Multinoduler Goiter confused with my radioactive iodine scan.

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This is the first time posting. 

I was diagnosis with hyperthyroid. 

Had an ultrasound they stated I had a nontoxic multinoduler goiter. After that my PC send me for uptake/scan. My results show exact notes:


Abnormal thyroid uptake and scan.

There is elevated thyroid uptake demonstrates above.

Nodular tracer uptake is consistent with a multinodular goiter, as seen on the prior thyroid ultrasound.

There are hyperintense nodules occupying the mid to inferior right thyroid lobe. There are two hyperintense nodules in the left lower lobe. 

The PC office wasn't able to give any further details I have he endo Oct 31. 

I'm really stressed out hoping someone can help me out with some info or your thoughts on my results.

Thank you 


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    Hi Diana

    Don't stress out. It seems your nodules turned toxic or "hot" and are causing your hyperthryoidism. Do you have symptoms? Did they give you the % of iodine uptake on your test report? How long  have you had nodules? What is your TSH and other thyroid panel levels.

    I've had nodules for years with normal thyroid levels. One turned hot last summer causing my TSH to plummet. I took Methimazole for several months. 

    Nodules sometimes turn toxic. I don't think anyone knows why, but don't worry. The Endo will offer you a few treatment options. Do as much research on this as you can so you can make the decision you feel is right for you. 

    If you can, post your thyroid panel readings here and  include the ranges so we know where you are.

    Hang in there. 




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      Hello Jaye,

      My symptoms included tingly and numbing feeling on my feet all day .  Always hot or very cold. My weight has been pretty steady but have had a hard time to lose weight.  Feeling depress and crying for no reason. 

      From my blood results these are the only two listing for thyroid on my blood results. 

      T4 FREE2.2 ng/dL

      TSH0.01 mcU/mL

      I also know my vit D is low.

      They did not tell me the %.  My nodules seems to have been there for many years I saw it getting bigger and spoke to the doctor about it.  So now it's toxic right before the uptake they told me it was nontoxic. I haven't been able to find anything online about hyperinense nodules.

      Thank you so much for the response.  


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    Hi Diana

    My TSH appeared to be suppressed at zero, but I later found out Biotin supplements can change the TSH reading. Just wanted to mention that to you.  I take a lot of vitamins such as: A, Stress B, B2, B12, C, D, Biotin (when I'm not having blood work done) If you take it, stopping it for a few days prior to testing should help with accuracy. I also take Flax, Lipo Flavinoid, Magnesium, Ubiquinol, Magnesium Potassium Asparate, L Carnitine, Acidophilus, Lysene, Zinc, Selenium, maybe others I can't recall now. 

    Nodules can turn hot with age, I believe. My Endo offered me 2 options: RAI to destroy the nodule or surgery to remove it. I didn't want either. Now I'm happy I didn't do either as my TSH was not really suppressed. In my case, in my opinion :-) not the Endos, my nodule doesn't always over produce hormone, which would account for the Methimazole making me feel sick, which is why I down-dosed and eventually stopped. I see him tomorrow and will have another blood test. 

    From the Internet:

    Symptoms of multinodular goiter

    Most multinodular goiters don’t cause any symptoms and are discovered during a routine physical exam.

    If you have a toxic multinodular goiter, which makes too much thyroid hormone, you might have symptoms of hyperthyroidism. These include:

    sudden and unexplained weight loss

    rapid heartbeat

    increased appetite

    nervousness or anxiety

    tremors, usually in your hands


    increased sensitivity to heat

    Treatment for this condition

    Noncancerous goiters that aren’t causing any symptoms don’t always need treatment. Sometimes your doctor might suggest watching and waiting to see if the goiter gets bigger. If the goiter does grow very large or starts to otherwise cause symptoms, there are several treatment options.

    One option is radioactive iodine, which is usually used to shrink goiters in cases of hyperthyroidism. It works by destroying part of your thyroid to bring levels of thyroid hormone production back to normal. Some may end up developing hypothyroidism after radioactive iodine therapy.

    Methimazole (Tapazole) and propylthiouracil are medication options that are also used to treat hyperthyroidism by decreasing the amount of thyroid hormone in your body.

    If the goiter has become very large or is causing any trouble with breathing or swallowing, part or all the thyroid can be removed. How much of the thyroid is removed depends on how big the goiter is, how many nodules there are, if any nodules are toxic, or if there is cancer. Surgery is also the recommended treatment if any of the nodules are cancerous.

    If all of your thyroid gland is removed, you’ll need lifelong treatment with thyroid hormone replacement medication.


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    Diana - I forgot to ask, have you had biopsies of the nodules over the years? 
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      Hi Jaye,

      Yes I have heard about the blood possibly being altered because of meds. I was not on any meds or over the counter. I have never had a biopsy of nodules.  I just want to feel somewhat normal I forgot to mention I'm always tired not fun and I have a 3 and 4 year old and I turned 40 in September. I sleep 8 hours a night and still doesn't make a difference.




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    I know the feeling, Diana. sad  Plus the kids keep you busy so you need extra energy. I hope you get this sorted out at your appointment. Post back with updates, okay?



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