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My initial attack came Dec 25th 2017 with classic symptoms. At the time, I was unaware of what was happening other than to assume it was some type of food poisoning. I waited it out over about 9 days, then returned to normal.

Mid January, I had a moment of sharp pain behind my bladder. The next day, I began showing similar symptoms as in December so I scheduled an appointment with my Dr. By Jan 26/2018, I had a CT scan completed where I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, prescribed antibiotics and given a bland diet, then on to high fiber once I felt normal.

Over the next 30 days, my symptoms did not improve much with general malaise and bladder pain during urination, so I went back to my Dr. where he ordered another CT scan. This scan showed a moderate abscess directly behind my bladder (which explained my ongoing bladder pain). I was admitted that day and remained in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Day 1, I was administered a CT guided procedure to drain the abscess and had 8 ml of puss removed. Culture indicated E-Coli and Bacteriodes thetaitaomicron, which is somewhat resistant to antibiotic treatment. After 4 days in the hospital, I was released and given Augmenton for treatment. After 14 days, my bladder symptoms did not improve, so I met with the surgeon and was once again ordered another CT scan. This scan indicated a return of a small abscess (too small to drain) in the same area as well as bladder wall thickening and , so I was prescribed a different antibiotic (Levaquin) for 10 days. Since then, my symptoms have still not improved, now with lower abdominal pain around my bladder, fatigue, malaise, lower back pain and lower left quadrant soreness. 

The official results of my last CT scan indicated unresolved localized bladder wall thickening and associated inflammatory change involving the sigmoid adjacent to my bladder. The bladder is suspect for fistula. Findings mostly indicate unresolved diverticulitis with unresolved abscess . Also, since everything has not resolved, inflammatory carcinoma of the sigmoid colon may be taking place. 

I am 90 days into this, still experiencing pain and complications, as well as eating a very limited low residue diet. I do have colon resection surgery scheduled for 5/11, but I am concerned that I may be on the operating table much sooner than that. I know everyone's case is different, but has anyone else ever had this type of progression? My nerves can't take this anymore. 



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    My story is not as complicated as yours but I have had long  protracted episodes. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis 6/2016 treated with 10 d of antibiotics. I was off 1 week with a reoccurrence . completed another 10d of antibiotics and another 2 months for recovery.   Colonoscopy 12/2016 neg

    12/2017 ER visit  dx with enteritis by CT scan no meds, 1/2018 Er visit dx with diverticulitis took antibiotics for 10 days, off for 5, back to ER dx with diverticulitis .  Sent home with 2 weeks of antibiotics. The antibiotics make me so nauseous, anxious.night sweats and general un well feeling! It took me 5 weeks to get over nausea! I felt like I was dying from the inside out!

    I decided to have surgery. I feel like I can’t deal with another flareup.

    I hope you can heal in order to have elective surgery, meaning you would be in a healthier state. And if done Emergency , you won’t care cuz you JUST  WANT TO FEEL BETTER! Good luck to you. Very scary. But there are plenty of people on here fore support

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      Since my post, I’ve had to increase pain medication and have been suffering from a low grade fever off and on. The pain in my abdomen is spreading to my groin, up my lower back a bit and my decending/sigmoid colon areas are tender. When I clear my throat or cough, I feel a lot of painful pressure lower left quadrant. I’m holding out to tomorrow so I can see my doctor in lieu of emergency room visit (unless it gets much worse).

      I really fear the worse here. My suspicion is that the abscess is continuing to increase causing more inflammation and damage to surrounding tissue. This is really depressing! Despite following all orders strictly and maintaining  very disciplined regiment of food, water and meds, it’s getting worse! sad

      I’ve had 5 different regiments of antibiotics since January and this germ doesn’t want to die!!!

      I suppose the next step may be a bag sad...oh the misery. This just won’t go away!!!

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      Since you have worsening symptoms my advice would be go to the ER.  Your doctor probably would send you anyway for CT scan. Sounds like you’ve got something brewing. Already complicated!  Keep us up to date!

      I agree very depressing!

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    I am so irritated (of the doctors) by everyones post of taking antibiotics and then the doctors not telling you to replenish your good gut flora.  You need fermented foods, probably a gall bladder supplement and maybe a parasite supplement.  Get some quality probiotics too. Do you have any animals that live with you?  If so, there is a good chance that you have parasites.  Get a blender and make really green smoothies. Smoothies of Kale, Spinach, etc... is what you need. This will now doubt help get you regular plus give you much needed nutrients -- but lay off the fast food and sugar!
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    Dear centerj

              I was diagnosed in June 2016 . I had the initial attack and went to the ER.  Confirmed by CT that I had diverticulitis. They gave me two strong antibiotics and went home. Finished the antibiotics and  was back in with diverticulitis again and more antibiotics, 

    It took months to go away.! Fast forward till dec 2017. Another 2 attacks back to back. Sooooo sick from the antibiotics!   This is when I decided on surgery!

    I had my surgery April 9 th . I was afraid but determined. My surgeon did it robotically/ laparoscopically. It was about 2 1/2 hrs. Woke up in recovery with tenderness definately not awful. They gave me a narcotic through the IV that made me comfortable.  Went to my room was given an oxycodone and Tylenol. I walked the halls that night x2.

    I took oxy x1 on tues otherwise Tylenol. I had a nerve block  prior to surgery so they have a cocktail to reduce pain and inflammation .

    On Tuesday felt pretty good ! Walked the halls 10 times. Was in bed once for a nap otherwise up in th chair. I religiously used the breathing machine and the ankle roll to prevent complications..

    Weds morning the doc came in and said I could go if I tolerated soft diet and I did!   I had 8 loose stools with blood in them and the blood stopped in the evening.  NOT  UNUSUAL!!!! So I went home. I know nerve block has worn off but I feel great! So two things to  be aware of is... the prep the day before surgery was worse than the surgery! And you may have blood in the stool so don’t freak out!

    They removed all of the sigmoid and 2/3 of the descending colon . Feel free to ask questions.


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      Thanks for keeping us updated.  Glad to hear all went well for you and clearly you did not need a stoma and bag, which is good.  I hope you continue to recover well.
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    Hey wondering how you are doing? Haven’t seen any posts from you 
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      Sorry for such a late response to all the posts and I appreciate everyone’s advice.

      I’ve had a unique turn of events. 1 week ago today, I went to ER with massive pain near my left kidney. I was admitted with a UTI and administered Daladid for pain until surgery on 5/11.  My surgeon was concerned that I may have to have an open procedure due to inflammation in my abdomen, as well as a potential need for a partial bladder resection.  Thank goodness, when she open me up everything was OK so they proceeded with laparoscopic procedure. I had a urologist in the operating room who inserted a stent in my left urethra tube. This will remain in place for two weeks to allow my  tube to heal.

       Yesterday, I was released from the hospital and went home. They put me on 5 to 15 mg of Percocet as needed for pain. I must say that I’m a little concerned at how much worse I feel since leaving the hospital yesterday. Most everyone else on this board say they feel so much better after the surgery. Maybe I need RJ give it a week or two, but I feel downright horrible. I have Dr appointment today so I’ll see what he says.

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      I’m not sure what type of anesthesia you had but if you had an abdominal block along with general anesthesia . The block usually wears off  in 72hrs! 

      It takes awhile to feel better be patient!(which none of us are)

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      I was told the only restriction is fried, fatty foods. I was told I could have nuts seeds and popcorn!!  I’m adding things I haven’t eaten in years strawberries, blueberries and bananas without a problem. However I can’t drink carbonated drinks or coffee without diarrhea. So it’s a process again! But I feel good!
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