moving abdominal pain and unintentional weight loss

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I'm 31, non smoker, dont drink much and exercise regularly. 

This started for me about 3 or 4 months ago. Since then, I've lost a stone in weight and its still going down. 

I had been suffering with a virus which had swelled my throat glands and given me a raging sore throat (even though I've had a tonsilectomy and not had one in 20 years) so I'd taken a fair few Ibuprofen which I dont usually do. I found that I had reflux and heartburn from them so stopped taking any further. The virus cleared up but I found that I had some nagging stomach pains.  

I went to the docs to explain I had abdominal pains on and off, generally mild but happening most days.  With that, I also had lower back pain which also came and went. A set of blood tests were done where the only thing was low(ish) platelets. 

I then noticed i'd started to lose weight, so went back to see him. He prescribed Lansoprazole for 4 weeks which I started taking but didnt feel that they changed anything. If anything, I felt worse as I thought it was playing with my bowel movements, and due to the weight loss, I started feeling very anxious and worried about my health. 

I went back to the doc again, spoke to them and they said it could be stress, after I'd taken on a new job, new baby, new house and some other projects within the last 8 months. I wanted it to be Stress, but the weight loss thing was too out of character to just be down to that. Some further blood tests were done, but they again came back normal. Platelets had increased slightly. 

She then booked me in for Ultrasound and Endoscopy. 

Whilst waiting for these, I started feeling terrible pain when sitting down, and the pain in my stomach seemed to migrate down to my groin and into my testicles. I went to the doc again and she explained I had Prostatitis, and put me on a course of Ciprofloxacin for 2 weeks. She took a urine sample which came back normal. The sitting down problem seemed to clear within a couple of days, although 3 weeks on, I'm still occasionally feeling pain in my bladder as if I need to empty it although theres nothing there. Needing to visit the toilet during the night is not normal for me and I'm having to do it once a night. 

The Ultrasound was carried out and it also came back normal (all above bowels). I then had an Endoscopy and it too showed nothing however I am still awaiting the CLO test result. I would have thought if I had H. Pylori, then the Lansoprazole would have cleared it. 

Over the last few weeks, my bowels have either been constipated or loose, but no blood in the stool. I've never had blood in the stool. Either rabbit like droppings, or soft and fairly bulky. I put this down to the drugs, but I'm beginning to wonder if its a development in whatever is wrong with me. 

Last week, although my stomach gave me no pain at all, started noticing some blood on wiping, and then waking up feeling really hot during the night (although not night sweats). After 2 or 3 days of this, woke in the middle of the night to an almighty case of the runs, as if someone had turned a tap on inside of me. 2 sittings of it, until presumably there was nothing left inside. I had no pain before, except for the need to go, and no pain afterwards. Naturally alarmed, I went back to the docs where he examined me and told me I had a small anal tear, and prescribed a cinchocaine and hydrocortisone suppository and some ointment to help sort it out. 

I've sorted the initial anxiety to the point where I'm now accepting that something is wrong, they just need to find it. It doesnt stop me thinking about it for most of the day, and googling every symptom that seems to come and go. 

I've got no visible lumps, feel pretty healthy still, still have a good apetite and dont feel fatigued on any more tired than I normally am.

Its another 10 days before I can see the doctor, so I'm waiting on whatever they suggest next. Anyone experienced similar?

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    A CT scan might show up any problem. Did the blood tests show any infection or inflammation? Also, I found that googling the symptoms can make things worse! Hope you get it sorted very soon. 
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    .Lansoprazole on it's own will not cure H. Pyroli. It is prescribed as part of a triple therapy with two antibiotics

    Very unusual for a doctor to say Prostatitis. Even urologists have tended to ignore it when I suugested that I had it. There are two types of Prostatitis only one is caused by an infection. The non infectious one tends to come and go.  When I was waiting for prostate surgery for my BPH I often had it for months at a time. It was usually worse when in bed.

    I would ask to have my prostate checked although you are far to young to have an enlaged prostate.

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      I wouldn't agree with his age as far as his prostate though. These days, ANY sickness, no matter disease or whatever doesn't just pick and choose or pass over a person because they're not a certain age. Heck! There have been cases where small children have had heart attacks! And there are studies that suugest (less than more) a man NOT wait too long to even use the bathroom, because that can cause a man prostate issues. So, I usually let a man go before me in that case. Then again, anyone who waits too long to use the bathroom (#1) can even develop symptoms of UTI, and other bladder based symptoms. So, he may wanna have a Colonoscopy as well! Just to be on the safe side.

      These are all just options for ya paolo. And I wouldn't lean too much toward online references when looking for causes or what you may possible have going on (i.e. self-diagnosis) as john pointed out. BUT it does not hurt to look at all the possible causes that match your symptoms, that way you can bring them all up to your doctor.

      Again, please keep us all posted. Hope things go well for you.

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    Has (or Have you had) your doctor checked you for the following (if they haven't been ruled out already):

    Ulcers (had one myself, and was VERY BAD, shortly before the issues that followed)

    Gullbladder (and other G.I. related problems, whichinclude EVERY organ within)

    [Many illnesses and diseases etc. are said to be easy to overlook and can unfortunately be misdiagnosed/under diagnosed]

    Hashimoto's Disease (Thyroid; another autoimmune disease)

    Celiac Disease (There is a HUGE difference between having the disease, and having an intolerance (or allergy) to Glutens [which is not limited to food only]. Celiac is an autoimmune disease.)

    Type 2 Diabetes

    The reason I mention thiese is because I am going through the same thing. Well, only difference is, I am female. BUT some illnesses may effect each person differently, as well as differences between female and male factors. Celiac Disease (not the intolerance), if not treated for quite sometime, CAN cause numerous other problems to other parts of our body! That is, you have it! It's said to ONLY be a first generation genetic disease, meaning your parents, and siblings would have (or had) to have had it. IF you DO find you have this, it's a LIFELONG, for the rest of your life illness. And can only be controlled with strict Gluten Free EVERYTHING! Like I said, have your doctor check you for all of the above, and rule out EVERYTHING he/she can! Our immune system is mostly in our stomach. So I'd definitely make sure to mention all of this to your doctor, and stress to them to have this all checked out! It is better to be safe than sorry, and never self-diagnose. I give you these options as they might help you to get your doctor (especially these days) to look a little deeper at the things most doctors can overlook, misdiagnose, underdiagnose, and sometimes not think of.

    FOr some of these, simple CT Scans and X-Rays cannot see them. They have to do more in depth procedures to find them. IF you find out you have any of them (or whatever it could be), don't panic. Get all kinds of info, and ALWAYS do research, ok?

    Best of luck! And keep us posted. smile

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    I am 44 years old, no drugs, little alcohol, no smoking, no sugar at all, I went to gym for 9 months and I became thin maybe very thin. In a training day at gym, I was doing biceps exercices, lifting overload, then I trained my shoulders with frontal movements and sudenly I felt a pain in my lower right abdomen that downed up to my testicles in the same side. I thought it was an hernia but I don't see any lump near my testicle. Now my symptoms are very similar to paolo ones, very very similar, doctor order me to do ecography but it shown alright, nothing anormal. Then hernia is discarded. Some days an annoying pain in that area is present, some other days it is almost disappeared. The urine analysis was ok, the poo analysis has shown the presence of Hymenolepis nana (paraiste similar to tenia) eggs. In these days I will take the medication against this parasite and at the same time I will ask to my doctor give me the medical order to do a CT and see. Paolo tell us what happened to you at last.
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    Hi paola20535,

    I am suffering from exactly the same symptoms and currently going through all the tests. As yet there has been no diagnosis. I was wondering if you ever had a diagnosis?

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    Hi all, thanks for all the replies.

    I had numerous blood tests, an endoscopy and ultrasound and nothing was ever found. The doctor put my physical symptoms down to anxiety. Id never have thought it but a culmination of factors had lead to me being overcome with it. I took some time off work and went on holiday. I stopped taking all of the drugs as I feared that several of the symptoms were side effects.

    After about 4 weeks the symptoms completely cleared and my weight started returning to normal. Googling my symptoms clearly made me fear then worst. I'd seen a few people die relatively young in the months preceding, had just started a new job and had just become a father myself so I think it was a combination of those together.

    I hope everyone else has the opportunity to sort theirs out and to recognise anxiety or stress if any of the above rings a bell. I've never suffered from it before and didn't think that it could cause such physical symptoms. It literally took over my thoughts all day every day for about 3 months

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    Hi, Paolo. I just wanted to see if your condition ever cleared up and if they identified it? I am having similar symptoms. Abdominal aches and queezyness that seems to migrate all around my abdominal area. A couple days later it migrated down to my groin. The doctor diagnosed it as epididymis and prescribed antibiotics. Did an STD panel, all came back negative, but still waiting on Herpes results. But I have no burning, itching, discharge, etc. And no sores or blisters. Just this pain in my testicle area that is not responding to antibiotics and the abdominal aches (not constant). If I ice the testicles and take ibuprofen it helps to relieve the discomfort, but never painful. Doesn't sound like Herpes, but what else could it be?
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      Have you been checked or diagnosed with vericocele veins in your testicles?
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      No, we were all thinking it's some kinda STD, but it's been a week and still got the same symptoms, but theyre not typical symptoms if Herpes, which is the last year result I'm waiting on. I'll check out what you are thinking and see if it is a possibility. I appreciate your thoughts Jim. Thank you
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    Hi paolo,

    I'm 25 and having the exact same symptoms! Started with a throat infection and a bad cough with no fever, eventually moving on to moving abdominal pains. Slight difference is that I had acid reflux and bloating so I took antacids. This led to rectal and groin pain the next day, and the day after the painn spread down to my testicles, though it was slightly less.

    I've been to a GI specialist and he detected nth wrong, putting it down to IBS and suggesting a blood test first before we decide on a scope session. That was before the antacids, and I'm still waiting for the blood and stool test results. I am really interested to know if there's any development on your side so I could properly get it diagnosed.

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