My Bowles don’t function normal

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For almost a now my I’ve been getting diarrhoea everyday and abdominal cramps and a riculously large amount of wind. I feel like my bowel movements are incomplete and I’m straining on the toilet to pass tiny little loose blobs.  When I eat breakfast I need to poo about half an hour later. It’s very urgent so I can’t hold it in. It feels like I’ve been holding the poo in for days and I starts to make loud noises inside me if I don’t poo. I also need to fart a lot. My stools in the morning are usually firm but soft because I take Imodium and codine for the pain but then it’s followed by loose diarrhoea stools. My stomach has a burning acidic feeling and hunger growls and pains if I don’t eat, and my intestines tend to growl a lot too especialy after dinner around about the time I go to bed and it’s worst when I lay on my back. This Thing I have is unbearable and I’ve had all sorts of pill prescribed to me form the doctors because they diagnosed me with ibs then changed and said it was bacteria and now they’re claiming it’s ibs again I never get a break form my symptoms, I always have a constant pressure feeling  in my stomach and my intestines rumble and pop gas. I can feel gas in my upper left abdomen closer to my back and somehow I end up farting that out. It’s like it’s bypassing everything and goes straight out my back passage. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I have diarrhoea everyday regardless of what I eat as well as hunger pains and growls, indigestion, cramps very loud noises, frequent bowel movement. I can go to the toilet 10 times in one day just to have diarrhoea. Sometimes I get a lot of mucus in my stool and I have seen blood in my stools before. The musus sometimes contains blood but I can’t tell if it’s from the cuts I get form constantly wiping my ass or if it’s from my inside me. I feel like I have indigestion in my intestines. The only pills I take are Imodium and codine. They seem to ease the pain and diarrhoea but I still get discomfort gas. I sit know what’s wrong with me. I don’t think it’s ibs because I’ve tryed all the meodictions and non worked. I also tryed the low fodmop diet and that didn’t help

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    It does sound like IBS.  Sometimes IBS doesn’t respond to any medication or diet.  Sometimes, though, you need a dietician to help you with Fodmap to get benefits..  Trying it on your own can be hard and mistakes can be made causing it not to work. You can tell if the blood is from a fissure or haemorrhoids if it is fresh, bright red blood.   Were any tests done?
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      Thanks so much for replying. I have had blood tests and stool samples done which showed up as fine but I was anaemia and my stool contained hpylori which has now cleared. I thought my symptoms where caused by food but even when I don’t eat I still get pain and discomfort. I realised this around the start of this year when I had tonsillitis, I barely ate and for one day in that week I had a few cucumber slices but I still experienced symptoms. I don’t find any particular foods to be the problem I often get bad diarrhoea when I eat something new or something I haven’t eaten in a long time. I don’t really understand why I have pain or discomfort but anything I eat usually goes straight to my bowels. It feel kind of like indigestion but in my bowels. I don’t know what it is about my bowels that causes me to constantly suffer. Are they damaged?  Do they move too fast? is it bacteria? Will they ever go back to normal? I’ve not had a symptom free day since this started. Some medications helped  significantly but my symptoms would all come back regardless. I also can’t wear tight jeans around my stomach because they add to the discomfort and gas. 
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    I would also think that codeine would contribute to your constipation, as well as the Imodium. It sounds like you’re in a vicious cycle between the two. I think you need to give the diet another serious go, it may take many weeks to start to see any effects. Also, there are many supplements that may help like turmeric, peppermint oil, cider vinegar, slippery elm etc. It may be a case of trial and error. Ibs can mean so many different things for different people. I sympathise with you, it’s a rotten thing to have but you can get it under control and live a normal life. Good luck to you.

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      Thanks so much for the advise Ruth. I don’t usually have constipation but when I take codine alone I experice diarrhoea. It’s constipative effects don’t work on me anymore. Imodium doesn’t make me comstipated, it just makes my stools less watery but they tend to be more diarrhoea like even with Imodium. I‘ve tryed to stick to eating oats and avoiding dairy products but I had the same symptoms regardless and when I reintroduced dairy products and onions etc  into my diet my symptoms were still the same. Form time to time my symptoms get worse depending on whether or not I took Imodium and codine. I don’t really know what I need to do to completely stop these symptoms because I have them everyday regardless of what medication I take. I have taken supplements and medications like buscopan, medbeverine, peppermint oil and non of them worked for me

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