My Anxiety is robbing me of my life

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Im a 53 young and always dealt with depression through counselling and medication.

But since i moved into my housing association flat more than 3 1/2 years ago my life has become meaningless and I am no longer the person I was.

I have tried multiple ways to move out of this property , and am now embroiled in a Court Trial in May as my Landlord has decided it is me that is the problem here and is now attempting to repossess my property.

The lies of 2 hateful neighbors have become a weapon of pain and harassment from the Landlord and I am seen as the problem.

They claim that even when an ambulance is called to our home because my body is violently reacting to yet another anxiety attack and I am screaming in emotional pain this gives them reason to complain and say I am alarming and distressing them.

My anxiety has led me to attempt to self harm and suicide on 3 occasions due to the pressure and strain of my anxiety levels.

My neigbors reported me to the Landlord saying I have  paranioa and the Landlord then went on to tell the Police the same thing.

I am sure this can be seen as deformation and slander .

I was verbally and cruelly assulted in my home by 2 neigbors who both said they wanted me dead.

I dont know how to live with the pressures of such profound hatred and for this reason got my local council, my local MP and my HIV Consultant and my GP all to write to my Landlord and ask them to move me out of this home.

Now I am in a fight to save me from losing my assured tennancy and not ending up on the street.

I feel sick and full of added anxiety not knowing how I am going to cope on the day in court where i will be subjected to hearing the multiple gross and untrue examples of my good character .

The ladlord has failed to protect me, the Police failed to do a thing even while I have called them out up to 30 times to stop the harassment of these 2 neigbours.

All i want in my life and my home is peace and to not be able to worry that another false allegation will be made which ends up in me being arrested as I was on false allegations .

My home life is hell, my physical health is unstable and life threatening and there are times where I actually sink so low that I truly believe there is a better world than this .

I dream of heaven and peace again.


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    I know its far from easy but please stay strong as life is precious. Your life is precious! Dont let anyone bring you down ( hugs) 
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      Thank you so kindly Laura.

      when we talk together in numbers about our Issues it is in this alone that we can find the personal strength to keep on fighting this horrible dibilitating illness .

      ignoring it wont make things go away but talking openly and honestly between ourselves we all have a chance to have a real prosperous and belssed life .


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    What an absolutely terrible situation for you. Have you tried the local council, Mind, Sane, social services, citizens advice bureau? Or other authorities or agencies. Do you have a mental health worker? You need some kind of advocate.

    Can family and/or friends help? There must be some other avenue?

    I wish I had more concrete advice......I'm so sorry.

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      Hi Francesca, Thanks for your comments.

      Just to answer your questions I have approached all the suggested 3rd parties.

      MIND was totally disapointing, even though I had registered with them twice over a period of 18 months the local office here never actually came back to me.

      I made a complaint to the head Office of MIND but they told me every MIND Centre operates in its own way.

      It didnt answer my question as to why they never got back to me when I made such an effort to seek help from them .

      CAB I have had multiple visits to them and my next one is pending for later this week.

      This time it is to apply for the Pro Bar Bono to assist me with a damages case that I intend to go forward with against the Landlord.

      I was left living in a flat full of mold and moisture and ended up in total dispair and was often driiving away from the distress in my home where i was left sleeping on my kitchen floor for more than 5 months and began sleeping in my car on the m25.

      There are over 12 letters of request to my Landlord to please assist me to move out of this property but instead they found it right to leave me here and open to more abuse  and finally collectively worked with the false alegations of the neighbors and then planned along with the Police to have me arrested.

      I was arrested in October, I fell backwards in an anxiety fit and held in custody for more than 6 hours still fitting.

      I was not given any medical help whatsoever and was infact assulted by the police who entered my home illegally and arrested me unlawfully.

      The complaints and issues have now reached more than 15 .

      I am engrossed in trying to protect my human rights and my right to have a home.

      Its all very very distressing and made worse when I realised that the Legal Aid which was once there to protect all citizens of the UK had been taken away from us .

      If i want a solicitor for the majority of my issues I must pay for it , which is now what I am doing for one out of the 3  solicitors I have asked to take on my case.

      This is costing me £500 per month and coming out of my disability benifit.


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      I would also try mental health advocacy : Google it for UK. What about housing charities too or applying to another housing association?

      Wishing you all the luck in the world to get this resolved.

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      My GP i believed was applying to the Mental health Unit  in my area to obtain the services of a Social Worker, only to have it denied on 2 ocassions , but it was only 4 weeks ago that I learned the GP was actaully applying for me to have counselling and not the much needed Social Worker.

      The GP then went on to tell me this govermnment has made it so difficult for GPs to access mental health care now and that it has become confussing and made very difficult to get exactly what the patient needs.

      2 1/2 years late I have now been for a mental health assessment and am told after the 1 hr of thorough assessment that it is more than likely my expectations of accessing a Social Worker is very limited and may not be met.

      I fely devestated by being told this when I had spent the past hour unravelling all my pain to 2 strangers and yet again handing over motre very deep and personal information to the government.

      I stormed out with terrible anxiousness , my heart was racing and I began to cry like a child.

      I will be told by the end of the week if i have been succesful.

      Its a fight to get any help, even when a person in my situation has almost died by overdosing there remains very little help.

      I am not the person I was 3 years ago , all i can say is that I have an amzing resiliance in my fight and everytime i am pushed to the floor I seem to find another breath to get me back on my feet to keep on fighting for what is wrong and for all the injustice that we are up against.

      Mental health has been left behind.

      It needs common sense not all the government beurocracy that keeps people like myself from recieving the propper care for the illness and disability that Anxiety really is.


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    Hi Ozzie

    Oh my goodness what is our world coming to.

    I know this is a silly question but have you tried the local council and social workers backed up with gp paperwork to get you into a new home where you can live in peace.

    Please try and stay strong


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