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My cure

Each time I've contracted recurring cellulitis after I was hospitalised with it 3 years ago I've repeated this self-treatment which hasn't failed me yet. I stop drinking alcohol and carbonated soft drinks (known as soda in some countries and fizzy juice in my native Scotland) altogether and switched to water drinking water only or flavoured green tea. In addition I wash the affected area 2-3 times daily and afterwards apply antiseptic hand gel. Finally the most important thing that I've done is to exercise gradually (I'm a disabled veteran) and actively try to lose weight. Since I was hospitalised with cellulitis I've paid more attention to dark reddening patches on other people at swimming pools and health suites and tentatively enquired as to the cause. The most common factors seem to be poor circulation or lack of exercise or a combination of both. This has led me to believe that the only way for me to combat this condition is to actively train to lose weight and avoid anything that restricts my circulation (I am a reformed smoker) as well as actively avoiding soda and carbonated drinks. So far this has been successful

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  • Tomo2015

     thats good sound advice beardy what about massaging as well to keep flow going   trouble here knees  and compression socks which have to be left off when i get it i also take low dose a/bs till told otherwise  but iwant to b a bit more mobile so as to get circulation up


    • pauluk60

      The last time I contracted cellulitis it was in my right ankle. I spent the majority of my time wearing crocs and/or at my local swimming pool as I suspect the movement and the chlorine in the water might have helped my recovery. I still take off my socks and change into shorts whenever I get home as I felt that restrictive clothing added to the recovery time

  • Tomo2015

    Hi Beardy, also in Scotland here.  I think you are on to something.  I have ptsd/fibro etc and haven't been active much for 1 year and seem to be breaking out as to what looks like cellulitis.  Did they do blood tests or just treat you on symptoms?  I have blood tests in six days. Glad you recognise a triggering factor and are posting for awareness.  I first thought this rash was a reaction to vape/ecig ( also a former smoker although substituting wink )  Thanks for the post.  

  • Tomo2015

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  • Tomo2015

    Hi Beardy,

    Thanks for this information. Since 2015 , I have had 2 minor and 3 major bouts of cellulitis resulting in hospital admissions, incision and drainage and sometimes debridement and skin grafting. I live in Nigeria and good health care is costly. This consistently drains all my savings and keeps me out of a job for weeks. I'm currently on the 5th bout now and decided to come online and check if there is even a cure for this since antibiotics seems to be a temporary relief. I'm 39years old and this has affected my relationships as well with tears as doctors look stunned. Your information here is a welcome relief. I'm 5ft6 and weigh 93kg. My work is sedentary as I sit in an office all day. I don't eat but enjoy 🍫in bed and sodas. I don't exercise. Entertainment to me isn't dancing but watching TV. I can definitely relate with all you have now said and will immediately start to live a more healthy and active lifestyle when I'm discharged from the hospital. Hopefully by loosing weight and 🏃 away from refined sugar will be the permanent end to this. Thanks again for sharing

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