More Questions about meds/symptoms/risks with AFIB and request for name of Dr.

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My mom (stage 4-5 ckd) was on Eliquis and Amiodarone (was put on these meds ever since her  very first/only cardioversion in May 2016). I first stopped the Eliquis (about a month ago), She had  been having  massive nose bleeds (the most recent requiring her to have it packed with a balloon). The Amiodarone (my thinking -- I could be wrong)  made her especially unsteady on her feet. I also suspect it made her feel too weak to stand on them.   I coldn't see how we could risk a fall with a bleeding problem).  Now am told the odds  of going into AFIB a second  time are 70 perceont without the Amiodarone. The risk of stroke with the AFIB is 6 percent. GP says okay to stop Eliquis, but best to stay on Amiodarone. She has had only one AFIB episode, but has mild Dyastolic heart failure.

One of the he most obvious and annoying symptoms  has been loss of voice/hoarse voice.  I looked this up, and it's supposedly a very low occurring side effect.  Is it really? For those of you with this side effect and who stopped Amiodarone, did your voice ever return to normal?

Why is baby aspirin no longer recommended, as it was in the past? Is it an adequate sub for Eliquis? 

Is it safe to take Simvastsatin with Amiodarone? Docs say it is, but I read otherwise.

Is 100 mg. Amiodarone effective? Cardio says 200mg is minimum dose to be effective. GP says 100 is effective. GP is also the one who gave stats on AFIB occurring a second time. 

Has anyone stopped Amiodarone and NOT gone into AFIB, afterwards? Is this drug a lifeloong commitment?

And finally, want to throw this out there:  Anyone highly recommned a stellar cardiologist between Menlo Park/Stanford and San Jose? Knowledge of kidney failure is a big plus.  Not unhappy with cardio, but not overly confident, either;  would appreciate at least a second/third  opinion.

Thank you. I love this forum.

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    I only know amiodarone is a very strong medicine and does have side effects..think in the lungs. I was on it for a few month before another procedure so I could have the procedure. Not have had any side effects from eliquis yet..possibly did with pradaxa. I think a lot depends on chad scores.age.history ..etc...
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      Thank you. She seems to be having some fluid retention in her lungs; is this a symptom, as well?  Or is it more likely this is a symptom of heart failure or kidney failure?  She seems to "gurgle" when she eats. 

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    Hi. I take Amio, cut them in half so taking 100 once a day. Yes they have made me wobbly and sometimes very tired and weak. I sound like a smoker!  Baby aspirin ruined my veins, one knock and I bleed and I only obeyed the doc and took it for a year. This drug is lifetime they tell me but it does work so I dont care about the bad effects as the rattle terrified me. Good Luck.
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      THank you.  The bleeding is especially scary, because if you bleed that easily when you bump into something, imagine the internal bleeding you can ge from a fall.  The half tabletidea made sense, so I started to do this (maybe it was you who suggested it on this forum?)... and then got the contradictory advice from the two drs.  The hoarseness really does sound awful. I just hope it doesn't get worse.  And, thank you, again.

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    There are other drugs besides Amiodorone that she could use. I am on flecanide and Metoprolol. am more worried about having a bleeding stroke ( like my dad did)than a stroke from a clot caused by af. I take half the recommended dose of eliquis but as l am only 52 my cardiologist says l am not at high risk for a stroke and to take the eliquis when l am actually in af. I think you have to weigh up your options and find out whats best for your mum. Best of luck.
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      THank you very much. Yes... I asked about other drugs instead of the Amiodarone. I was told this was the one best for my mom. Maybe because of her poor kidneys?  These heart issues are new; she has always had high blood pressure, but the congestive heart failure and the AFIB are two things I thoght she would never have to deal with.  Good luck to you, as well. 
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    Hi Tmna

    Sorry to heat about your story

    I dont have afib but i have arythmia, severe at times. Poor old heart of mine

    Simvastatin and cordarone.? Yes my dr. Prescribed me those meds..

    I stopped taking cordarone, rythmol, flecainide. These meds ive been taking for so many years. These meds worked wonders for me.for some time.until they made things worst for me. I dont know why. At least the meds im taking concore 2.5 is helping me regulate my hb

    Yes you can request taking baby aspirin. Or low dose aspirin. That works for me.

    Hope you get through this....

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      Thanks.  Sorry that this has been a years-long challenge. I need to look up concore .  I am being given the pick-between-quality-of-life-and-length-of-life lecture by her doctors.  It's hard to accept this either-or philosophy when my mom still enjoys being surounded by family and her grandkids.  

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      Sometimes i still wonder. For so long. And for the many heart medicines ive taken..concore? Ive taken it and it barely worked on me. Untill i requested my dr if he could increase the dosage .thinking that maybe my tolerance was getting higher. my dr. approved to let me take 2,5 twice a day. It made my bp and hr slightly slower and lower. I choosed quality of life. Since the dosage worked out. .my much way better that before. My point is.. There is a drug suitable for every person.. Goodluck
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      Glad that it worked out for you!   Thanks for the advice.  Sounds like we need to keep experimenting.

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