Take care, Julian

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    get a second opinion, and if you got another attack go straight to the hospital, am having the same issues except for the severe pain, i was puking up bile, ongoing diarrhea, feeling numbness in my hands and feet, cold chills and feverish, i went to the hospital and they couldnt find nothing but went to my dr got a ultrasound done and my gallbladder is full of stones am getting it remove in 2 weeks and all this started after eating fatty food, its been 3 months now am dealing with this and am having really bad acid reflux with chest pain ugh, i literally cant eat most things because it sets me off, this issue is causing me depression, aniexty and panic attack.

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