Muscle twitches, vibrations/buzzing, Anxiety or something worse?

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Hi, Just for note, I'm 19. I do suffer from generalized anxiety.

About a month an a half ago I started having a twitch on the inside/arch of my left foot, I was able to see it. It used to only happen at night, or in the evening. So I tried to figure out what it might be, searching stuff up on google. I found that muscle twitches could be from anxiety, caffeine, stress, or for things worse (ALS, MS etc) .

So this got me worried. I started having even more muscle twitches/spasms, in random parts of my body(eye, calves, thighs). The twitching in my foot was happening all the time(not so much now). Most of the twitches don’t happen often enough for me to check if they are visible. Like it’s just one random spasm on some part of my body.  I went to the doctor and they said it's probably not anything serious. I kept telling myself it's probably from anxiety.

Over 3 months ago I started my first job, which, I don't really like. I haven't been getting much sleep due to anxiety (I don't sleep well nights before I go to work). I had been working about 4 days a week, 4-5 hours on my feet (no breaks). Today was 6 hours. I've never been a very strong or athletic person, so is is hard on my feet. I've been trying to take 20 minute walks everyday too, My left foot (where the twitching started) is my weaker foot. But I also feel twitches other places. Even after getting a good night's sleep (8+ hours) I still get twitches, right now it’s in my eye.

The past week, I've felt a buzzing/vibration in some parts in my body. I'd say it's prickly but it doesn't hurt. Specifically I've felt it in mostly my back, but also in my feet, my chest/breast, torso, and my thigh. It worries me too. I'm not sure if this can be caused by anxiety or not. Could the vibrations be caused by muscle fatigue, I know the twitching can. Even if it is anxiety, these things happen even when I'm not anxious. I notice them when I'm resting.

Sometimes I also feel little jerks, like in my leg, foot, hand, arm. They aren't huge, but they are there.

I've also been very shaky the past few weeks, like sometimes I will tremor, but not all of the time, it seems to get worse when I become anxious. Sometimes I felt a bit dizzy, as well as nauseous. I haven't felt weak, not anymore than I usually was (like I said, I'm not strong). I only feel exhausted.

I got blood work done and I'm waiting for the results. I'd like to get some sort of brain scan but I highly doubt the doctor will order that. But the vibrations/buzzing started after I went to the doctor, so I couldn't tell them about that. I went to the psychiatrist too, he's putting me on anxiety medication.

I just want to know what this all may be caused by, or what it isn't caused by. Of course I keep worrying about my health, worrying about about a life threatening disease, even as young as I am. I know it's a very small possibility, but still a possibility is there. I've considered that I have BFS (Benign fasciculation syndrome) but I still worry.

If anyone else with anxiety has had symptoms like this, please let me know. If this seems like something else, I'd like to know that too (even though I'm terribly scared)

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    Sounds like it's all anxiety related to me. I get the prickly tingly feeling all ovr my body when I am anxious, and my eyes twitch sometimes also. I have also had many times where I didn't even feel anxious but I still had the symptoms of anxiety anyway, almost like a subconscious anxious I'm not even aware of. Do your bloodwork stuff, check in with your Dr in case but I really think it's all anxiety. I had headaches and dizzyness for a while, and I worried it was brain tumor or something. As soon as I started googling about tumors and such I swear my headaches and dizzyness got worse and I freaked myself out so much. I ended up getting an MRI eventually and it came back completely normal. After I heard that and I calmed down, I haven't had anymore headaches or dizzyness lol. It's amazing what your mind can do to your body physically.

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     Yes, stress and anxiety can definitely cause the muscle twitching and internal vibration plus hundreds of other symptoms.

    When I was in my 20s I suddenly develop muscle twitching from head to toe as well as internal vibration, Eye floaters, weakness, and several others. I also thought I had a terrible condition But I did not. It was all due to a lot of stress and anxiety over a long period of time.

    You are way too young for ALS.   Your symptoms also do not sound like MS.  

     my symptoms went on for a very long time but symptoms related to anxiety do not hurt you even though these are scary.

    To let you know, I am now in my 50s and still alive! Your symptoms sound identical to those caused by stress and anxiety.

    Please do not Google because you’ll just scare  yourself for no reason .

    Athletes get those fasciculations all the time with how they use their muscles. They are very common.

    The more you worry about this the more intense your symptoms will become. That shows you right there that it’s due to anxiety! Do things that relax your mind and don’t sit alone and think.

    My big mistake was worrying for many years  and nothing bad ever happened. Don’t waste your life like that. As long as you’ve been checked out by your doctor, get on with life and enjoy it because it’s way too short. Worry is a useless emotion and it robs you of your life. And enjoyment. 

     go for walks, be social, and laugh and smile, listen to great meditations on YouTube for anxiety etc. eat healthy and get some exercise. Stay positive and be a fighter for yourself. Don’t let fear control you.  

    You’re going to be OK! Take one day at a time and get some counseling if you have a difficult time managing anxiety and stress. 🌸🌸🌸🙂

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    I have had all of these symptoms from anxiety, too. I realised only recently how common they are.

    Try to listen to your doctors and busy yourself with other thoughts – for me, the only times my symptoms completely go away is when I'm enthralled in something else (work etc). Exercise also helps a tonne. I think of it as burning off anxious energy in other ways.

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    I am suffering from exactly the same issues. I am 44 .

    I got MRI, blood work , EMG a month ago and came out clean. But, everyday I feel low becoz of twitches and so scared bout everything. My life is at halt since last 4 months.

    I am due for follow up with my neuro in 3 months.

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    Hi Bryanne, sounds very similar to my current situation. Im 30 and Ive been working out intensely as of late. I've had muscle twitches in the past that came and went and didn't worry me too much. I was just coming off some health anxiety for IBS when I developed a twitch on my left eye had felt strained since I dont wear my glasses enough so I didn't think much of lasted 4 or 5 days, stopped 1 day, then came back again and then i started thinking about it a lot...and it started happening more. Finally I googled it and that made me feel worse. It started happening first thing when I woke up and finally I had a panic attack about it and used one of my brothers klonopin to calm down. The next day it was gone! That would have been cause to celebrate but I spent the morning waiting for it to come back...then I started feeling them happening all over (one in my neck, one in my calf, one in the other calf, foot, buttock, back etc). The last 3 days have been hellish trying to get on w my life and not worrying about what they are even though logic tells me it's anxiety. Without a doubt when my anxiety is worse I get more of them. When I'm calmer I feel less but I'm pretty much always on alert to some degree at this point.

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      Well the eyebrow twitch stopped, but I've been feeling little ones here and there for about 5 days now, but they are much better as I have been calming down and after seeing my psychologist. I've noticed they are worst when I am most anxious and are almost gone when I'm not anxious at all or distracted. Seeing a psychologist can help.

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    Hey Bryanne,

    I am 20 years old and have had the same exact symptoms you are describing. I do have a lot of stress as I am a pre-med student and although not diagnosed with anxiety, I do have some anxiety in my day to day life. Was just wondering if you had any kind of update from this situation, as my symptoms have been causing me a great deal of anxiety over the past few weeks. Thank you!

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