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This is a general question and I am not after advice on certain brands and don't want to promote any. But I have only realised recently that I am going through peri, and found my answer to many aches and pains..... Would it be useful to try multivitamins? When I had my daughter 6 years ago, I was 40 and my hormones were over the place for a long time. I've probably started peri then. I was so desperate and kept asking doctors to check my hormones they haven't and said it wouldn't show me anything significant! Anyway, my husband suggested multivitamins and they helped. The doctor said it was likely to be placebo effect and that I had issues with anxiety and was healthy otherwise. I feel now similar to how I felt then and wondered about going back on multivitamins. My question is what type? Do I try just general ones or do I try some specifically for meno?

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    Hi. I take a women's multivitamin and B12 at the moment. It worked initially but I've started feeling rubbish again for the last few weeks. I'm buying some ginkgo today as I've been told it can help with dizziness, which is my main debilitating symptom. I'm 40, started feeling dodgy around 34, apx 3 yrs after having my fourth baby, and I'm just getting gradually worse with new symptoms nearly every day. Hope you get sorted x
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    Hi Daisy, speaking bluntly, doctors don't make any money out of vitamins, but they do out of prescribing anti anxiety meds.

    I can't advise about multi vits, but I will say that unless you live in southern Spain and are out in the sun every day, you are probably Vit D deficient - we all are! Where I live they don't test for Vit D deficiency because they assume everyone is!! That came from my doctor, then she added 'and we are only just beginning to understand how important it is'. Sheesh, why aren't they telling EVERYONE? 

    So  Vit D is a must have. I take it with magnesium, a mineral that is often in low supply today, due to depletion in the soil. I take it at night as it can make you drowsy. Take Vit D with food as it is oil soluble and works better with fat in your food.

    I was on HRT (for the hot flushes) for a while but had a few problems. I started taking Vit D and magnesium and the flushes have diminished to the occasional warm glow.

    I would say, you only get what you pay for. Those multi vits that say everything is 100% of your daily intake are probably best avoided, they may contain poor quality, synthetic vits. Look for a good quantity of Vit B12, as it is more expensive to produce and is often in short supply in cheaper brands.

    You still can't beat a good diet, but if it helps takes multi vits and minerals. But whatever you decide don't forget the Vit D!

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    Hi Daisy I used a good quality multivitamin (colloidal multivitamin) and extra b12 methycobalmin 1000mg sublingual lozenges. I also added magnesium. This helps.
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    would be great just to take one tablet with no risks whatsever for everything wouldnt it, but you dont know what your down on, so you may not need a multi one just yet, and if our diet is good, you wont need to take in extra vitamins, however, menopause does deplete us of our vitamins and minerals in particular, i have, along with most of the ladies on here tried quite a bit, genearlly we take Vitamn D good one for aches. B12 for nerve strength cos your gonna need that one, magnesium, potassium, ginger tea for digestive probs, along with real root liqourice , chaste berry, st johns wart. evening primrose,  and iron, but to be honest, you need to try individual ones  first, to see which helps you.

    lifestyle changes, for anxiety depression, do deep breathing to stay relaxed along with yoga, swiming, walking, eating little and often high protein low carb meals to avoid sugar imbalances, plenty of water to combat fatigue, and dehydration avoiding electrolytes going out of wack, and pace yourself dont over exert, as this will affect adrenalin production even more, which in turn affects cortisol, and sugar levels, and whatever you do DONT!! raid the fridge when you get the hunger pangs, eat protein to avoid them, and try and stay off the chocolate if you can, or, at least switch to dark chocolate, not bars just the odd peice,cos this is what makes us gain the weight................easier said than done we know!!

    Some things work some dont, just depends on what your body is loosing due to fluctuating hormones, trial and error really, definately give some of the menopause over the counter meds a go they may work you just dont know until you try them, i think really its a combination of it all, lifestyle, supplements, herbal,  even homeopathy, if your not going down the HRT route..............look out for Jamies post, she put lots of supplements recommended for menopause some of which i have mentioned, good luck with it daisy

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      Thanks Elaine and everybody for your comments.

      Elaine, you are right, it's about a lifestyle change, changes in the diet, habits, exercise and working gradually what works for us. Few years ago I would be very methodical about introducing such changes, now I find the idea of it quite overwhelming. My basic diet is quite healthy, relying on vegetarian, home cooked food. However it's the little extras here and there like a chocolate bar, snacking on cheese and biscuits etc.... I am on a go all the time with too young children but I don't do any conscious exercise, I use many mindfulness techniques but don't create space to meditate or do yoga which from experience can make massive difference to me. Sometimes I ask questions and really know the answers to an extent. I myself know that if I cut out off sugar, coffe, drunk more water, stopped snacking late at night, stopped eating ice cream, gave up wine (the 2-3 glasses I have a week) went swimming once a week, got on an exercise bike 3x a week and made time for yoga exercise another 3x a week I would feel much better. But it's so hard to change habits and to do things you know would be so much better for you, so hRd isn't it?

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