MOUTH ULCER sufferer for 2 years - VITAMIN D deficiency??

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Hello all. First post, so please bear with me.

I've been suffering from MOUTH ULCERS for at least 2-3 years now. Sore! Large and often clustered towards the back of my throat. I was so used to the constant pain, that I didn't notice when I did, and when I did not have an ulcer.

I kept a mouth ulcer diary & photo diary, just so that I had something concrete to go to the quacks with - I felt like it was an unjustified trip to the quacks, saying that I had a SORE THROAT and troublesome MOUTH ULCERS.

I've had swabs, blood tests, avoided acidic foods, tablets to see if the problem was coming from my gut up to my throat. Nothing. They put it down to possible stress?

I've tried every mouth wash known to man, rinsing with warm salt water regularly, bongela, other creams... nothing. In the end, to relieve severe pain, I used to numb my entire throat and mouth for temporary relief by sucking on MEROCAINE lozenges - but they are very strong on your system, and no more than 8 lozenges can be consumed in any 24 hour period. Strong stuff! But like I said, only in the severest cases.

...I did get there though, and have been happily MOUTH ULCER FREE for the last 5 weeks. This may not seem like a long time, but to me, it's nowt short of a miracle! 5 weeks on the trot! Going by my diary for last year, I'd be better telling you the days I didn't have an ulcer, rather than the days I was cursed with them.

Let me just also throw in that I am physically fit, cycle most days - and my diet is very varied.

Now for the REMEDY...

My sister has an auto-immune disease and has been feeling rougher than usual with it for the last 6 months. She has various regular testing and nothing showed to be abnormal. Then she persuaded to Doc that something must be up, she was feeling run-down, aching joints etc... nothing to do with MOUTH ULCERS you might say... but I'm almost there...

The hospital diagnosed her as being VITAMIN D deficient. She was super low. The level should be around the 50 mark, crisis point is the 25 mark - she measured in at 27. The Doctor at the hospital remarked on how it is getting worryingly common place that people are VITAMIN D DEFICIENT without even realizing... and this in turn can have a direct effect and straining on the general immune system, making one more susceptible to colds etc.

VITAMIN D is created by the body after absorbing direct sunlight on to exposed skin. Or by oily fish. Sometimes added to milks, fortified cereals, but in low doses. So it can be missed if you don't meet a certain, but safe, regular exposure to the sun.

I am always wrapped up, even in the summer, as I have very pale skin and burn easily. Even when cycling, I always wear long sleeves, gloves, neck scarf - the only part of me exposed is my face (which always has moisturizer with high SPF slapped on it!).

I was Vitamin D deficient too. Crazy stuff!

My sister was prescribed her Vitamin D with Calcium tabs, as she as an ongoing illness - I was advised by my Pharmacist to take the highest dose, and so he hand picked me a super strength, sold over the counter, just 1 tablet a day VITAMIN D TABLET (the dose/unit equates to 1,000iu).

Hope my story helps... best of health to you all!

Apologies for the essay!

If in doubt, speak to your GPs - and request a VITAMIN D blood test.

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    You know I think I had the same issue.

    Recently I suffered a lot from Mouth/Throat Ulcers and thrush in my mouth. I went to the doctors for a completely different issue and I had to go for blood tests.

    Turns out I have a Vitamin D Deficiency!

    Maybe these two do link afterall!

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    Hi, I just read your post. Do you still take the vitamin D every day? Has it helped you with the canker sores? 

    I have suffered for 6 years now and was just diagnose with low vitamin D

    i will await your comment


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      Hello there, and thank you for responding to my original post!

      Incidentally, I've had to create a new account, as I made the post back in January 2012, and I can no longer access my account.

      I can confirm that I am still mouth-ulcer free!

      I do put it down my daily intake of Vitamin D, which I take religiously. I've also noticed, over these last 3 years, that I have been cold-free too. Christmas 2013 I had minimal sniffles lasting for around 2-3 days, and that's been all.

      This is perhaps worth mentioning too: around 6 months ago, I stayed at my sister's house, and I was using her toothpaste, which was Regular Colgate (bog standard white type). Almost immediately I got a couple of mean mouth ulcers, same spot as usual, on the back of my mouth, just above my tonsils. But this time, I also got some angry spots on my neck, roughly an inch below my jawline, on each side of my neck, just over neck glands.

      When I realised that the Regular Colgate may have been the culprit, I stopped using it, and within 2-3 days, all was clear again. Canker sore & neck spot free!

      I still swear by the Vitamin D. 

      And I steer clear of that particular toothpaste. 

      In saying that though, I do use Colgate Herbal (and have done for at least 2 years now), and touch wood, no problems. There must be an ingredient in the Regular that disagrees with me.

      Again, I can't stress enough how plagued I was originally by these mouth uclers. For 2-3 years. It's a blessing to no longer have them.

      In my opinion, Vitamin D can only improve your overall health.

      Good luck... and best wishes for your health in 2015!

      Please let me know how you get on.

      Kind regards.

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      May there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me as well...

      I was just told that my Vitamin D level at an absolute low... i was prescribed 3 1,000iu tables a day for the next three months

      How long did it take you to get rid of your canker sores once you started taking suppliments?

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