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Please can someone give me their views on my results in simple easy-to-take-in terms (I'm really struggling with brain fog and just can't take in the long reads that I can find on the internet).

I had a Cortisol test done as I'm looking to see if adrenal issues could be the source of my debilitating fatigue.  It's more mental fatigue than physical fatigue; it's as if I'm carrying around lead weights on my eyes and shoulders so that getting up and doing something is an effort; I can ride a bike for 9 miles but all the time I have to fight wanting to close my eyes and lie down doing nothing, not always successfully.

Cortisol (Saliva) Time; Result (Normal Range) Units 

Cortisol (Saliva) Waking; H 33.16 (14.0 - 21.0) nmol/L

Cortisol (Saliva) 12:00; 4.92 (4 - 9) nmol/L

Cortisol (Saliva) 14:00; H 8.57 (3 - 8) nmol/L

Cortisol (Saliva) 16:00; H 7.94 (2.5 - 7.0) nmol/L

Cortisol (Saliva) 18:00; 2.98 (2.5 - 7.0) nmol/L

Cortisol (Saliva) Before Bed; 1.89 (0.8 - 4.5) nmol/L

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    Results look good. .however have you had any other tests done like thyroid diabetes etc ?
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      Thanks. I've had Thyroid tests; results are within NHS guidelines, although on the poor side. I've never considered diabetes as a serious option; I've never been overweight and don't go to the toilet a lot. I could though test myself; the test kits aren't expensive.

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      If you have no symptoms of Diabeties, then dont bother doing a test. However Type 1 Diabeties, you dont have to be overweight to get it, I think the one you are reffering to is Type 2.  But Type 1 is an Autoimmune condition and it can happen to anyone regardless of weight age etc.

      Have you been checked for Anemia ? How is your sleep pattern do you sleep well through the night, have you had  any added stress lately? depression ? Anxiety? the reason I ask this is because it doesnt look like you have adrenal issues, this would give you low cortisol in the morning and then high at night, your isnt like that yours looks good.The body is amazing but one tiny thing out of whack then it can make symptoms very noticeable. So if everything I have asked is OK  then I would definately keep going to the doctors and keep at them. 

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      I am suffering from extreme fatigue and exhaustion and every test is coming back negative. Except for vitamin d deficiency but I am also worried that it's my adrenals and maybe thyroid. I finally got my doctor to refer me to an endo.

      Still waiting for approval from my insurance. I was wondering if anyone with adrenal problems have similar symptoms as mine.

      I awake very tired in the mornings unreplenished from sleep and I am very hungry, I have to eat something. I have to eat every 3 hours or I get weak.

      My fatigue is physical and some what brain fog. I can't function normally any more on a daily basis. Doing simple chores exhaust me. Some days I am unable to do anything not because I am lazy but I don't have the energy. It feels like I am recovering from running a marathon.

      My fatigue started in October with a stressful job and doing too much. The fatigue just started getting worser as time went on.

      I don't get replenish from eating or sleeping. I don't understand it. What is wrong with my body? I've never been this sick in my life. Always been healthy except for doing too much for others.

      Some days I feel like this his how it feels like to slowly die. Wondering if my body will eventually shut down. It's been 7 months just sitting and waiting for more tests and suffering.

      Any insight or advice on what test to request to take from endo and questions to ask.

      Thank you

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      taro, I suggest that you start a new thread with this (you're likely to get a better response and you won't thread-jack me).

      That said, your symptoms have a lot in common with mine. My vitamin D and B12 levels were marginal but taking tablets had no effect.  I'm still thrashing around for answers but none of my physical tests show anything concrete; I'm open to all my issues' being psychosomatic, but my acceptance of my brain causing my them (either by mis-firing or its in-built survival actions) makes no difference (oh for those immediate cures of the example patients in the self-help books I've read).

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      kenzii, thank you. I've done all the routine tests, including Anaemia, and my sleep is OK (I have a CPAP machine for mild sleep apnea). I'd be very surprised if I did have diabetes, but a tester is cheap enough to put my mind at rest.

      Fatigue really hit a few years ago when I was under a lot of pressure with work and post-divorce life. Also, I've felt a little fatigued since I was 16, mostly just wanting a sleep at lunchtime and after work, so whatever is the cause could have been with me for a long time. External factors are unstressful (I'm off work and have enough income and savings not to have to worry about finding my next meal) but my health, notably this fatigue, makes me feel miserable and stressed. It doesn't take much extra load to overwhelm me.

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      Hi again, I know sleep apnea causes fatigue but you have the CPAP machine for it, I honestly cannot think of anything else I am so sorry, but keep on at your doctor until they can give you a valid reason why.

      It must be a nightmare, as I had fatigue for years but mine started through the stress I was under and I lost weight with it too, and it kept rearing is ugly head every so often, It was more often to be honest, but mine was high cortisol in the evening so I couldnt sleep and very low in the morning where I struggled to get up. Mine went on to full Primary Addisons disease, Where no cortisol is produced, so a lifetime on Steroids.

      Good Luck though, and I hope you can find out why you feel the way you do and it can be sorted for you very soon

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      Thanks. Your advice and interest help and lift my spirits, something I so desperately need to help me keep fighting.

      The first readings from my glucose tester are slightly higher than the normal ranges: 6.0, 6.1 & 7.0 fasting (4.0-5.8 normal) and 7.8 after eating (<7.7 normal). I want to do more tests before I have any confidence in the results, particularly as the results this morning varied so much. In context, I've always kept myself fit and avoided sugar and caffeine. I suspect they will end up joining my list of things where I have poor results but supplementation hasn't worked, probably because they are symptoms or side-effects not the cause.


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