Mtn. Bike spill = simple (non-surgical) Distal Radius Fracture

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My ultra slow backdown a concrete-lined irrigation canal on a ride this June had be landing on my feet in waist-deep water. Me slapping the 30 degree slope of the canal wall with my right palm as it spun off the handlegrip caused the complete, yet good position break in my lesser arm.biggrin. I went just past 5 weeks in fiberglass casts. Was given a brace to wear for next 2 weeks as the X-Ray showed good callus, no misalign.  I'm a 51yrs. old avid workout guy: Total Gym+running+mtn. biking+golf. 

Could not wait out this full brace, started my own rehab with just a low support wt. lifters wrist wrap.  Decent amount of pain still on the ulnar side of the wrist, stiff.  Think this is due to TFCC being also micro-torn.  That is the joining cartilage barrier from you radius-ulna bones, lubed for comfort & fxn. 

I just did a flatland canal road 26mi. ride with the brace on over wrist wrap, sans the metal plate backing.  That was mildly painful.  Theraband flexbar (yellow) at work while sitting is my main tool to recoup arm/wrist motion, dissipate pain-I hope. I also have a squeeze-it ball, 3lbs. dumbells, and Tens Unit at home.  My goal is to high five the Dr. Aug. 10 when I am due to be freed up from all support.  Seems like pronation/suppination was least affected, ulnar/radial deviation next, flex/sublfex most.  Taking Ca, D & C. No alcohol, no soda and still doing high intense ab crunches to activate my own HGH internally.  Maybe that's why at 3 week is why Dr. found me above normal progress level via X-ray.

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    i am slightly confues as you say , 5 weeks in fiberglass casts. Was given a brace to wear for next 2 weeks

    and then said above normal result after 3 weeks following an x ray

    i have had the misfortune of suffering quite a few breaks and never had an x ray after 3 weeks ?

    or did you mean 3 weeks post the 7 in cast and brace ?

    anyhoo its good  to hear your doing well


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      Xray #1 was @ day1.  Xray #2 was at day 4.  Xray #3 was at 3 week mark.  Xray #4 (current) was at 5 week mark.  Needless to say, severe radiation is gonna be side affect!

      Still have last one on Aug. 10.   Had several mishaps b4 (running w/ankle fracture on black ice, mtn. bike with left hand carpal fractures b4) and not near the amount of xrays.  oh well.

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      some of us do lead a somewhat accident prone existance we could start a forum for most breakages ,

      compound fracture of the fib n tib fracture of the femur 2x exturnl fixators  1x femural nail 1 x plate and screws in tib 2 bone grafts 6 skin grafts some yrs later   then another fracture to the same femur distal end resulting in  more screws and plates also multiple fractures of the ankle resulting in screws and plates and a nail inserted through the ankle to fixate it permanently. this is all right leg then amputation of the right leg above the knee   ot a bad list for a kick off  lol  13 ops in total and no limb by the end of it

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    be glad it's your lesser arm, dominant right arm here IT SUCKS
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    Was reading there abt you hope you can do that high five .. I broke the right radius in right hand in May 2015 swelling very bad went through the 14 cast x Ray after ach one had 3 pins in now removed cast off now 5 wk attending hand therapy fingers won,t bend and cannot straighten them out wrist movement very poor and elbow joint will now not straighten . What advise if any would you give to help attending hand therapy 3 times a week got another plastic cast to try stretch and twist my wrist which I have to wear 3 hrs a day  a different one for bed a hard plastic slab.. Also have to wear a support glove 1 hour a day .. Have you any good advise for me  just to get a nights sleep is getting to be hard work. 
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      paula; sorry your level of break required pins to place the bones.  We are not obviously designed to "lock-down" our mucles/tendons/ligaments in stationary mode for weeks and into months at a time.  I'm now about 12 days post cast, but the pain and limited wrist movement still there.  The Theraband yellow flexbar is helping me.  For best sleep, I had to use a big pillow, hug it like a teddy bear between my legs in order to keep it propped up and away from the rest of me.  After awhile, I would actually forget about the cast at night!

      One thing about me, I likely am going to fast beyond Dr. advice, as a workout addict.  I doubt, but also hope, that low level resistance training post cast can re-break the radius, so the pain must be from tightened & shrunk down soft tissue.  X-rays don't show the damages to ligaments, only MRI would - which I never got!  Rode my bike 3X already, with only light wt. lifter's wrap on.  Did two Total Gym workouts, arrghh!!  I did do them at 60% level and was shaking like a wimpy deer fawn on that with every rep.  Biking today again in a heat warning for AZ desert - maybe about 108F.  Oh well.  Forgot about my Tens device, must try that still.  will update it's effect.

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      Tens Unit works ok, but just did that once so far, at just past 7weeks of fracture, only 13 days post cast.  I am likely way pushing my own version of PT much past what the orthopedic guy wants.  But, I am an active workout fiend, can't stand the state of atrophy and such I became without outdoors workouts and Total Gym hi reps, low wt.   Flexbars are awesome - I learned how to use them from very serious episode of Golfer's Elbow several years ago.  Now, last ortho several days from now, & I learn the source of the current remaining pain.  It is one of three:  Soft tissues still recovering full range from locked down.  Soft tissues damaged not known due to no MRI yet. (Can't get US Insurances to cover these anymore!)  Soft tissue rubbing over the new bone callus on the wrist back side.  Add another: I may have recracked it on the new callus in all my ridiculous hurry to regain fitness and get back on the golf course!  frown   My mom will scold me, wife will I told you so!
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    Hi-Fived the dr. fella with the broken/recovered wrist & hand.  He said I'm light years ahead of most. Good bone fissure.  Guess my normal daily workouts regime, and the resumption of it, paid off.  There still is pain for this radius fracture on the opposite side of my arm to wrist crease - the pinky side and more ventral.

    But, did go the driving range, and hit small bucket of balls with not much if any pain.  Just weaker right side - which somewhat spoiled the outing.  It's just short of 8weeks since break, a bit over 2weeks post cast.  Gotta keep rehab going with flexbar twists, and got the Total Gym stuff still - but at reduced levels still anywhere from 15-30 percent less than prebreak.  You all can recover flexibility and dissipate pain post cast with your own aggressive response - I'm living proof! 

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