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I’m due a colonoscopy in a few days time and getting anxious about taking the moviprep.  Firstly we have only one loo in the family home and I also have some mobility problems.

Another thing I wondering is the water we have to take as well , do we take as we drink the prep or straight afterwards.

does it start to work 2 hours after the first mouthful or after the last drop is drunk..

i have read some have to follow a diet fo a few days beforehand but my info just says what to eat at the last meal is  to be before the fast starts so I am a bit confused.

any advice gratefully received. 

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    Hi Taff

    Many of us are apprehensive of this procedure, myself included, so I can sympathise.

    Many hospitals have different bowel prep procedures, I myself have had Picolax for both of my colonoscopies, and the first time was fine, but the second time I did struggle towards the end of the prep, I had quite a bad reaction, but I was very tired, hadn't eaten for ages, the meds I have to take don't sit on an empty stomach very well, and there was an hour slot where I thought something bad is happening here, but it did pass and I was able to get through the prep. Another factor for the bad reaction was my health and fitness had deteriorated since my first colonoscopy, so I was a lot weaker than I was. The prep is the worst part of it, make it through that and you've done the hardest part.

    As for the colonoscopy, are you having sedation? I recommend it as it just makes the procedure much easier to deal with. Honestly, I was led on my side, watching the whole procedure on the screen, even saw them take biopsies. I felt relaxed all throughout it, and only experienced some discomfort, which is relieved by passing wind, so my advice is don't hold it in, let it out when you need to, it really does help. Before I knew it, it was all over and I was out, and couldn't wait to eat something.

    Drink water and plenty of it, I'm not fully clued up on moviprep, but all these bowel prep laxatives pull loads of water through your bowel, effectively washing it out. It's better to drink too much than too little in my experience.

    Luckily my last colonoscopy came back fine, no problems at all other than internal haemorrhoids, even the biopsies came back clear, so I shouldn't need another one for quite some time.

    I'm a total wuss when it comes to any type of hospital procedure, and my anxieties went through the roof both times, but if I can make it through two, I have no doubt you'll make it through yours.

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      I did have a colonoscopy many years ago and took Picolax which wasn’t the nicest if things  to take but I got through it and the procedure with sedation.

      A couple of weeks ago I had an endoscopy with  sedation , unpleasant but coped.

      I'm having sedation for the colonoscopy as not brave enough to stay awake.  It’s the prep I’m getting myself worked up over.

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      Exactly the same as me, and justified I think as well, the prep is the worst part.

      As I said I'm not common with Picolax but from what I've read up about it, it seems a bit less intense an experience than Picolax, but I guess a lot of it also depends on the individual as well, some waltz through it, others have a hard time of it. I've had two colonoscopies now and the prep was totally different each time, the first was actually not too bad at all, the second was pretty awful.

      Let's hope someone who has experience of moviprep can give you the info and reassurance you need.

      All the best for the scope, I'm sure it'll all go fine, but I guarantee you'll be thinking 'I'm glad that's over with' once it's done!

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    I too have a colonoscopy soon with Moviprep rather than Picolax which I have had before. You should have received specific instructions from the hospital about what your diet for 2 days or so before the procedure. Here is my brief outline of my prep as outlined by my hospital..also based on experience as I have had 6 colonoscopies over the past 15 years

    1. Stop taking any iron supplements one week before the colonoscopy (iron makes the bowel dark and the scope/doctor won`t be able too see properly the inside of your bowel. (consult your gp about this or about any other medication you are taking or are in any doubt).

    2. The day before the procedure..light lunch of boiled fish (no batter etc) and mashed potato (no butter). At 6pm dissolve Moviprep in glass of water and drink. Drink one glass of water over the next 2 hours up to at least 2 litres. Expect frequent bowel movements towards the end of the 2 hours BUT stay near a toilet ALL the time!

    3. Day of procedure . I don`t eat breakfast just to be on the safe side. At 8am take Moviprep again as per above with 2l or more of water.

    4, After procedure you can eat but keep diet light for rest of day. Any bloating is wind that will pass out normally. Bowels return to normal in a day or two.

    Look at Moviprep instructions and hospital instructions as they may differ from what I am going to do. Moviprep isn`t like an Enema where you need the toilet immediately but as I say stay near a toilet just to be on the safe side, I think with me its the amount of waster that has to be  drunk especially at 8am..rather than Moviprep that might make me feel nauseous and I am concerned I might bring it up.

    See your hospital and Moviprep instruction or ask your gp for futher advice..good luck Because its a " live " scan they should give you the results soon after the colonoscopy..good luck!


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    The best advice I can give you is to have everything ready in your bathroom before you take the prep.  By that I mean wet wipes, soft flannel, towels, vaseline (your bottom is going to get very sore), book/kindle/tablet, music, your additional litres of water.  Some people advise mixing up the prep in advance, chilling it, and drinking it through a straw.

    Mine started half way through the first prep, so I was not prepared.  I knew better before taking the 2nd prep.  I was going every few minutes for several hours so did not actually leave the loo during that time.  As you only have one, it might be best if other family members use the loo just before you start, and you have something suitable as a urinal for them to use while you are occupying the space.  After things started to slow down and I wanted to go to bed, I wore an incontinence pad.  I also wore one on the journey to hospital.

    As others have mentioned, each hospital seems to have different prep requirements.  Mine required me to go on a special diet for 3 days, then 2 days of clear liquid only, before taking the prep.  I hope you get the sedation and enough time for it to become effective before they start.  Many people report not remembering a thing about the procedure, but some remember the procedure, but not getting dressed and going home.  I did find after the colonoscopy, as soon as I ate anything it dropped straight through me, for about 48 hours, but I have not come across anyone else reporting this. 

    It's well worth the discomfort to get peace of mind.

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      My diet only starts on the lunch on  the day I take the perp the same evening. I’m booked for a 1pm scope the following day.  It doesn’t say anything about what to eat the days before hand so that’s why I’m a bit confused.  

      Lets bope all goes to plan as it’s tomorrow even8ng I start my prep.

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      Lucky you - I was soooooooooooo hungry even though I missed a day!  I was supposed to start the low residue diet on Sunday - Tuesday, then fluids only Wednesday - Thursday, with the prep Thursday night and Friday morning, with the procedure 3pm Friday.  But the prep and instructions got delivered to the wrong address, so I had to phone Monday morning and arrange to pick up more from the hospital.  They were really unpleasant about it, saying it would be my fault if they could not complete the procedure because I had eaten normally on Sunday, even though it clearly was not.  Fortunately I was completely clear - no problem.  When the neighbours got back from their holiday, they found my prep in their post!  Glad the procedure is a bit more civilised now.  Best wishes.
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      I was given the prep at the hospital so came home with it.  Being diabetic I’m the first to be done in the afternoon so shouldn’t have to wait around too long I hope.  But will be without food just over 24 hours.
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