Muscle twitching and vibrations

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Hello all,

I got COVID in January and a few weeks after i got rid of the virus I started getting muscle twitches all over my body (fasciculations). I've also noticed a rippling effect in my muscle fibres during contraction.

I was wondering if anyone has also experienced similar symptoms after beating the virus?

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    hi Greg!

    I have had something very similar. I had covid The last week of December and didn’t have any major symptoms. Just very fatigued and drained, was more like a bad flu. How ever since then I’ve had a load of neurological symptoms.

    It started with muscles aches which subsided after a week or so, that then developed into neuropathy at night (warm, tingling feet) but again that went after 3-4 weeks. How ever since then I’ve had muscle twitching all over my body, literally from my feet up to my neck and although it is much less now I still have it especially in my legs after a run or bike ride.

    The vibrations I also have but these are mainly in my feet, in the arch to be more precise. It’s a horrible feeling but I have certainly begun getting back to my old self the last few weeks but the twitches and vibrations still hang around.

    Have you experienced any shaking in arms or legs? I had a 3-4 week period where my left arm was really shaky but again that seems to have resolved itself now

    keep in touch bud

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      Hey Elliot,

      Sorry for the late response, but my arms and legs do shake when I put even a little weight on them. It doesn't feel like they're going to collapse necessarily, but it's like I'm on a stage with really bad anxiety and I'm super nervous. Not really sure how to explain it...

      When I lean on my arms they also shake/tremble.

      How have you been feeling?

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      Hi Greg,

      yes i also have the shaking. I am back running -and cycling which is what tells me im generally ok but i dont seem to be able to shift what feels like the last of my symptoms. The twitches have subsided a lot but are pretty active after exercise still.

      What i find is that i can be standing up and just feel as though im tensing my legs, its not intentional and when i realise im doing it i stop and the shaking also stops. It feels like im constantly tense and i think thats the anxiety. same when i lean on my arms.

      like i said, its having more of an effect of my psychological state that physical but all symptoms have been much better the last few weeks.

      Have you come across many other people with similar issue?

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    I had muscle twitches from a medicine I take , it can be real weird when your biceps starts moving all by itself. The worst was muscle contraction of my calves at night , because that hurt a lot. COVID effects every part of your body , there are cells effected in every part, those cells the virus killed need to be replaced , it like growing pains as a kid. So Muscles might twitch ,or get tired quicker. Best thing to do is slowly start exercising them to help them rebuild faster.

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    Hey! I don't know if it is related, but in the late November/early December I was positive tested for Covid with all symptoms (fever, cough, tiredness, numbness and etc.) Since then, like you, i have widespread muscle twitching, some kind of stiffness for seconds, easy getting muscle soreness and not fully recovered taste (or at least it is different from what it was). It seems like sometimes i can provoke twitchings by stretching or moving my muscles. For example if i lay, stand and then lay down again my abdominal muscles will start twitching. Six months, and the only improvement is that my limbs tremors are less active. In addition in the last two weeks heart palpitations occurred and after 3 cardiology visits, all doctors said my heart is fine. Twitchings is the thing that drives me crazy. Some days are less active and some days are out of control. Im 25 y.o. and cant think for anything different from "Whats wrong with me, is it something bad and if it is do i want to know?" My anxiety about one really bad disease is getting really great amount. How are you now, Greg? Do you have some improvement?

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      I find that my twitching has calmed down. I still get twitches regularly in my calfs and I'll sometimes get them in the rest of my legs and other parts of my body, but not as often as before.

      I started working out about a week ago now and can't tell if it's helping yet. I also started seeing a therapist about three weeks ago for my anxiety which I believe has helped reduce the twitching. I should also note that I've begun taking steps towards seeing doctors to figure out what's going on.

      Currently, I try not to focus on them and just let the twitches come and go without any judgement. I have accepted that they will be a part of my daily life and are likely benign. I don't research anymore otherwise I stress myself out for nothing. My only concern now is that when I contract pretty much any muscle in my body the fibres quiver. I am taking steps to see a doctor and get that checked out.

      My advice: Stay busy/distracted and reduce stress.

      Btw I'm a 22 yo. guy from Canada that is otherwise healthy if that's any help.

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    Hey @greg99 and @elliott86287-

    I tested positive for COVID19 in January as well. My shortness of breath and loss of smell lasted for ~5 months. In the last 2 weeks my shortness of breath came back and a few days ago, I started getting muscle twitches all over my body. It started while just laying down but now it is constant. Did they ever resolve for you?


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    I likely had Covid-19 in February/March of 2020 but I wasn't able to confirm whether or not I had the virus because at that time, testing wasn't widely available where I live. I went from enjoying running 3-5 miles a day to feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and having shortness of breath for about 6 weeks. Eventually my respiratory issues cleared up but a couple months later I developed Erythema Nodosum in my right leg. EN can have many different causes only one of which being a viral infection. In January/February of 2021 I received the first and second dose of the Moderna vaccine. In April I developed fasciculations in my calves along with a mild peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. The fasciculations eventually spread to my thighs, arms, shoulders and my back. I've had a great team of Drs working to give me a diagnosis with more studies and tests completed over the last 4 months than I've had in my entire life. I've had a brain MRI, an EMG nerve study, a punch biopsy of the EN in my legs, and multiple blood draws for more labs than I can comprehend. All of which ruled out many diseases and disorders but failed to deliver a diagnosis. On Tuesday, a rheumatologist reviewed my chart and posed the question "Did these symptoms start after you received the Covid vaccine?" My initial response was "No" because the EN in my legs was present long before the vaccine was available. He said, "Not the EN, the neuropathy and fasciculations..." It had never clicked in my mind that perhaps the neuro symptoms I've been experiencing could be my immune systems response to the vaccine, possibly amplified by the existence of natural antibodies if I previously beat Covid. Unfortunately because I was never tested for Covid-19 or the existence of the antibodies, this is all theoretical and to my knowledge not a hypothesis that can be confirmed. Reading this thread has actually made me feel a little better about my situation as the failure to get a diagnosis has been very mentally draining. My neuropathy and fasciculations have only gotten worse, but knowing other people out there have experienced similar effects and some are improving makes me feel a little better. I appreciate everyone's stories and insight.

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