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I've been using this for 3 days and it seems to be helping. The itching has stopped, still some soreness but not as bad. I'm going to keep on and see what happens. Has anyone tried it ?

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    Hi Isobel

    Please let us know how you do with the gel longer term.  Do you have Atrophic Vaginitis?  My understanding is that those of us that have AV need to have some estrogen in the vaginal area and most will need it for lifetime.  If something else works better than Vagifem it would be nice to know. Some ladies after menopause are dry and need moisture others that have Atrophic Vaginitis need the added estrogen.

    thank you


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      Hi Wendy , yes I will let you know. I haven't been diagnosed with AV but had some symptoms, mostly itching and soreness. My GP prescribed Vagifem which seemed to help initially but then after 6 months the itching came back so I decided to try the Multigyn. . Thanks for your interest

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    I tried multi-gyn because of what I read here re its effectiveness re itch and discomfort. It burned me terribly then caused a discharge. When I finally got to see the gynecologist months later I brought the tube with me so she could read the ingredients. (We don't have it in the US. I sent away to the UK for it). She said she would never recommend it to someone who was postmenopausal as it would be too harsh for someone with thinning skin. I do have AV, but it has not caused me any problems for the last 20 years (other than uncomfortable exams) until the past 6 months. 

    I am now using a compounded estradiol cream and a steroid for the AV and now LS (which I was just diagnosed with). This doctor's theory is that what is happening outside can cause what feels like an itch inside.

    As I have had experience with non-specific infections many years ago I finally called in for a prescription for Flagyl as the creams were doing nothing after weeks of use to alleviate the itch. The itch now appears to be gone. I posted this info here re Flagyl at least three years ago as I read so many complaints of agonizing and endless itching due to AV. Based on my own experiences I can say with confidence, it is possible to have AV but have an itch that is caused by a bacteria that does NOT show up in a smear. Some doctors do not believe in prescribing flagyl because they are so focused on the AV. I had such a doctor 20 years ago and suffered for five years being prescribed everything else possible. MY GP finally prescribed it for me and the itch was gone for these 20 years.

    I know everyone's body is different, but if women are suffering from a chronic itch and raw skin internally and nothing else works I would highly recommend talking to your dr about Flagyl. It's possible you could have an infection that does not show up on the smear as something they identify. When my GP prescribed it for me 20 years ago he said the body is made up of thousands of bacteria most of which have not yet been identified. If multi-gyn works that's great. We just have to know how to cure ourselves. If you continue to suffer with whatever you are being treated with, it could be the doctor is on the wrong track. It isn't easy, but you have yo be your own advocate.

    Good luck to all you ladies out there that continue to suffer. May you all find relief!

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      It burned a little when I first tried it but only a couple of times and then it was ok. You are right we do need to treat ourselves in a way, we know our own bodies.
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      I think the purpose of multi-gyn is to balance the vaginal PH. We had a similar product here in the US many years ago called AcidGel. I had tried it, it didn't help me, but it also didn't burn. But I was young and had no issues with AV. For reasons I don't understand Flagyl was the only thing my gyno prescribed that worked the few times I got an infection. Having a new partner could definitely cause one, presumably because we all come with our own bacteria good & bad.

      Many years later around menopause I got an infection that a new gyno could not specifically identify. She went down the AV route refusing to prescribe flagyl despite my saying the symptoms were identical to what I had before (which Flagyl cured). She insisted the horrible itching was due to menopause and she was wrong. After 5 years of suffering my GP   prescribed the Flagyl at my request and like magic the torture was over.

      Twenty years later I was diagnosed with definite AV by another gyno, and was prescribed hormone cream which I did not use because I had a sister with stage 4 breast cancer. I had no itch, just discomfort,  when having an exam.

      Three years later I developed an on and off itch for 6-7 months. As I was out of state and my insurance only covers in network providers I was not able to see a gyno till just recently. Because of a rather apparent degradation of the skin this doctor said the hormone cream was definitely necessary (along with the steroid cream for the LS which she said she saw). Re the itch and my wanting Flagyl, she made the comment re "outside problems giving the feeling there was an internal problem". I agreed to try the creams, but weeks later the itch returned again. I called the office, explained the problem to the nurse and the oncall doctor gave me the flagyl prescription.It is not easy to write clearly on this as there are many facets and much time has passed. However, the point I am hoping to convey to women is that it is possible to have an infection that does not show up on a smear, because it is not caused by the usual recognizable bacteria. 

      In my case I have been prone to this over many years. As we go into menopause (which comes with it's own AV issues) doctors tend to think strictly AV, etc, NOT non-specific infection.

      Re the multi-gyn I can't speak as a medical professional. All I know is it did not help me (it actually caused some discharge) and what my current gyno said about it's being apt to sting thinning skin. I would have been very happy had it worked for me as I don't like taking antibiotics. etc.  This doctor also feels the Mona Lisa laser treatment is  a very harsh way to treat thinning skin, but that's a whole other topic. I may have not mentioned it here, but she is a menopause specialist.

      So again, I wish everyone good luck with their issues and attempts at finding the right medications and cures for your specific issues. I just want you all to be aware problems can be caused by non-specific bacteria if all other treatments don't help you. I am proof of it.

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      I was prescribed Eumovate steroid cream which does ease the itching but I don't like using it all the time, hence multi gyn, which has worked much better for me so far, I think an imbalance can cause symptoms like itching and soreness, it is a minefield , with so many things causing itching.  

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      Do you use coconut oil? I chill it, then carve it into a quarter moon with a spoon for easy insertion. It is soothing and has antibacterial properties. I've been using it for years off & on. Now on. My new doctor was very pro C.O. Seems to be the rage.

      Why has you doctor prescribed steroid cream? For AV or specifically for itch? This is the first time I have been using it and supposedly for LS. (I still wonder about that diagnosis). Have my follow up appointment tomorrow morning for an assessment as to how all this goop is working.


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    Also there are two very similar products.

    actigel and floraplus. 

    The boxes look the same and they are the same or similar products.

    one is for BV and one is for Thrush. 

    One of them also used to have a different name, so it can all be very confusing.


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