My ears have been popping nonstop for over 1 year

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So I’ve been dealing with an issue for over a year now where my ears constantly pop (as if you’re in an airplane). There is pain in my ears associated with the popping, and both occur constantly, all day, every day, nonstop. The popping started back in October 2016 and has been going on every single day since (I suspect it was from a flight I took a few months prior, but to be honest, it’s just a hunch. This whole thing really came out of nowhere). From what I’ve gathered and due to symptoms, it seems to be Eustachian Tubular Dysfunction, but after meetings with ENT specialists and unsuccessful cure attempts, my doubts continue to linger. It’s also been brought up that it could be TMJ, but due to the ear popping and pain, I would not think that would be the case. The popping is something I can deal with; the pain, however, is very bothersome and makes life quite miserable no matter what I do (it’s quite painful at times).



·         Ear popping: multiple times a minute (15, give or take. Fluctuates. Regardless, the point is that it’s A LOT). Typically, what happens is the right ear pops immediately followed by the left ear popping.

·         Constant ear pain: the best way to describe it is a stinging pressure. It’s as if something is inside my ears is trying to escape out of my eardrums. If I had to guess, the pain is mostly associated in my left ear (and if I had to guess even further, I want to say that my left Eustachian tube is blocked/pinched somehow, causing all of this). But either way, both ears experience pain and are equally discomforting.

·         Throat pain: this is a bit odd, but I also feel pain/pressure in the very back of the throat. It’s hard to describe, but it somehow feels related to it all and is in sync with this.

·         No liquid/puss: There is no liquid buildup of any sort behind my eardrums, as observed by the ENT specialists. This has made tracking down the true cause quite difficult.

·         Depression: I’m typically a very happy dude. I know my mindset is all there, but this is finding ways to impede my emotions and lifestyle, and has succeeded in doing so.

Attempted Remedies

·         Flonase/nasal spray

o   Also have used a corticosteroid & antihistamine spray multiple times

·         Neti pot: of all the remedies, this seems to be on the best track of working. But still leads to a dead end

·         Valsalva Maneuver (hold nose, then blow through nose): I’ve done this hundreds of times, but it’s also recommended not to do. I’ve not done it hard enough to rupture an eardrum/cause more damage, so no worries there

·         Toynbee Maneuver (hold nose, close mouth, swallow): I have done this with water (also salt water)

·         Earpopper: This is an FDA approved item that is basically a mechanized Valsalva Maneuver.

·         ENT: I’ve seen over 6 specialists, each with different approaches and guesses (one told me it would resolve itself within 1-2 months. You can imagine the frustration). After meeting with each person multiple times, they are baffled as what to do next

o   One recommended an allergy test, I have yet to follow through with this

·         CT Scan: I think this is what was done. It was performed at the ENT building.

·         Myringotomy (small incision made into eardrum): performed on my left ear. No change in symptoms

o   Also considered getting tubes put in, but didn’t think it would be effective


I’m just desperate to figure out a cure. I truly think it’s something simple and we just have yet to discover the cause and relieve it. This constant pain makes the simplest of tasks very difficult for I have to really concentrate and motivate myself to push through the pain and keep moving on. If anybody at all can relate to this, or they think they have an idea of what may be happening here, I beg you to reach out with your suggestions. I’m all ears! Pun intended lol

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    I have also Ear drumming combination Tinnitus in my right ear everyday, every hour since  it started October 2017 till today. I feel like I'm going crazy and have thoughts  bumping my head to the wall to stop it. I went to a regular ENT Doctor and and another Specialist Doctor, I had Ctscan, and Audiogram on my both ears.  The result was no problem,. Both Doctors said no treatment and might be life time ,suggested to get Rain whisper to calm my nerves because,I can't sleep  at night which is my worse problem, So I take sleeping pills, which  I know not good, but the best to knock me down to sleep, sometimes have red wine, drown my self to get sleep. that's it. I think I am getting used to it. I would not advice that. My only consolation was I have no pain or dizzyness and on daytime, I can put up with the drumming and ringing,because it goes w/ the noise around and my talking. One time I got a cold couphing , I was surprise it stop!.  I got it again after I was healed. I would say go to Herval website for tinnitus  and it will show exercises for the ear and home remedies  which I am doing now. I would like to write more to you other alternatives but i have to go. till next time and excuse my typing and spelling.

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    Sir germinator if you ever read this you will save one person life and I will give you 2000$ any day please help me I have literally the same thing you have when I read yours story I thought I wrote I am suffering from same thing from 12th June 2017 till now almost 1 year I am a 17 year old boy and I hope to God no one ever have to face this type of problem it kills us internally and mentally I can't do a thing man I hope you understand how I fee I sometimes want to die to remove all pain if you have found a solution please help me it can save my life please help me sir or I will die I have did everything to cure it tube surgery everything that you have did I found no relief I visited almost 15 ent doctors till now spent 10000$ on treatment and nothing happend yet I am thinking to go for Ballon deflation that's only my chance now but docs not recommending me all are telling me that you visit phycatrist you have no problem all is in your head don't think about it stfu I know how I feel it's my body not. Yours I have literally done all scans citi bone scan and everything on your list and just image me as you 500% same problem as your if you ever found a solution or found already please help me I wrote this with lots of expectationsl I hope you know how it feelz to live like this every day every minute every second because you know how it feels help me Sir

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    I have the mostly the same symptoms though I don't feel any pain. It's been like this for over 15 years. Had some of the same treatments and nothing helped. To me is mostly uncomfortable, there are times where the popping is louder or I don't know if I'm more aware of it which makes me think it is louder. Is mostly on my left ear and then replicated on the right. I have been looking into different causes lately, one of them been the air pressure which sometimes seems to make it worst, like when it is about to rain. Another thing I've noticed is that it somewhat synchronized with my heartbeat. I regularly have a low blood pressure, at times it seems the popping is in sync with my heart beat which makes me wonder it this is related to blood pressure. At times, I still have to figure why or when, I feel like my mind is completely clear, my eyesight is clearer and the popping goes away, this is not related to glucose or food though many times it happens after eating. Earplugs and soft music do help me concentrate and ignore the popping. At this time I'm considering it could be a side symptom of something else, though I have no idea what it could be, I don't drink, I don't have overweight, I'm not a very active person nor lacking, I don't think it is related to a daily habit though I think it started at a time when I was flying very much on a daily basis. Looking forward to read more about this and find a cause/cure.

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    i have the same symptoms . been going on 6 months ive been so so many ents and doctors. its awful. does anyone here have any updates did they find any relief.

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