My advice for Pityriasis Rosea :)

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My experience with Pityriasis Rosea:

It all started after I spent the summer up in the mountains for about 2.5 months… about a week after coming back to the city, I noticed a red spot on my stomach. I wasn’t too worried, since I did get dry skin here and there, and it also kind of looked like a bug bite. When I got a few more spots in the same area, I thought maybe I had scabies (which I’ve had before) so my doc wrote me a perscription for the cream. That weekend, I was at my friends house and the spots had spread up my chest and neck and I became alarmed so I went to an urgent care where I saw an FNP. She was really dumbfounded by the whole situation and prescribed me some hydroxyzine 25mg (kinda like benedryl) and gave me some hydrocortisone 2.5% and sent me on my way. By monday, the spots were really red and all over, so I went to see my normal doctor. He thought I was bit by some type of bug out in the mountains and prescribed me a steroid to take over the next week. By friday, it was still about the same, so I called him and he said I had Pityriasis, which was so crazy because I had originally asked if that’s what I had (since I had been doing my internet research) and both doctors said no!! But I felt pretty confident with this diagnosis based on my lack of symptoms (I really wasn’t even itchy), and how the spots were mainly on the trunk of my body. I was definitely a little sad to find out that it lasts about 4-6 weeks on average… because I am a 21 year old college student and it was the summer! I was also worried when I read that some people had this disease for up to 3 months or more!! My advice would be to try not to let those numbers effect you. Try to stay positive about the whole experience. I used coconut oil every day, took oatmeal baths every couple days, washed with head and shoulders shampoo, and tried to get sun exposure. The spots on my neck and chest went away within a few days because I didn’t cover them up and I constantly exposed them to the sun!! Around week 3 (from the first day of the spot), I was definitely noticing it fade and by the start of week 4 (today), I would say I could wear a bikini if I had to!! A few spots remain around my thighs and hips, but they are relatively dark. It also got a little more itchy before it started to fade and I was never itchy before. For me, I found the my PR started to go away very quickly once I lost INTEREST in it. Once I stopped worrying about it, or counting the days, it was like I just woke up and it was gone one day!! If you have PR, it can definitely be scary, and I felt at times I was going to have it for the rest of my life, but it is just a temporary disease and it makes for an interesting story!!

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    Mine lasted 4 weeks and got so swollen and bruised behind the knees that I couldn't walk. Plus I'm a swimming teacher so being covered in what looked like ringworm wasn't an option.

    This is what worked for me

    1)5 day course of steroid tablets.

    2)Showering with head and shoulders shampoo.

    3)Covering myself in sudocrem.

    4)Antihistamines to help night itching.

    5)Tanning on sunbeds.

    I was so tired with the night itching that looking after 2 young kids and working was horrible. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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      I took steroids for about 5 days too, but I read that some studies say that taking steroids may prolong the disease a little because it can lower your immune system, but again, the results of that aren't conclusive.

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      I also took steroids for 5 days. After 7 it started to clear.maybe it worked, maybe it was coincidence
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    I had a VERY similar experience. I went camping and got a mark on my stomach. It spread like wildfire for a few days and lasted 3 weeks. I also used coconut oil everyday and tried the head and shoulders but that made me itch. My family doctor and a 2 and opinion doctor told me it was not P.R. because it wasn't holding all the characteristics. for example I had a big bundle of marks on my back but it wasn't in the typical pattern. I had a Harold patch on the back of my thigh that my doctor diagnosed as a fungal infection. WRONG. I demenaded a referral to a dermatologist and was diagnosed right away. Makes me wonder what causes this so badly!!

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      I read one study about being exposed to pollution after being out where there is less pollution can induce it but there is no conclusive evidence. It's such a crazy disease!!!! I'm so glad it's over. Seriously thought it would never go away.

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      This is very interesting. I'll have to look up studies on it. I haven't heard this theory yet.

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    Ive had PR for about 5 months and its really bad, its only making my depression worse and i'm ashamed and embarrassed every day. I've worn long sleeves and jeans every day this summer and its absolutely horrible. I dont know what to do anymore.

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      I suffer from depression/anxiety also and I know how hard it can be. Maybe you could try therapy to talk about how you feel with someone who won't judge you. It's important with this disease to stay positive so my advice would be to just keep living your life like normal and know that no one really cares about what's going on with your skin! Be extra kind to yourself. Good luck

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    hello! may I know what kind of head and shoulder shampoo did you use? is the menthol scent? thank you!
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    I had a very similar experience too, and it DEFINITELY started going away once I had more sun exposure/lost interest in it completely haha. I have a feeling this means that it might also be stress induced. Good advice about not worrying! 
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    Hi all just want to say I've had pityriasis rosea for around 8-9 weeks now I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of it and right up until a few days ago I was finding new spots all over my stomach and spreading to my arms ! It was getting me down so much! But now their finally disappearing I used sunbeds and instantly helped I've moisturised 3-4 times a day using cetraben ! I used head and shoulders for around 5 days which made my rash WORSE. I then used hydrocortisone for the last 3 days and it's cleared the rash right up! I have a few tiny spots left which is nothing in comparison to when it first started ! Have faith and moisturise vigorously!

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    I see it has been 3 whole years since you wrote this article and you probably won't respond, but has the PR came back after that time?

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