MUA tomoorow. How soon will I be able to drive?

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I had a right TKR on October 10th so now 7 months into it. Unfortunately, I am back in hospital tomorrow for an MUA because myself and my surgeon who I saw two weeks ago are not happy. I cannot straighten my leg and do a straight leg lift....I have a 10% lag and my ROM at best is 110. Before the operation I was fit, could walk, not much pain and could sit on my heels. I'm in my mid 50s. Unfortunately due to bad arthritis, no cartilage a damaged meniscus and a dislocated knee cap I was given no option but a TKR. The surgeon wants to do the MUA under a general and says I should be on crutches for a couple of days then back to "normal". Can anyone that has had it done at this stage let me know how it was for them as two people I know who have had this done were certainly not back to normal after two days!

Many thanks. Teela

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    Hi I'm 4 months post TKR, I had a MUA 27th March and only started driving last week, everyone is different but I suffered excruciating pain for a good week afterwards everywhere , my back, thighs , calfs,doctor said it was just where they had pulled me about. Driving ok I just find getting in and out uncomfortable with the pain etc. Hope it goes ok x

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      Thanks Natalie, I'm hoping that as I am further down the line and my knee has healed over the last 7 months that I won't suffer as much as you. However, it has always been very stiff if I rest it for more than ten minutes. I will let everyone know how I get on. I am supposed to be going to Windsor Horse show on Sunday and was going to walk on crutches all day...Perhaps I need to dust off a wheelchair!


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    Yes, everyone is different.    At 12 weeks post TKR I had a MUA because I was at -5/100.  Two weeks after the MUA I was driving...I could of driven sooner I think but was instructed by the surgeon to just work on my ROM exercises and not drive or do any unnecessary walking which could cause the knee to swell.  But after two weeks I was cleared to do what I wanted because my ROM was 0/120.   

    BUT I could do a leg lift with no your issue could also be muscle weakness and that will not be fixed with a MUA which is for scar tissue.  Are you working with PT group?  

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, the surgeon did say when I went to see him at 4 months ( I asked for an extra appointment as I wasn't happy with my progress) that I had issues with my muscles and that "these things can happen in an operation where we take everything off" He has said I could have an operation to sort but he wouldn't do that for a year to give them chance. I have had NHS and private physio's and they could not understand why I could not work some muscles after the op. So yes I know that I cannot fix it all with an MUA but hopefully get more straightness and ROM. I am very active and horse ride 4 x a week. go to the gym for aqua, pilates , rowing machine etc. have a stationery bike and a mini trampet at home so I am certainly doing some work on building up the muscles.

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      WOW, all I do is the bike and my exercises.  I am just starting back to the gym.  My problem is I don’t have the energy to do all that.   

      But I would say if you can get your ROM the rest will come.   I was very glad to have the MUA since it got me back on track with my recovery.  

      This is just my opinion but I think some of the muscle issues for folks is how careful the surgery was during the surgery...that is just my thought.  So don’t let them make you feel like it is your fault.  I always say that is why Doctors (surgeons) PRACTICE medicine  😀

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      Quite agree! I had really strong leg muscles from all my horse riding and walking. The day of the op my thigh was twice the size and I've had problems from the beginning. I hired a tens like machine from the PT for 4 months at £400 and even that didn't activate them much! So I know muscles are going to be a long slog.

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    My suggestion is to hire yourself a CPM to work your knee 3 times a day to the degree that you can handle plus 5 and keep doing that until you get the 120 (which is the max the CPM goes to) I had my MUA at 12 weeks my ROM was 3/78, the Dr got 120 on the table and I was put on a CPM right after waking up and stayed on it for 4hrs after which I was able to go sticks or crutches.  The next two weeks I was sore but not as bad as the TKR thou I had some soreness and bruising around the thigh from the MUA. I got my CPM 3 days after the MUA and have been using it ever since, at the beginning I was using it 3 times a day until the soreness and ROM got to 100, after that I was able to do some walking and light labouring work (washing car, mowing lawn, Vac house etc) and on the days that I do that I do at least 1 hr on the CPM if not 2 x 1 hr. I will be keeping the CPM for a total of a month cost me £240....and as far as I am concerned worth every penny.

    ?I am now able to get around a lot easier...go up and down stairs normally, thou still use one rail just in case. Knee is still slightly swollen and is stiff in the morning but after about 5 mins frees up somewhat. Walking wise ... I am able to work for some distance as long as I don't push myself to hard for too long, need to stop and rest every now and again.

    ?I was concerned about the MUA from the stories that I had read...but I am glad that I did it. Will be some weeks before I get back to where I am able to do my job fully...but I know that will happen.

    ?Hope that helps

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      Thanks for that Wayne, Yes a friend had also suggested a CPM machine. I will look into that tomorrow.


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    I have avoided mua throughout my 5 complete rehabs but I have a couple aquaintances and 4 or 5 that I've been in rehab with that have gone through it. Its the same story, everyone was different and all you can learn from them is wonderful to regret I ever did it. 1st of all, you need to understand what they are going to do. You have scar tissue built up throughout the knee and that has to be released to allow ROM and ease pain. By putting you under it allows the Dr to tear this scar tissue loose, then you start working again to keep it loosened. Therein lies the difference in people and the recovery. There are those that don't work properly and those that don't get the same degree of the tearing process.

    I had one spot the Dr released through a surgical process because of location. Unfortunately it grew back and had to have it done again when I underwent another of several surgeries. Scar tissue is the biggest bug a boo of this surgery. Every one has it to some degree, I seem to manufacture the stuff. This rambling may not help you but again you get the message that it isn't a hard and fast procedure.

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    No one can say "when".  There are no timetables and everyone is different.  You give the knee TIME to heal, you do all the ROM and exercise WORK necessary for recovery and, finally, you have PATIENCE with yourself and the knee.  Be Zen: "I'll be driving again when I'm driving again."

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    Hi All,

    Had the MUA yesterday under a general. Surgeon managed to bend to 130 and told me he could hear the scar tissue tear! Couldn't get it straight unfortunately so will have to live with that. I was told to use crutches for a few days. However, I am able to walk around the house and do stairs happily without. In fact last night I woke in the middle of the night and went to the loo and found for the first time in 7 months my knee wasn't stiff and I didn't stagger to the toilet! so really pleased. It's a bit more uncomfortable this morning, but not surprised bearing in mind what they have done to it. I think I have managed at least 125 on my exercises and see the physio next week. I think I will be able to drive in a day or so as it feels so good. Really pleased I had it done and if I keep up the good work this MUA will make a big difference. Not much swelling but I have been using my cryo cuff. Surgeon said not to bother with CPM machine as it only goes to 120!

    Will post again after physio next week and let you all know how it is then.

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    Glad to hear you are back on track with your ROM!  Like you I saw results right away in how I could get up and walk around but just don't overdo it and keep working on your ROM!!!  

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