my doctor said my test are normal range but i feel awful

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I got some blood work done a few months ago and it showed low hormones and low thyroid.. also vitamin d deficiency anAna blood disorder that makes me produce to much iron. I feel awful.. I have had shortness of breath for almost a month now..I had x rays..pulmonary embolism test.. all normal.. my gp pit me on hormones about a week ago..haven't head any major changes in how I feel..he put me on a inhaler and antibiotics as well as a steroid and that seemed to help for about a week and now symptoms have returned.. I was convinced it was anxiety and I started researching deep breathing and biofeedback..saw some differences nothing major.. now I am back to square one.. shortness of breath..mood swings.. joint pain in my fingers.. I got a second opinion today and the doctor said that she wouldn't prescribe thyroid medicine because my levels weren't low enough.. I told her the things that I had done and the results showed negative for everything involving some pulmonary.. she saw my full blood work up results and told me to take vitamin d.. I feel as if people are chalking it up to anxiety and not listening to what's really going on. I want peace with this and if it is anxiety why can't someone do something to help me.. I just feel in my heart it's not just the anxiety.. here are the levels that are low.. please advise if this could cause the problems I've listed . Thank yyouin advance!

TSH - 5.50 .. normal range-6.50-13.50

My estrogen level was 23 normal range is 300-400

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    Hello Amand:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA. 

    TSH range should be 0.45 to 4.50 .  Where is your range from, what country?  I never saw that one before.  If your TSH is 5.50 you would be Hypothyroid.  High end is Hypo (too little) and low end is Hyper (too much hormone).

    Most people who have Hypothyroid disease feel COLD, gain weight, have muscle aches, feel depressed, no periods or infrequent ones, constipation, bruising, brittle nails and dry skin, low heart rate. 

    Being short of breath can be from several things, asthma, cardiac problems like COPD, Congestive heart problems, weight gain or obese, Tuberculosis.  You should be examined by a cardiologist to make sure you are okay. They can do a pulmonary breathing test to measure your lungs, and tidal volume.

    The thyroid hormones take 6 to 12 weeks to work and build a proper level.  So they do not work that quickly.

    There is a medication for anxiety called Xanax and it can calm you down.  It makes people sleepy though.

    I hope this helps,



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      Hi Shelly My tsh is considered to be 'normal' by an endo , it is 0.16. ANOTHER ENDO SAYS IT IS LOW!! 

      TPOAS are less than 33. WHat do you think?  I expect that    Anand is in the UK!!

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      Hello Cindy:

      Most scales are 0.45 to 4.50 and a few go  0.27 to 4.20. Having  0.16 would be Hyperthyoid and symptoms you could have are, anxiety, jittery feelings, shaking, insomnia, losing weight, loose bowels, fast heart rate, thyroid eye problems. These are common ones, there are more.

      TPOA's should be near zero and could indicate autoimmune in nature.

      So it is not NORMAL to be under 0.45 or 0.27.  You may need Carbimazole a medication to slow down an over active thyroid.  You will need to speak with your doctor about this.  You have to be monitored while on that medication.

      Some doctors want blood work taken again to be sure it is not a fluke.  they like 2 results near the same reading.

      Keep a log of your symptoms and keep us posted on how you do,


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      I'm sorry I made am error in writing.. the results say as follows:

      TSH :1.05

      T3 total: 104

      T4 total: 5.50 L normal range is 6.09-12.23. Ug/dl

      Free thyroid intake: 5.32L normal range is 5.93-13.13 ug/dl

      Vitamin D : 21.8 L normal range is 30.0-100 ng/mL

      T3, free : 3.0 normal range is 2.5-3.9

      The test show I have polycythemia..

      total iron building capacity: 479.4h normal range is 250.0-450.0

      I know nothing is crazy off..but I feel bad. Please advise

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      Hello  Amand

      Thanks for the update. 

      TSH  is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  and it is aenso hormone that gives  the doctor an overall picture.   1.05 is okay. 

      T3 Total  is okay.

      T4  is a bit low.   Should be higher per range 6 09 to  12.23

      FreeThyroid intake  a bit low.   FT3  is okay

      Vitamin D  30 -100  you should be higher and if you are young and if you are young  you should be about 50.  So that needs to go up higher.

      Polycythemia is a disorder of the bone marrow where you  make too many Red blood cells.  You will make too  many and that bothers the lungs.  It can cause shortness of breath.

      Red blood cells carry oxygen in the body. Too much causes problems. We can't have too much or too little.

      You will need treatment to reeduce blood  volume to get rid of the extra RBC's.  Sometimes use radiation in this.

      I hope this helps.



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    Your TSH level is too high - God knows which lab have stipulated that ridiculous range - it's normally something like 0.2 - 4 or 5! (google it). Thing is, if you are storing iron, that will affect your thyroid and every organ in your body and can be dangerous. Did they say what your iron levels were? You need a ferritin test, not just regular iron test, and transferrin saturation. If your ferritin levels are too high the treatment is usually phlebotomy every so often to get the iron levels down. Get the results of those tests - actual figures, and if it looks like you should be having treatment, see GP and if necessary get a second opinion from a haematologist. Have you had a genetic test for Haemachromatosis? If sympathies with you as I can't persuade my GP to do a full panel of thyroid tests, only TDH which is unreliable. Have a look on these threads for advice on which thyroid tests to ask for too. Might be worth checking out the Haemachromatosis forum on here too
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      What is tsh? Not sure what this actually effects? Two doctors said thyroid is within the normal range.. and they won't treat based off symptoms.. ii know my hormones are very off but I'm being treated with estradiol and progesterone.. the doctor said I would need to get blood drained monthly if the levels got higher from the over production of iron but he hasn't taken more blood or offered treatment.. I'm wondering if that's causing shortness of breath.. another75 dollars down the drain to get no answers from them. I can't afford it anymore..
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