My Bipolar TURP Experience 24hrs Post Op

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I am now about 1 day post op. After my post yesterday, I went into the evening and experienced the following:

Still some blood in urine but improving color.

Still soreness and some bleeding at Foley insertion but improving.


I have been drinking a lot of fluids and I assume they gave me fluids at the hospital, but I have been urinating a lot into my leg bag. The color does seem to be improving, so less blood. Overnight I measured 1265ml total from just before midnight to about 9am this morning. Normally, my total would be about 800ml, so a lot of fluid is passing through, and this is a good thing. Have to keep flushing the system.

I have learned how to pad and protect the Foley catheter insertion point with tissues, paper towels and other padding. This keeps the tube from wiggling around and causing pain and bleeding. I also keep the tube lubricated with Neosporin, but added standard lubricating and antibacterial jelly - the type used to self cath. The drain tube is well braced to my leg. The idea is to keep the Foley tube from pulling or tugging. Really helps. The irritation point into the penis feels a lot better this morning - less pain, less blood.

The constipation issue took me by surprise. Last evening I felt the need to go. I usually go in the morning but there had been no bowel movement all day and I could feel that I was backing up. I tried to sit on the toilet seat, but this was painful to the Foley insertion point and I stared bleeding. So, I got up and realized I would not be able to complete the job sitting down. I had some Fleet glycerin suppositories and used them. I was eventually able to get some relief. After doing research I found that one side effect of general anesthesia can be constipation. This was not anticipated by me. Still having an issue this morning.

Sleep: I was concerned that with the irritation I was feeling from the Foley and in my bladder (thought it went away yesterday, but the irritation came back), I wouldn't be able to sleep. However, I was able to get some sleep last night. I woke up five times to empty the leg bag, and using a combination of prayer and affirmations I was able to get back to sleep. Prior to the operation I wasn't able to sleep until I emptied my bladder, as the irritation would keep me awake and kept waking me up. But last night surprised me. My bladder was empty, but the irritation of the Foley and post-op irritation was there. Anyway, made it through the night OK. A big relief.

This morning I tested my urine with a test strip, and noticed I am now getting leukocytes showing up in purple on the strip. This usually indicates the presence of a UTI. I was expecting this. But, it's Saturday and my uro and regular doctor are off for the weekend, so I will be going to the lab and attempt to get an analysis done without one being officially ordered first by a doctor. Maybe they will do it, and maybe they won't. If and when I get the urine test my uro will have to order an antibiotic for me, and not Cipro. Looks like that may be a few days away. And if I do have a UTI, how did I get it? I have been keeping the Foley insertion point as sterile as possible, washing my hands, using alcohol gel, etc. Who knows? Got a UTI last year after my one and only cystoscope. Again, who knows? Apparently, it doesn't take much to get an infection started.

The blood coming from the tip of my penis because of the Foley tube is less this morning and I am getting used to the Foley. Five years ago I had six Foley's in and out for five weeks and found that it took a couple of days for the penis linings to get used to the tube, so all is going as expected. The Foley experience would be the same for any procedure, except for PAE. No UTI last time, but this time may be different.

My uro wants me to remove the Foley Monday morning to see if I can void on my own. Then, I have an afternoon appointment with him. If I can't void, his nurse will have to put in another Foley. It's a bit painful, but I can deal with it if I take Tylenol before. Hopefully, I can void on Monday. Despite the fact that prostate tissue is removed by the TURP, there is still prostate swelling and inflammation of the urethral tissues, so a voiding test is necessary. The normal time for a post op Foley to be kept in is three days, so, my procedure was on Friday morning, and three days later, the Foley comes out on Monday morning. I have a little syringe that I have used before to suck the saline solution out of the little balloon in my bladder that keeps the Foley in place. I do this in a warm shower. Just insert the syringe into the appropriate port on the leg bag and drain the saline, and the Foley just pops out - tickles a bit if done slowly. Warm water in the shower makes it even easier. If a nurse does it, she just yanks it out, and this can be painful.

So, bottom line, doing much better today but still concerned about the constipation and possible UTI, and if I do develop a UTI how will this effect my sleep. Will keep hydrating and continue to keep the Foley tube padded and taped down and lubricated with antibiotic gel.

Will post here again tomorrow.


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    It takes several months to heal. It may be too early to see an improvement. What you are experiencing is common in early days after surgery. common Constipation was an issue for me as well. My doc prescribed soma laxatives. Wish you speedy recovery!

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    pain pills constipate me. only takes 1 or 2. usually they make sure they hear bowel sounds before they release you. anesthesia stops muscle movement so things don't jump around during operations. some hospitals wont release you til they see a void and bowel movement after surgery.

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      I was released a couple of hours after my TURP, and was happy to get home. Spending any time in a hospital bed is not for me, unless it's an absolute necessity.

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    Hi Tom:

    Sorry to hear that you might be developing a UTI. Double up on the D-Mannose and keep monitoring the urine (you probably still should try to get into see a doctor to have them culture the urine and probably prescribe antibiotics). I know you have the Chemstrip dipsticks. Which purple was it - the '+' or '++' purple. Also, did you ever get the Siemens urine strips? If so, you should definitely check your urine with the Siemens as well and see what the LEU and NIT readings are on that urine dipstick.

    You say you woke up five times to empty the bag. I've never had a Foley catheter, so I'm wondering how you know to wake up and empty the bag. Or did you just wake up and then decide to empty the bag because you were already awake. How much liquid does the bag hold? Do you use a different bag at night (presumably larger) than during the daytime?

    Take care, best of luck and keep us posted.

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      The leukocytes showed a +, and so I did increase my d-mannose, and added vitamin C powder, now the leu shows only a trace, but the Protein went up to 30. I had an elevated protein level of 30 last year when I did have a UTI, and cleared that with Cipro. So, the UTI was likely messing with my kidneys. After the UTI cleared, my urine readings went back to normal. I really shouldn't be too concerned at this point since I just got out of surgery yesterday and my body is still processing the meds.

      I was waking up on my own and then emptied the leg bag. It can hold a lot - possibly 600ml. But, if I was going to sleep through the whole night I would need a night bag, and they have a much higher capacity. I haven't been able to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time for a long time, which is why I got the TURP. Don't mind getting up a few times per night, as long as I can get back to sleep fairly quickly. But, with the retention, it was taking me 10-30 minutes to "sort of" empty my bladder and try to get back to sleep again. Exhausting.

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    it is hard to read but I really do admire your positive attitude and your endurance. the thought of inserting a tube into my penis is painful to me. you are so strong. keep posting and I will keep following with my prayer that you will recover soon.

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      Thanks for the encouraging comments. Some here can cath easily, but for me it's close to impossible - hurts too much. I am posting these comments because I want others to understand, in some detail, what it's like to go through this procedure, so they can make a rational decision about whether they want to do this or not.

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    This reply is to Frank Fiorre. I am trying to get in touch with you, Frank. Can you email me or respond to this reply? My email is:

    Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

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