My Experience with Anxiety:Part 3 (I won)

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  Anxiety is a battlefield in your mind, but your mind is yours. You can win against it just like I have. I am now anxiety free. Or at least in a sense I am. It is true that once the wheels of anxiety begin to turn, it can almost be impossible to stop them. I am no different. I am no god. I am just a simple man that had enough, but that should encourage you! If I can do it, anyone can.

   I didn't use any pills, I didn't talk to any professionals. I over came my anxiety on my own. True, sometimes I can hear it whispering in the back of my head, but it is important to maintain your position. With medicine, could I fully stop it? Who knows, maybe.


   I just wanted to let everyone know that may remember me, or might be new to this, that this is my final chapter of my experience with anxiety. It is a victory, a happy ending. It is possible that in the future I might have a new fear, but that can't be known for sure.  For anyone who is interested in how I beat it, I will now explain my procedure.

  Keep in mind, that while this worked for me, it might not work for you. I implore you to find your own solutions and fight against your fears. Do not be afraid of speaking to your doctor, and when you do make sure you LISTEN to them. They know what they are talking about.

Step 1: Realize that what you are experiencing is an anxiety attack and that is all it is. It can not hurt you. Your fears are feeding it. If you are afraid you have rabies, cancer, MS, or any other serious illness', it will use that against you.

Step 2: You are a very imaginitive person even if you do not know it. If anxiety can use your brain to make you feel like you actually have symptoms, or make an insanely real scenario in your mind, then you have a strong imagination. Use that against it! Give your anxiety a personality..realize that it is attacking you. That is what I did for my self. I started to see my anxiety attacks as a very real attacker. Like a flu, a virus. Once you give something a shape or a life, it is much more easy for your brain to challenge it.

Step 3: Do not ignore the facts. Let's say your fear is that you have cancer. You go to the doctor and get a scan done. The scan comes back showing negative. You are cancer free. YOU ARE CANCER FREE. Keep repeating that. Cancer does not hide, and then appear once you leave your doctor. While this won't cure your anxiety, it is an important step in the big step on the road to recovery.

Step 4: Build a wall with a defense that works for you. My defense was to interupt my anxiety attack like as if it was a child. When it started to fill my head with fears, I told it loudly and firmly in my mind, NO. No more, silence! I kept that up for weeks, until eventually I heard no more fears in my mind. That defensive wall can become thick...strong.

Step 5: Once you feel the grip of anxiety begin to slip, push harder. Don't slow down because you start to feel like you are winning. This is no time to take a break! Surround your self with positive things. Meditate, music, laughter. Trust me, you will feel your anxiety come back but you just have to trust in your self. Confidence is KEY.

Step 6: Confidence is KEY. Believe in your self, believe in your doctors. The stronger you see your self, the stronger you make you self, the weaker anxiety will be. If anxiety cripples you to your fear, than confidence releases you to positivity.

Step 7: Realize that you are not alone. You have friends, family. They need you, they want you to be ok. Don't do this just for your self..if you have a wife/husband or children, they need you. They rely on you. Win this fight..and if you need help, please seek it.

That is all, there is not anymore. Please start your fight, please never give up. If you feel you need help, search for it. There is no shame in getting someone to support you. With that, I say good bye to this experience. If you want to chat, send me a message.

Oh...and, good luck.

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    Thanks, I will definetaly try this. I get terrible fear too. Firstit was ghosts, then it was going insane, then it was going blind and at the moment it is a mix of all three. I am really worried I am going to start hearing voices and go insane completely. I've read that it is impossible for people who have anxiety to go insane, but I'm still worried. I'm getting worried about it as I write this, I was crying and shaking a bit before. But I've really hit rock bottom, just thinking about the coming days scares me. Doing normal things scares me, at one point I couldn't take my glasses off at all. I still find it hard to now. I can't cope, I don't want to die, but I can't cope. Especially because it is the summer holidays (I'm only 13), I've been really alone and have nothing to do all day. I have no hobbies or purpose, I tried a drama group but I found it too hard to talk to the people, so I didn't go back. How do you suggest I find a hobby, I spend all day in my room on the computer. I'm really, really scared so if you have any advice on shorter term methods of coping with extreme fear please tell me. I can't sleep anymore, I'm losing my appetite. I don't know if I should mention, but it gets worse when I'm about to be on my period. I'm also on the waiting list for help from professionals, but I could be waiting for months. I'm really glad you've beat it, I hope you might have some more advice for me so I can too x

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        Hi Carla.

       First, I always like to start off with that I am not a professional, and you should always seek help from someone fully qualified like you are doing right now. (on a waiting list).

       You seem to have many fears ontop of one and other. The problem with fear and anxiety is that one can lead onto another one. When I had my fear, which was of rabies, I could feel my self slowly start to gather other fears as well. The problem with Anxiety is that it doesn't have a flavour if you will. It is a single source of fear that can make you afraid of anything under the sun or moon.

        It is important to realize as well as you probably already do, is that Ghosts, what ever your opinion of them is, are either two things. A) Don't exist, or B) do not randomly just start popping up. Going blind is a scary thought, but also unless you have some deep medical history that is already effecting your eyes, you will not go blind.

        It is important to also realize that you are young, and your mind is still young. It is easier for your anxiety to take hold of you because you might find it harder to argue with it. You are only 13, you have a long life ahead of you, and the longer you let your anxiety take hold of you the more you are missing out on. You should go out, you should enjoy time with your friends and have a hobby like you said.

        Be brave, Carla. You need to prove to you self these fears are the ones that blind. Like I was mentioning before, confidence is key to a lot of fears. Bravery, confidence, intelligence. You are smart enough to know these fears are not fair. Now be brave enough to challenge them and when you do you will become more confident.

        A hint about your fear of insantiy. Insane people don't know they are going insane. The very fact that you are afraid of it, proves you are still sane. Talk to your parents, maybe try to get to a professional faster. I think someone to talk to would be a huge benefit to you.

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      To Carla and Cory, Cory, you did a great job of helping this young lady. Carla, Cody knows what he is talking about. On top of everythng else, you are dealing with teen-age hormones which is tough for all young people. You are a brave young proud of yourself.biggrin

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      It was two parts really. It was an illogical, miss guided random fear I had, and then I also handled a dead animal which further spurred my fear along. It started off as a silly thought, that suddenly gained ground.
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         Maybe one of the only good things about having these fears, are the chances to meet people that have similiar experiences. You should know that you are not alone. Everyone here has a fear, or anxiety, and we are all ok. You will be too.
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