Morphine Sulfate Withdrawal

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I'm trying to get off of morphine sulfate but I'm rally scared I won't be able to handle the withdrawal. Anyone have any advice?

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    Hi David.

    Can't you speak to your doctor mate?

    If you can I would always say that's the best option

    Good luck

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      Dave, if you think you are ready then go for it mate , I won't lie it's hard , mentally , emotaionally belive me it will take will power to do it . Defiantly go see your doctor first and I hope you get through the tough times ahead . You ever won't to chat message. Me Mate there's plenty of us who has been through it mate and the best thing I found was talking to other people who are dealing with the same problems . Good luck
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    Ifeared detoxing more than I feared death.

    To me it seemed impossible. I took it one day at a time, used the support on this site and had the help of my partner. If u have someone that can either stop u from taking it or at least make u feel too guilty to it makes it so much easier to push through.

    The initial withdrawal symptoms don't last that long (7-14 days) but when you're detoxing it seems like forever.

    As to handling the withdrawal symptoms it really depends on which one/ones you find unbearable. For me it was the restless legs for others it's different.

    Things I found that helped (I should note I choose to use mostly 'natural'remedies)

    Ibuprophen (which in comparison to morphine is crap I know but it helps), high strength magnesium, Valerian root, passionflower with hops, hot baths and if u can talk to ur doctor about a supplemebt called "SAMe". It increases seratonin and helps which depression and anxiety.

    I was offered suboxone which I denied. I can't comprehend treating opiate withdrawal with a drug containing opiates. I also refused Valium and seroquel which I found a lot of people detoxing were fond of.

    The only prescription I took was for the restless legs which were driving me to insanity. And that was gabapentin. It completely eliminated my rls and let me sleep for the first time in 5 days. Before that I tried lyrica which is supposed to be a newer version of gabapentin but I had too many side effects. It's all trial and error. If u can get ur hands on a good doctor it'll make it so much smoother for u.

    If you need help or to talk this site is Amazing. Nobody can help you better than people that have been through the same thing. Take care and let me know how ur going.

    Nikki smile

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    What are you on ? I'm on MST which is the slow release and started 5 days ago reducing my dosage by 5mgs at night . I've been fine till last night . My side effects are head ache, feeling sick and I have started with a cold and just generally not feeling well . Now I know it's different for different people .

    I'm a single parent, I still have the back problem that I'm on the mst for plus I have other health problems . However even in my situation I'm am coping with the symptoms and I am adamant I'm coming off this evil stuff . I've been on it for 3 years . You can do it.

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    i was on morphine sulfate and oxys for ten years...every month i would run out and go through the sickness.  every month, same thing...but once i had the drug i was ok again for a few days..not day i was in my third or forth day of no meds and i knew i couldnt do this every month anymore...i went cold turkey and must of died ten times... after 10 to 14 days u start feeling better...ive been off for almost 2yrs, and its been a struggle to say the least.  these people on this page are so helpful...i didnt have anyone,   so i had to go it alone  another hard road to travel.  good luck..dont wait until ur on them for years to do something about it.  good luck..please ask any questions you might have.  open book here to help others that face this promblem. 
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    Best to do a taper with your Dr that way you will get help with the withdrawal symptoms and support and its do able. It will also reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

    Why are you taking morphine for if it's not to rude to ask?

    There are lots off drugs to help with the withdrawals and your best to know what's available and what their side effects are too.

    To be successful you need support from your DR and family.

    There are lots of brilliant support from people on this site who have also succesfully done drug withdrawals and will give you loads of help.

    I've been on morphine and fentanyl which is stronger than morphine and withdrawn over a 2 month period. I got support from my GP and a drug charity and people on this site. Everyones withdrawals are slighly different but support is essential. Good Luck

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    The best thing I find to help opiate withdrawals is suboxone (subutex).... 8mg a day for the first couple days... then 6mg... then 4mg.... then 2... by the end of it you should be good to go... the anxiety was the only thing it doesn't really help.... low doses of xanax or Ativan worked for me... as long as you don't take too much you will not build the benzo in your system enough to withdrawal from... again it worked for me and I was an IV Heroin user...

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    How is it going David?

    Not to highjack your discussion, but I have been taking 210 mg of short acting morphine sulphate plus 195 long acting each day for over six years now for chronic pain. My doctor is retiring and I have called 14 doctors without even being able to find a new one, let along one that will continue my script.

    My pain will not go away any time soon. I have a skull fracture (shatter) that didn't ever heal. But, I worry I may have to go cold turkey if I don't find a doctor. I am fully functional, run a business, and it is the only thing that manages my pain effectively. I have been to pain clinic after pain clinic, and have tried everything. So, I would like to know your experience with stopping in case I need to. I am way more worried about the pain than I am about withdrawl, but...

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    Hi david i had to come of quite a lot of my Morphine Sulphate to get my spinal cord stimulator i reduced the doseage by 10mg at night and lowered my dose every couple of weeks do it gradually don't rush it give it a try. Have you spoken to your doctor he may be able to hel you.  Good luck.


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