My daughter, 7 yrs old, has had SVT since she was born. ...

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My daughter, 7 yrs old, has had SVT since she was born. Today my doctor said it is time to consider ablation. Can someone PLEASE tell me if you have had a child with SVT undergo this procedure. I am scared and I don't know what to do. I have been reading all of the comments and I am already trying to imagine a 7 yr. old lying down still for 7 hrs.! Surely they must have to heavily medicate for that!

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    Hi there I really do feel for you, I really can't imagine what you must be going through. I dont have a child with SVT but I have had it myself for 3 years and I had a ablation done on wednesday 25/1/06 not a nice experience and not sure if it really does work, all I can say is to go with what you think is right for your child, is it not possible for your child to wait until they are older to have the op, as they do say it is not a life threntening condition. I really wish I had the answer for you, if you would like to talk some more please mail me **** I went to papworth in cambridgeshire england to have my op, please do contact me if you wish to talk, be strong Natasha smile

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    Thank you dor the reply Natasha! Why exactly did you say it was not a nice experience. Did it work for you? Was it painful? Please tell me more. I want to know what to expect for my child. Also, yes you are right, it is not life threatening. The problem is that the only medication to control her SVT is Amiodarone. Not something you want to be on very long.

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    Hi Shannon, my experiance was ok, maybe not as bad as i thought it would be, they numb my groin which was ok, and was not painful, they then insert the catheter wires which i did not feel, the procedure was not painfull at all, it was more uncomfortable. the reason why is beacuse they have to bring on an svt and once they find the problem they can then fry it out, I did feel some minor heat in my chest when they were doing this, and I also found when they were testing my heart, makeing it beat at different times, was also un comfortable but not painful. They did sedate me as mine was a bit more difficult to find. The procedure took about one hour and forty five mins. It will be a week on wednesday since i had the op, i feel ok my heart still beats a bit funny as if an attack will start up but it never does, but i had that symton before i had the op.

    I was not on any medication to control my svt before or after the op.

    Please do contact me and tell me how things go. or if you just want to talk I am happy to do so. Are you from england?

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    hi, Im 26yrs old and this pass oct my heart began to race..I went to the ER they told me it was svt. They told me I would have to be on meds for the rest of my life. (which is bull) I was on Atenolol for a month. I demanded off the drug. It made me worse, now I live with chest pains because of it. I have some kind of palpatations or chest pains and pressure every night. I would NEVER get that ablation thing done. A lot of the comments I read who had it done all say they still feel symptoms, or their doc. recommends doing it again. The heart is not something to mess around with. I recently read Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About. Its so good I read it in 3 days. He was told he had severe mitral valve prolapse and that he would live long....there are machines u can get hooked up to and right away it will show all imbalances in your body, It will then rebalance your body. this book is about ways to cure virtually all diseases with out drugs or surgery. Something as simple as a colon cleanse or colonics will help alot of illnesses. im looking into a lot of things in this book right now. Because I also suffer from bad anxiety, panic attacks. Feel free to email me with n e questions. LIsa:D

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    dear lisa, i was a bit appalled by your post, my son has transpoition of the great artieres along with pulmanory steniois and a large ventricular septal defect, which in non-medical terms means his artieres are joined to the wrong valves, his heart is back 2 front, he also has narrowing of the pulmanory artiere along with a large hole in the bottom 2 chambers of his heart, now my son has had svt since he was born, the latest attack was on 22/08/07 he went in2 it at 5.10am and didnt come out of it until 17.46pm, he had 2 have his cardio doc 4m glasgow come down and decide wat 2 do, his heart was racein at 240bpm, they gave him 100ml of digoxin and they waited 2 mins exactly and it didnt come down, so they decided 2 give him 200ml, they gave it and within 15-20 secs his heart rate went down 2 121bpm, which is still quiet fast but in my sons condition that is quiet normal, now i no they have said that svt isnt life threating, i beg 2 differ, my son went in2 mild failure of his organs, his liver had went down 4cm from where it was ment 2 be, being protected by his ribs. If my boy had been allowed 2 stay in that 4 another 2 hours his heart would have went in2 failure. my son is on a beta-blocker called propranolol hydrochloride, he was having 5mls of 5mg 4 times a day which ment in 24hrs he would have 20mls, now they have put it up 2 6mls of 5mg a day, whick is 24mls, my son will have 2 b on medication for the rest of life because of this, u shouldnt say that the doctors that you have seen are talkin bull, i am faced with this eveyday of my life (in believe me it aint easy! ) and if it wasnt for those doctors that talk bull i dont think i would have had my boy with me today, they have made me stronger by me listening 2 them and researching about this condition. your methods of trying 2 control your svt arent the way 2 go, but thats jis my opnion, go and have a chat with your doctor and ask him wat he thinks of your idea, believe me they do no what they are talking about.

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    I know exactly what you are going through, my daughter was 7 when she was diagnosed with SVT (I do have an experience on this site - from a mothers point of view and so does my daughter from her point of view). It is such a tough decision to make and you will know if and when is the right time, but don't be pushed you know your daughter better than any doctor.

    My daughter has had 2 ablations done in a year (2006), both unsuccessful and she is now on Flecainide Acetate which is working for her (she has been on it now for just over a year). She has her name on the waiting list for a 3rd attempt which I am reluctant for her to go through with, due to the 2 failures and the medication, that works

    Please read what I have written on this site, I have made it as detailed as possible to help others in the same position.

    Good luck to you all.

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    My 6 yr old son has just been diagnosed with SVT. He had his first episode when he was 18 months old they lasted about 10 min then he had one every year till he was 5. In the last 6 months hes had 5 but they were still only lasting a max of 15 min so when ever i got to the doctor or hospital they had stoped. last saturday he had one that was'nt stoping and i decided to call 999, it lasted 1.5 hrs at it highest it was 250 bpm, at A and E they used drugs to slow it down.He was in picu over night and was discharged 24rs later as stable. This scared me so much but the doctor say's it's not harmfull. They want to see him in one month and will decide if they are going to do catheter ablation treatment i'm so scared.
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